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Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together

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Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together

Afternoon all,

Me and my long-term girlfriend have booked 2 weeks travelling around Jordan in october. We are both very excited as the country looks beautiful.

I am a bit apprehensive, however, as she is of Muslim, Bangladeshi descent and I am caucasian. We're both from the UK, although she could easily pass for Jordanian.

Obviously we will be respectful of local customs, cover-up and avoid outward displays of affection but does anyone think we will face any serious problems? How can we keep this to a minimum? Any areas to avoid?


Amman, Jordan
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1. Re: Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together

Actually yes, you might encounter problems!

I have never seen a Bangladeshi who looks like

a Jordanian as Bangladeshis are much, much darker but anyway since you think she does and if her name is remotely Islamic sounding . . then you might have a problem in some hotels booking a double/twin room when you are not married. If her name isn't Islamic sounding then you might be OK.

I'm sure if you went to Bangaladesh you would have problems trying to book a hotel. In general the authorities do not pay much attention to foreign

un-married couples but where the girl is muslim

that is something different - Adopt a very low profile - or convert to Islam and do the decent thing and get married !!!!!!!!! lol ! Or say

you are married because many muslim women keep

their own name and don't take their husbands name.

As you might well know Muslim traditions do not accept boy friend/girl friends, public displays of

affection and imodest dress. Jordan is a liberal

country but traditions are still respected.

Just try sticking around the tourist areas where

no one will pay much attention and don't discuss

your private information with anyone.

Any areas to avoid . . . I guess everywhere except West Amman ! No seriously if you are asking a straight question, all areas are conservative, even Aqaba the coastal tourist areas. Whether they are

Jordanian or Palestinian, Bedouin or Villagers,

educated or uneducated, some things to them are sacred. To them the girls honour is worth everything and is very important.

Jordanians do know that western people co-habitate

they are fully aware of what goes on around the world more than perhaps westerners know of eastern traditions. Anyway, you will have a great time if you visit and see many delightful and wondrous sites.

Hope this helps.

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2. Re: Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together


Ther will be no problem at all,go ahead and do.You know,acctually it will be even easier for you,as the people here are almost all moslem...Dont hesitate to ask for any help or assistance..


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3. Re: Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together

I'm ganna agree with Dhiban on this issue.

you will get many looks. As soon as people that you'll encounter know that she is a Muslim and you are not and both of you are together, a bad imprecation will show up right away.

There are a lot of non-marriage relationships in Jordan, but most are hidden or secret ones.

I'm not trying to scare you or anything, all I'm saying is that there will come times when you will not feel welcomed.

Amman, Jordan
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4. Re: Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together

Petra expert, there are 2 "no-no's" here . .

The first is a muslim girl having a "boyfriend"

and second a relationship with a non-muslim man.

Mrriage to a non-muslim man for a girl is forbidden

in Islam never mind a relationship. Whereas a Muslim man may marry a non-muslim woman.

Islamically it matters not where the girl is from

all Muslims are Muslims.

Its important to know the full facts of the wherewither of everything and the reasoning behind it.

Unless you go around announcing your status - its doubtful anyone will bother you and most people will assume you are married as I said.

Pretoria, South...
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5. Re: Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together

Dear Regislow, you should not experience any problems, in Jordan, the people are most accommodating and very friendly to visitors and tourists. With all due respect most of the replies received on your questions are from persons who do not live in Jordan and are not familiar with the country.

Take your girlfriend and have and enjoy Jordan!

Amman, Jordan
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6. Re: Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together

Sheikhofaraby - you do not know where I live - nevertheless, do you dispute the facts I quoted

which also pertain to Muslim Syria by the way ?

I never said he would be unwelcome, I just explained the facts of life concerning, culture, traditions and religion and where he would stand in that context.

Incidentally, Jordanian christians are just as conservative and as protective of their girls as Muslims.

Everywhere there are people who don't care about anything as long as they take your money - but the guy asked about the subject in general. I answered

him in general and advised him how to proceed. If

he wants to go and announce to all and sundry this

is my long time girl-friend and she is muslim then its up to him but he should be aware of the possible reaction knowing the facts of the culture etc.

Maybe he will have no response, maybe they will say great ! (doubt it) who knows but better to be forewarned.

If you dispute any facts I said please feel free to discuss and give your qualification for doing so.

Opinions are opinions - facts are facts.

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7. Re: Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together


Just because I live in Florida now does not mean I never lived in Jordan or anywhere else.

My advise is from experience, I resided many long years in Jordan and I know how the people think.

I'm not saying that this will happen for sure but it might. Some people there might take office if find find out that she is his Muslim girlfriend, It could be one out of 100 but it might happen.

Jordan is a lot more conservative on this issue than Syria.

I'm not just making up stuff, I'm speaking out of experience.

take care

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8. Re: Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together

Hello all,

Thanks very much for your responses. I think the outcome of it is this:

We are not going to let this prevent us going somewhere we both really want to see. Whilst there we will be a married couple from the UK - my girlfriend will be a christian from Indian descent, and she will change her name.

In hotels I will show my passport and if we have to show both then so be it.

I'm positive we will get some dissaproving looks but to be honest we get them in England and Cuba was a nightmare so you can't let these things stop you from enjoying your travelling.

Thanks again,

Bangkok, Thailand
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9. Re: Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together

Yes you may experience some difficulties in small and non international hotel chains.

Yes I am speaking from personal experience of this very issue in Jordan.

You will not experience any difficulties in christian cities like Madaba or Kerak nor Amman or Aqaba. The only times you may get a bad attitude response would be if you tried to book into a small hotel in any of the cities while mentioning your girlfriend is from a muslim background or if without doubt if she is wearing a muslim headress or clothing. wihtout the muslim clothing she will just be another foreign tourist to Jordanians. I presume your girlfriend is travelling on a British passport so the difficulties with accomatation etc will not affect you in reality, she will be classed as British. Obviously your sleeping arrangments with your girlfriend is your buisness, just do not talk about or stress her religion or ethnic origins to strangers then you won't have a problem. Her name will not make much of an impression on anyone. No one is suggestign your girlfriend should deny her religion, just dont mention it to strangers.

My advice to you and your girlfriend especially is not to cover her head under any circumstances unless of course she is visiting a holy place. Jordan is not like Saudia Arabia. There are many nationalities in Jordan along with different faiths etc and you will without a doubt find your visit to Jordan a positive experience. Jordanians overall are respectful, tolerant and decent people. You will both enjoy Jordan.

Hotels in Amman (Forget it) too expensive

Madaba-Madaba Inn Hotel, near to Airport and Amman-see reviews

Aqaba, any 4star hotel, Aqaba Gulf or Intercontinental, on Beach-Coral Bay and the Royal diving centre, (recommended option)

Book the Madaba Inn before you go there for your fist few nights, perfect and best placed for travel to Mount Nebo, the Dead Sea and for a taxi ride into Amman for shopping. Madaba inexpensive, very tolerant christian city, (very few coverup), alcohol shops etc same as you will find anywhere in Jordan. All other hotls book them when you are there. Please go to jordan you will definetely enjoy it.

Amman, Jordan
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10. Re: Muslim girl / white guy travelling Jordan together

Just to point out some notes of interest . . .

Jordan is a Muslim Country 94% of the population

is Muslim whilst only 6% are Christian. Therefore

there is no such thing as a Christian City.

Christians are afforded full rights and more

in Jordan but they represent only a very small proportion of the population. Whilst there are

congregations of Christians in Karak and Madaba

as there are in Ajloun and Salt and a few other

places - due to the population numbers they can hardly be classified as Christian Cities as all these Cities have much larger Muslim communities.

However, Madaba as an exception is generally referred to as Christian from perhaps another angle

as opposed to majority population numbers.

Arab Christians are also much more conservative than their Western counterparts. Boyfriend / Girlfriend relationships are not accepted in general but they

turn a blind eye to the 'tourists' relationships and behaviour which is obviously non of their business.

Generally they have high moral standards and high ethical standards and play an important role in the Jordanian community.

Whilst there are alcohol shops - its true to say that not all Arab Christians drink - in the tradition of say western patterns of drinking.

There are exceptions to all rules however.