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Yet another Cyclo Scam!

Sydney, Australia
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Yet another Cyclo Scam!

My partner and I were leaving the Revolutionary Museum headed for the War Museum when approached by one Cyclo, we agreed on 100,000D to take us both there. He called over another driver and we took the two for 100,000.

When we arrived he refused to take the money, rather saying he'd take up around sight seeing for 500,000D for the two of us. At first I said no and tried to give him the 100,000D he pulled out a little black book with reviews written in different languages with the figgure 500,000D at the bottom of the Australian one. We gave in in eventually in the end agreed at 500,000D for two for the tour.

We'd spent just short of 2hrs in the War museum before leaving and the Cyclo drivers taking us to China Town for lunch (40min) then out to ' a beautiful temple' on the outskirts of district 10 we asked if it was the Jade Pagoda ... the temple was nothing special ... and it wasnt the Jade Pagoda!

We asked him to take us to the cinema as we wanted to catch a movie. He said he'd take us there for free if we'd pay him now. I pulled out the 500,000D and handed it to him, "No no no no" He took out his little book where he showed us the 500,000Dppp and he explained the ppp (which i hadnt seen before as his finer was over it) which he said ment "Per Person Per Hour!" and we'd spent 3hrs with him!

I argued with him for some time before giving him the extra 1,000,000D and attempted to walk off when his friend stared screaming "me me me" wanting the same amount for the second Cyclo driver. I started loosing my patience with them by this stage, pulled my partner away from the cyclo and we walked off with them following, until i made a threat which they seemed to understand perfectly.

The experience left my partner near tears and me enraged to the point we didnt take a cyclo any time after that .... and that was day one!

Take my advice, and the advice from everyone else on here....TAKE A TAXI!

I've got photos of the pair if anyone is on the lookout!

Nha Trang, Vietnam
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1. Re: Yet another Cyclo Scam!

I am so sorry that this kind of thing happens. There are many good cyclo drivers out there, but there are also many that know intimidating confused tourists is profitable. I would like people out there to know, if you stand your ground and insist the police get involved, they will back down and even flee before the police arrive. Many say that the police will not do anything but that is not so,,,, in the case of taxi and cyclo rip offs, they are very on guard.



Ho Chi Minh City...
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2. Re: Yet another Cyclo Scam!

I see this problem everyday here. DO NOT TAKE A CYSLO RIDE and It 'd be okay if you book through local travel agent but how many people know this warning?

So sorry to hear another Scam

Nha Trang, Vietnam
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for Nha Trang
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3. Re: Yet another Cyclo Scam!

Not good news. Agree it's best to arrange through a local travel agent, pay them and tip if you are happy with the ride.

Charlotte, North...
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4. Re: Yet another Cyclo Scam!

So sorry this happened and I'll keep your advice in mind for our upcoming trip. I had a similar experience in Bangkok so I know how infuriating it feels to be cheated of money and precious holiday time.

Nha Trang, Vietnam
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5. Re: Yet another Cyclo Scam!

I know it is difficult for first timers, but one has got to learn how to say no to being ripped off. This is true for taxis and for cyclos. And everyone else. There are quite a few green (or is it blue now?) uniformed tourist police around the main tourist haunts in HCMC. They know all the scams.

Melbourne, Australia
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6. Re: Yet another Cyclo Scam!

yes...day 1...seems to ring a familiar bell with us too- and we have NEVER taken another cyclo in HCMC in the following 6 visits - but, we do now laugh as we say "no way" when they call out to us!

some of the taxis are not much better- but those cyclo drivers are so disgraceful in hcmc- found them to be so much nicer in both Hoi An and Hanoi-

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7. Re: Yet another Cyclo Scam!

I hear you, that was Day 1 for us in Hanoi in 2010 - they are into short termism those Cyclos around Hoen Kiem lake, we got the two cyclos for a price, which they then doubled - arguing we had misunderstood THEM! Great scam and I got a shop vender to translate to tell em to shove off (i 'tipped' them a third extra). Then of course i had to buy something from the shop vender...who wouldnt go away....Then on day 2 a Taxi driver took advantage of my screaming kids confusing my slow brain and he added a zero to the cab fare ($50 ride around the corner) - then...we had the best trip of our lives. Now we just shake our heads and wave em off...

Sydney, Australia
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8. Re: Yet another Cyclo Scam!

Its all a part of the adventure in my eyes!

A scam on day one will keep you on your toes for the rest of the holiday!

As you said Maz1 and as we'd say from that day on when they asked "no way!"

Edited: 12:36 am, January 15, 2012
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9. Re: Yet another Cyclo Scam!

It's not only the Cyclo's the taxis are just as bad, you just have to get all the info you can about scams before you leave and don't accept a compromise, pay what should be paid.

Perth, Australia
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for Cambodia
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10. Re: Yet another Cyclo Scam!

It definitely is a shame as these idiots cut their own throats. Cyclos in Saigon, tuk tuks in Bangkok, whatever they call the similar things in New Delhi (can't remember and so on all over the place. Same nonsense, different day, different country. These days we don't use any of them anywhere, but would if the agreements made at the beginning of the journeys were adherred to.

With the advent of trip advisor and other sites, it's only a matter of time before the tourist customers dry up.

Edited: 2:55 am, January 15, 2012