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Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

Singapore, Singapore
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Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

Will have a 7.5hr transit in Doha from midnight so the best option to pass time is probably the oryx lounge in the airport, since the nearby souq is probably closed by then

Does anyone know If the shower facilities are clean, and if light food refreshments / alcohol is provided? Thanks


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1. Re: Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

Hello there, after spending 8hrs in Doha airport, i'd say the lounge is worth it. It's about £28, as much food and drink as you like....there are fridges with drinks in that you can just help yourself to. They lay a buffet on, which is topped up regularly by the staff.

There are a couple of loungers to get a bit of sleep on (if your lucky! Take a blanket or coat with you as due to the air con it gets quite chilly).

We didn't use the showers, however i did take a peek...they are very clean constantly looked after by cleaners.

There's free internet too.

We did have a little walk around the airport to kill some time as 8 hours is a long time to sit around in one place!

You could always book a hotel room (ask if they do a half room rate), and get a transit visa at the airport for £18, which lets you leave the airport...at least then you get a decent bed to rest for your 7.5hrs.....we did this on our return leg as we had a 13hr stop over...stayed at the Oryx Rotana.

Hope this helped...if you need anymore info just ask!

Singapore, Singapore
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2. Re: Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

Hey thanks for all the details.. Indeed very helpful

Will definitely do the oryx lounge on my start leg, since there's nothing much to do in Doha past midnight

However on my return leg, I'll arrive in Doha for another 7.5hr transit at 730pm.. Which is just nice for a tour to the nearby souq with the transit visa!

Thanks for that advise there.. Enough time for a bite in the souq and a couple hrs to walk around befOre heading back to the airport

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3. Re: Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

The market stalls/shops in Souq Waqif all tend to close around 10pm, the restaraunts are open much later as eating late is a local custom. So basically shop first eat later! Taxi pick up from the airport, all have a surcharge but there are plenty of cheap return taxis from the Souq area. Cannot advise on Oryx lounge as never used it but will this Friday. I have a Qatar Airways gold card (frequent flyer) which allows use of 1st class lounge but have now been told that this is closed and we have to use Oryx lounge. Their standards are usally pretty high so am hoping that it will be ok but will update on saturday with full genuine report., i am fussy! If you want a nearby hotel the Merweb Central (select this as their are two) is close by, has good rooms and a bar. We always put up our UK visitors there and never had a complaint yet. Good rooms and food so i am told.

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4. Re: Doha Airport Oryx Lounge


Do you have to book in advance to stay in the lounge or do you pay when you get there?


Liverpool, United...
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5. Re: Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

Pay when you get there.

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6. Re: Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

Is there Wi-Fi in the lounge as well?


Dubai, United Arab...
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7. Re: Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

Hi Daytona500a,

Yes, there is WiFi in the lounge as well as in the Departures Hall.

Bangkok, Thailand
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8. Re: Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

You can prebook by contacting the nearest Qatar airways reservation office or you can show up at the lounge upon arrival and pay the access for USD39 per person for 6-hour utilization. Lounge access is subject to the space availability.

and if light food refreshments / alcohol is provided? Thanks <---- Food and alcohol is provided.

For more information, you can log to dohaairport.com/en/…

Brisbane, Australia
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9. Re: Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

Doha Airport Oryx Lounge is really great. Have been there myself. It is 1000 times better than sitting anywhere else in the Airport.

Nairobi, Kenya
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10. Re: Doha Airport Oryx Lounge

1. If one is just transiting at Doha Airport, is a visa (of any kind) necessary to make use of the Oryx Lounge?

2. Does it depend on which part of the airport one's flight arrives or departs at/from? We have a 9 hr. layover at Doha.

3. If so, what does such a visa cost for USA passport holders? .

4. Can any needed visa be obtained at the airport?

The Oryx lounge sounds suitable. I understand the longest one can stay is 6 hours.

Thanks for your help.