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A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives

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A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives

So here I am, sat in front of my Computer, finally finding time to write up our Month away.

This will include the Start of the Holiday, the planning that went into it, and shall cover various Hotels and places we stayed in and eat at.

I have thought about how to make it both Fun to Read, and at the same time, contain relevant information a Traveller may find of use. The format I have decided upon, I hope is the correct One, but as ever, you the Reader, will I’m sure, feed back to me how it is.

Sit back, relax and prepare with me, to re-visit and re-live this Holiday and I hope you enjoy.

Monday 22nd September 1405 Hr’s

We arrived at Terminal 4 the choice of Sri Lanka Airlines, much too early.

As is the norm we were many Hours’ ahead of schedule, much to the dismay of “She who must be obeyed”

Why do we have to get to the Airport early, she said? Ever since I have been Travelling (which is a lot) I have seen fit to arrive Hours’ before a Flight, reasons are as follows 1 Allow extra Time in case do problems on route, 2 Get bearings, 3 View items for Sale in Shops, 4 Suss out Smoking area’s, 5 get rid of Heavy Suitcases, 6 Because I can and do! Anyway I stray away from the Journey we are about to embark on, so let us get back on track.

It was nearly 18 Months prior I started planning this Holiday, It was a case of getting as many Holiday Booklets as possible, reading reviews of Hotels, looking on the Net, picking out where, when we wished to Travel, and then employing the Kuoni Staff at the end of the Phone.

After Months of viewing all information gained we had it narrowed down to our chosen Places, and the only criteria was that it involved the Serendib Hotel in Sri Lanka (more about this Hotel later) So here were sat in Terminal 4 at Café Nero drinking Lattes as if they were going out of Fashion opposite Zone A awaiting the Gate to open in order we got rid of our Suitcases.

Suitcases are a word that haunts me, for I always tell Mr’s Lifesaver “pack light “ oh if only I should heed my own advice ,and I hang my Head in Shame, for already prior to departing, mine is 5 Kilos over the Weight allowed.

No matter how hard I try, by the time mine is loaded up with Flippers, Mask, Books, Tee Shirts etc,etc it always seems to be Heavier than Mr’s Lifesavers !!

Now I have a theory why this might be, for as I checked one last time inside my Case was objects I never use!! An example is Hair Straightners, Conditioner, Funny shaped Combs and the strangest device yet, a type of Comb thingy to hold open your Toes whilst you Paint your Nails. Never have I owned One, brought One or placed into my Case One so how the Hell in got into my Case is beyond me !!

Sudoko only keeps a Person quiet for so long, as does Girly Flick Mags and before long Mr’s Lifesaver starts sighing, along with the Question how long now? Just a bit longer I coo, you always say that, and with a glare that would Freeze a Pond, She returns back to the latest exploits of Jordan and Peter.

What concerns me now about Travelling is the No Smoking Policy that is enforced. In effect, this means that by having to go outside, I Smoke far more than I normally would of Years ago, as I cram into my Lungs, more Smoke in a Shorter Time, making up for the No Smoking Stupid Policies in place ( confusing isn’t it ? )

At last after no signs of any action round the Gate, Staff are starting to appear Yippee.

When the Cases are on there way (I hope they go on the correct belt, I hope they do not burst open, I hope they are labelled correctly, and I hope oh yes I really, really hope no Dogs Pees’ on them or worse still decides to **** on them ) it is the real beginning of the Holiday.

1630 Hr’s and the Gate remains closed, I went up to ask somebody and was told, err around 1800 Hr’s Sir, oops best I not tell Mr’s Lifesaver. “Well what Time does it open? “ She asks on my return, “not long Lurv” I reply.

Well we have finally done it at 1700 Hr’s we are the 1st in the queue. After watching them lay out the isles, and tape off the sections, in order us, the paying Public, form an orderly queue. I stood up in Café Nero and said to Mr’s Lifesaver “lets’ go”.

Just for a moment she faltered but after all our waiting any action was somewhat welcomed by her so off we trotted right up to the front.

You know what ,I didn’t care everybody was looking at us as if we were Mad ,for I just looked straight back at them, all the time thinking HA,HA we are 1st we are 1st

Some of my Fellow Travellers Faces faltered I could see in there Eyes doubt, did I know something they did not? Why were just us Two standing at the desk smug as you like? And before long a slow trickle, then a small rush was made, slotting in behind us, and hey ho, what do you know, we are no longer the only People standing in line. Behind us Snakes a Green envious line of Travellers and multi coloured Cases and the Odd Child (please God do not let them be sat near us) who is laughing now then I think?

1830 Hr’s and we are the 1st to have our Cases weighed.

5 Kilos over for me and 4 for Mr’s Lifesaver “Billy how did that happen?” She asks, “You told me to Pack light“, erm “I don’t know says I” Ha Ha I fooled her, when she was not looking I slipped into hers’ some of my stuff thus putting her over the Weight limit.

Check in is going Smoothly a very pleasant Young Lady is doing the Paperwork when I feel a dig to my Ribs, and I am alerted to the quiet Hiss“ Don’t you dare “ never the less I try very hard for the Bump up a Class and just for One Minute I think it may be working.

As nice as the Girl is, and Twenty Years less than me, as Handsome, witty and a all round a jolly good fellow I am and although I am with my Wife, ALL flattery fails and Today She has missed out on landing a great catch like myself ,LOL, NOT.

Boarding passes in Hand we stroll pass the Snake of People (HA, HA) yet to get within sight of the Check in Desk a saunter with a smug grin outside for another Smoke.

As I turn to look at Mr’s Lifesaver, her Hair Blowing across her Face, drizzle coming down, Smoke being whipped away by the Wind faster than One can smoke the Cigarette, I quietly sigh and think this is one of the Reasons I Married Her, for People She does not even Smoke and is just keeping me company (I love you Mr’s Lifesaver) I true One in a Million.

We agree a plan of action, another cigarette, find Toilets then through into Passport Control. Back inside absolutions done, it is into Passport Control. So far, so good, onto the X-Ray Machines and the Scanners that you walk through, and this, I don’t know about you, is where I normally have problems and get pulled aside.

This Trip through X-Ray, I have, I hoped, covered this issue. I am wearing a new Cotton Tracksuit, Tee Shirt and Bright Orange Trainers and Sport a New Holiday Haircut.

Now do not get me wrong, I am Happy to have lots of Security if it means my mode of Transport is that bit safer, but why is it I always get stopped? Well not this time I mutter to myself as I have no belt, no Shoes, no Metal anything and just a Small carry on Bag.

I am about to sail right on through when I am told “sorry Sir, you cannot go in the Scanner like that, place your Bag in this Tray “Oh ok” as I set off again I hear “hold it please Sir, can you please take you top off “erm ok, never been asked that before, and it is then ok to enter the Scanner.

I’m through no bleeps, blips, and whistle no nothing. “Move on Sir” and I collect from the roller tray, my Bag.

I now await Mr’s Lifesaver “everything ok Lurv?” I ask, “yes” she reply’s “never had my top off” I say,” told you, that you looked dodgy with that Haircut” says her. Bless her, she then told me that whilst waiting for me to go through, she asked if she too had to remove her top and was told not unless you want too (it was a Male who said that mind you) as you are a Women. (So much for equality eh Chaps?)

Now Terminal 4 has many Shops, more than enough to suit everybody, but really what is lacks is a Bloody Smoking room, or anywhere to have a Smoke. So be warned, once Air side, that is your lot until you land.

To take my mind off a Cigarette I decide to take Mr’s Lifesaver Shopping, reckless I know, but I do Lurv her and it will keep me in her good Books. On this occasion she shows little interest, and it is me who spends as if I have won the Lottery. What is getting her excited is the promise to Dine and Gartfunkles beckons-Meal was ok what one expects from an establishment that has the Airside customer base. The Food was not bad, not good just ok.

The time comes to Board now where the Hell is Gate 10? Oops it is behind us, now how come I never spotted that after walking up and down for 20 Mins “Open your Eyes Billy” Mr’s Lifesaver says.

Traveller Tip--- wait until almost everybody is on the Plane even though they might call your seat Number, that means you are not fighting for overhead locker space or just standing in the aisle waiting for fellow Passengers to be seated. By following this Tip almost everybody is settled and a slow trundle ensures all that remains is to take your Seat.

Shock Horror, how the Bloody Hell has this happened? Our Seats are apart, very far apart 11 Hr’s Flying and I am not sat with Mr’s Lifesaver hmmm as tempting as it is there is NO WAY I will stand for this, oops I meant She will stand for this, LOL after all I would never hear the end of it.

A quiet word in the Stewardess Ear, a very Sad Face and a whisper that my Wife CANNOT Fly apart from me ( very nervous you see and you will have to have a Staff Member with her at Take off and Landing ) and Job done we are together moved up to the Front of the Plane away from the masses

(RESULT) A Big thank you to Sri Lankan Airlines.

The Flight, well for many Years we have Flown Sri Lankan Airlines both Cattle Class and V.I.P class. Yes the Planes are a little bit more frayed around the edges (Emirates are no longer with Sri Lankan Airlines so maybe why!) but level of service is still top Class.

Seat Pitch good, Food good, in House Movies and entertainment good and Flights normally on Time.

You get a blanket, Pillow FREE Food, Drinks and as the Genie said “your wish is my command “All in all very good and we will continue to use again.

23 September

1 Hour out from Male and the excitement is building within me. The odd Atoll can be viewed Green/Blue, a blinding Turquoises flash, as if some Beast lurks in the Water below sometimes looking up Skywards at the Planes that Fly High overhead.

My Ears are popping as we slowly come down from our High Height. The Atolls becoming more and more, it is almost as if God himself has flicked a Paint Brush with every Palate of Blue across Ocean Inky Black.

Almost here, almost here, I can hear the chant in my Head start up, I am unsure even if I am chanting it aloud. A Mantra that these past 18 Months I almost believed would never happen, no matter how many times I said it, no matter how hard I wished it or Posted on How Many Days Now ? J

Touch down we have arrived, Good Morning Male I am sorry we have been away so long, but we are here, and I promise as I have each time I have come, to give you my up most attention, and never forsake you for any other. You are the thing I love the most, you are what makes our lives worthwhile and please, please do not worry about Mr’s Lifesaver for she loves you as much as me. Today we visit One of you Beautiful Children called Komandoo………..to be continued

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1. Re: A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives

Hi lifesaver999.

I hope you and your good lady are well.

May I compliment on a most excellent piece. It is very rare indeed to find such a witty and well written report. I can not think of higher praise than to say that I am genuinely impatient for the next chapter.

Take care (and get typing), DrMike.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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2. Re: A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives

Lifesaver, enjoyed your first installment very much. Please don't wait too long for the next part, we will be anxiously awaiting.

Blackpool, United...
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3. Re: A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives

Many thanks Dr Mike

i think i wanted to hear that.

I have come to view good/bad comments on Trip Advisor as a Bible for us,and whilst the Hotel/Island bit will finally go under the correct banner the whole trip is a Maldives Heading.

As such the Sri Lanka and India part will be flagged under those Forums with what i hope is a clever bit of cutting and pasting :-)

Komandoo, the Maldives deserves the credit and upmost attention to detail and i write already about Male Airport the trip to the Island etc etc as we speak.

Best regards to you all

London, United...
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4. Re: A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives

What a great piece of writing! Please... could you submit this as a trip report when its finished? That way it will be there for people to read for ages to come rather than getting lost in 'post world'

Oxford, United...
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5. Re: A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives


What a wonderful first episode. You brought it all flashing back to me: the early arrival (she who must be obeyed likes to arrive early!), the interminable cups of tea and coffee at Cafe Nero, the complete absence of anything to do apart from drink interminable cups of tea and coffee, the frequent visits to the Gents because of (yes, you've guessed it) the interminable cups of tea and coffee!

Brilliant. Can't wait for the next instalment.


Kent, UK
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6. Re: A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives

Very much enjoyed reading about your journey to the Maldives, great writing. Look forward to reading about the rest of your trip.

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7. Re: A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives

Excellent part one, can't wait to relive Komandoo in part two:-)

Blackpool, United...
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8. Re: A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives

Off the Plane and I wonder why is it that after arriving into Heaven Satan is here?

I can feel his Hot, Hot breathe blowing over me, I can feel myself getting warmer, starting to Sweat and am almost at the point of ripping my Track Suit off, but the 50 Yard Walk takes me into the Cool Calm of immigration Halls what Madness was it that gripped me out in the Dazzling Sunlight ?

Male Immigration is NEVER busy, it is normally just your Plane and maybe one other so Queues are not an issue.

Passports Stamped after a 5 Minute wait and a Small stroll takes us over to the already moving belt that contains Cases. My Case is festooned in Bright Purple Ribbon Mr’s Lifesaver Pink. Easy to spot and I guess another Traveller tip for ease of confirming you have the Correct Case!!

Already it seems much too surreal, are we really here? Can it be true? After Dreaming of something for soooooooooooo long, planning every detail we are here again and it is like we have never been away.

Already I am Smooching with my True Love and guess what? Mr’s Lifesaver does not mind. How many other Wife’s allow there Husband to conduct an affair of the Heart right under her Nose. I am indeed, a lucky Chap.

Now where was I, Oh Yes clearing Customs? A 10 Second Walk is all in takes to walk right through Customs and find the Kuoni Rep outside the Door holding a Clipboard.

We are directed to a Small Blue desk where by a confirmation of Tickets are exchanged a lovely Photo Book wrapped is given to Mr’s Lifesaver and we are redirected to another next Door desk.

Boarding passes issued for the Sea Plane, a young Lad then tows our Cases across the Hall and they are weighed along with our Hand Baggage. “Psssst” goes Mr’s Lifesaver “have we got to be weighed as well?” ( the look in her Eye tells me I could probably get some Fun out of this, but past occurrences spring to mind that it will come back to me Ten fold ) so I say no.

We are then directed to the waiting Bus and it is at this point I remember I have not Smoked a Cigarette for Hours (if I lived here I think I might stop) The Terminal is still the same, everybody quietly going about there business, the Roar of the Lisster Petter Marine Engines in the Harbour as the Ferry’s ply the routes to waiting Tourists and Locals alike, the whine of the Sea Planes coming and going.

Now Guys all this last bit sounds as if it is a real load of Hassle, nip here, go there, but with Hand on Heart, it is the easiest Terminal to find yourself in, and even if it is your 1st time in Male so do not worry.

I have already Sung Mr’s Lifesavers praises, and as I Light up with the Sun Beating down, she stands by wilting as only a Rose can, waiting for me.

No sooner than I have had Two Puffs then I am prompted to get on the Bus. What is this? Have I been Dreaming? It is freezing, the Sweat at Once seemingly covering me in a layer of Ice but of course it is the Air Con is blasting out Icy Air. Something here in the U.K we hardly ever have a use for, and after standing outside in 30 Plus Temps it will feel Freezing.

Doors shut a quiet Hiss as the Airbrakes release and a 5 Minute Trip takes us around the Terminal to the Sea Plane Departure Lounge. 1st Group dropped off and us higher Mortals LOL and those going to Komandoo, are then taken to the V.I.P Departure bit where we are greeted by a Young Lady as ushered into a set of Double Doors and further invited into the Lounge its’ self.

There is a Small rush as Loved up Couples strive to bag a place in the recliner Chairs made for two. Mr’s Lifesaver rolls her Eyes and I know just what see means.

Seated we are welcomed and Drinks and Food orders taken. All paperwork is double checked and Island forms handed out to fill in. We are then told we will depart in about One Hour.

Now I have heard Folks moan about waiting, but Honest this Lounge is great, and 2/3 Hours would not be an issue. Any longer, then I would feel I was missing out on the Island, but remember some Islands are out quite a way and it makes sense to fill them up, dropping off, NEVER collecting, on route to yours.

In what seems like a flash, the Young Lady informs us that we are ready to go. Through a doorway a short stroll over Floating Pontoons and yes we are embarking upon the Sea Plane. Traveller Tip get your Camera, Bottle of Water or what makes you flight more enjoyable out of the Hand luggage as this is stored to the rear of the Plane and once seated it makes it very hard to get access again.

Now the only way to Travel, and arrive at Islands is by Sea Plane. The views are to die for, so if ever possible, opt for this mode of Transport to an Island. A brief Flight instruction is given by the Bear Foot Pilot or his 1st Mate and we Taxi out.

Slowly past other Planes, Baby Basking Sharks, multi Coloured Fish, Engines are fully engaged and throttles pushed forward.

With them now screaming at fervour pitch, the Splash, Splash, thud, thud as the Waves are hit time and time again, we rocket across the Water.

Unease descends around the Cabin, as it seems we will never get Air borne.

Yea Gods, will it never cease, this Screaming, Roaring, Splashing sound, that blots out every thought process you strive to hang onto, and silence we are Airborne climbing Higher and Higher, banking 1st Left then Right, up, up each Island coming into view shinning Brightly amongst the Deep Blue Azure of the Sea as we Fly over.

Much too soon the Plane dips gently, lower, lower and our 1st glimpse of Komandoo that we will call Home for the next Week.

Oh how beautiful, White Beaches, Sky Blue Sea, mixed with pockets of Green and surrounded by a Reef, Grey/Black in Colour and in contrast to every other Shade of Blue.

A large Splash welcomes us down, a brief Roar of the Engines as they are throttled back and silence, we are along side a floating pontoon with a Boat already waiting to take us to Land.

Alighting off the Plane, a selection of Weary Sweaty Travellers, greets me. Side by side we sit on the Boat, watching as our Cases are unloaded off the Plane. OOPS One of our cases is missing and guess what the One we have has Purple Ribbon on it. I re alight to ask the Captain its’ whereabouts “do not worry due to Weight it is following on “he says leaving it to me to inform Mr’s Lifesaver.

To be Cont…… read how in the next part, I tell you how Mr’s Lifesaver took the News her case was missing, and how I got on in the Spa. How I fell asleep after a treatment and was still on the Table 2 Hours later and how I put on the Paper Pants sideways not even knowing. The Dives I did, the sites I saw and the Women who wore HIGH HEEL Shoes to Dinner LOL

Brighton, United...
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9. Re: A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives

great read Liversaver999

cant wait for next part, reading it does bring back memories


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10. Re: A taster of things to come about Komandoo and the Maldives


This saga has me hooked.Give up the day job & become a writer!!! LOL