Uepi or Tavanipupu

Just started looking into the Solomon Islands as a potential spot to celebrate a wedding anniversary. We have developed a love for the South Pacific, and have been to the Cook Islands a couple times. In conjunction with those trips we’ve developed a love for snorkeling and enjoying those out of the way places that make special memories.

I’ve only been perusing TripAdvisor and the internet searching for any and all things Solomon Islands for a week or so. So far two places have captured my attention: Uepi and Tavanipupu. Obviously they are on opposite ends of the country. I get the impression Uepi is a little more rustic, but both places have been rated highly by those that have been there.

Any obvious differences that someone could point out to me? Is one easier to get to than another? Is the snorkeling comparable at both places? Dining? Accommodations? Costs? Best time of year to travel?

Does anyone have a strong opinion either way?

Any words of advice or personal testimony would be greatly appreciated!