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HELP - Honeymoon Hilton Maldives next week- not a fan of...

Sydney, Australia
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HELP - Honeymoon Hilton Maldives next week- not a fan of...

Hi There,

We are getting married next week and have booked two weeks at the Hilton Maldives.....it looks like heaven on earth....BUT.. my fiance has just read two reviews that have talked about sharks in the water there and is freaked out. ...He has flat our refused to swim in the ocean if we see and sharks by the resort... Now lucky we are in a deluxe villa with a plunge pool but.....I did not plan spending my honeymoon in a backyard wading pool!!

Being Aussies...you would think that a few little sharks would not be a problem...but I would love to hear from someone who has been to the Hilton recently to ascertain how much of a problem I will have getting my new husband into the water!!

So much for the macho Aussie man!!

Any help appreciated....

Thanks in advance


Manchester, Uk.
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1. Re: HELP - Honeymoon Hilton Maldives next week- not a fan of...

Hi Lisa,

We havent been to the Hilton, but you sound pretty desperate for some reassurance. We have been to the Maldives twice though. If you do a search on this website in the top left corner, using keywords 'shark maldives', you can read all the mentions of sharks in these forums. You certainly wont come across the dangerous variety like the whites etc. Loads of people go diving in the Maldives and feel totally safe. People's experiences range from baby reef sharks just off the beach, to giant whale sharks when out on dives or snorkelling in lagoons. I am not too confident in the ocean, and have watched all the usual shark programmes - and I have never felt unsafe in the Indian Ocean. I'm sure your husband will enjoy the ocean and wonder what he was worrying about!

Have a great time.

Regards, Lisa.

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2. Re: HELP - Honeymoon Hilton Maldives next week- not a fan of...

Hi Lisa. Chill out, don't panic, all is well. I have read cobralaw's review of the "shark infested waters" but have now worries.

I was at the Hilton in June this year and whilst paddling on the shore line on our very first day was more than a little surprised to see 4 or 5 baby (and I mean baby) sharks swimming around. They measured about 8/10 inches long and I too thought twice about swimming in the water. However, the sharks proved no problem whatsoever and even our 4 year old daughter (who is scared of ants and ladybirds) had no probl;ems either.

We saw the sharks on a couple of other ocassions and by the end actually went looking for them to swim with. Everybody else we met said they had seen the sharks too but nobody had a problem with them.

I trust this will dampen your fears as it truely is a remarkable place and you will not be disappointed (even if you do dislike sharks)!

Good luck with the wedding and have a great time.

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3. Re: HELP - Honeymoon Hilton Maldives next week- not a fan of...

Hi Lisa,

I'm a shark enthusiast and I can promise you that there have never been any recorded shark attacks on humans in the Maldives. The reasons for this are:

1) There are no dangerous sharks in the Maldives

2) Even if there were, there is an abundance of marine life which is far more part of the shark's food chain - we are not.

Sharks are usually wary of us and when curious they won't come too close - we smell of all sorts, toxins, soaps, deodorants - nothing like juicy fish that sharks need to feed on

The most common sharks out there are black tip and white tip reef sharks. Neither of which are remotely interested in us. In fact they only grow to a max of 1.5 to 2 metres if they're lucky.

Enjoy your holiday and do your best to get your new husband into the water. He'll be truly lucky if he sees a shark - they are magnificent creatures. Come back and tell us all about your holiday!

Devizes, United...
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4. Re: HELP - Honeymoon Hilton Maldives next week- not a fan of...

Please please do not worry.

After seeing the film Open Water on the plane out to the Maldives my wife too said she would "freak out" if she saw one.

All we saw were VERY small ones (almost like toys) that come into the lagoon seeking safety from other big predators.

By the end of the holiday she was wandering around the shallows looking to find another one as they were so "cute".

Like others say you only get the slightly bigger ones in deep water over the reef and are frankly tiddlers compared to anything you find around Australia or even the Mediterranean.

Bearing in mind the millions of people that have swum all over the Maldives quite safely I do not see why your new hubby would become an exception!

The place is wonderful and the sea is wonderful so just go and enjoy it.

Also ask them to run you a special honeymoon bath in the garden of your villa. The bath is the size of a small pool and they fill it up adding essential oils and flower petals. They round it off with floating candles. You then go and get a bottle of something chilled from the bar in an ice bucket. Try this remedy as I guarantee you he will not be thinking of sharks!!!!

Sydney, Australia
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5. Re: HELP - Honeymoon Hilton Maldives next week- not a fan of...

Hi again,

just wanted to say a HUGE THANKYOU to all who have replied to my post. I am thrilled to see that it all seems very safe and I am sure that even my squirmish new husband Kevan can handle some baby reef sharks!!! I think it sounds wonderful and I will definitely try to seek some little sharks out myself just for the experience.

Only 4 days to go until the wedding..... I cant believe that I will be floating in the Maldives next week. I promise to post a review with many pics upon my return so that everyone can see how the new deluxe villas look and how I coaxed my husband into petting a baby reef shark!!.

Thanks Craven for the hot tip on the honeymoon baths...it sounds truly decadent.

Boston UK
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6. Re: HELP - Honeymoon Hilton Maldives next week- not a fan of...

How could you marry a whimp like that, when you could've had a decent English guy? No but seriously, I endorse every other comment - the only sharks you'll see are the cutest, and sleekest little things on Earth! No harm to anyone - except perhaps your 'Nancy-Boy'? All my images of Croccodile Dundee shattered in one go! Tell him to blow the froth off a couple before swimming!

Hope you don't mind my sense of humour?