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Taxi rides

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Taxi rides

Had bad experience at Ho Chi Minh City Mar 06.

Was later advised by Trip advisor citizens that I should always call to book a taxi. Not to flag one down.

I am going to Hanoi soon, is this applicable to Hanoi?

Even during day time,eg. after shopping at Dong Xuan market, i should call the cab company for a cab? Are there additional booking charges?

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1. Re: Taxi rides

Hi Gesline,

It doesn't matter if you call or flag one down as long as it's from a reputable company.

In Hanoi, the hotel manager told me to use the taxi (04) 820 20 20. Don't use any taxi with no name or a small wording "Tourist Taxi" or something stuck on their white vehicle. I was cheated by this one. If you have to use these people, negotiate the fare. Never use meter as their meter run too fast.

I thought somewhere in the Old Quarter they said 7 US Dollars to airport. I used Hanoi Taxi 853 53 53 and the meter came to US$15 plus toll fee about US$2. I thought we don't need pay for any fee other than the meter amount.

In Saigon, use Mai Linh Taxi or M-Taxi, green color, or Vinataxi, yellow or Festival Taxi 827 27 27.


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2. Re: Taxi rides

Try not to get taxis too close to Tourist locations. Our one and only rip off in Vietnam wasa taxi from the water puppet theatre in Hanoi.

We never pre-booked cabs, just flagged them down apart from the water puppet theatre where we took one from the line outside.

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3. Re: Taxi rides

Hi hi...I'm also will be in Hanoi end of this month & will be taking a Taxi from Hanoi Train Station to the Old Quarters. So is there any particular type of Taxis to look out for for a reasonable price ride or just flag down any taxi that is available at the Station??

I was told the ride from the train station to the Old Quarter is between USD1.60 to USD2.00.

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4. Re: Taxi rides

Taxi scams in Hanoi are probably the worst in the country as a few posters here have warned us many times. I had read this forum before my trip and had made a mental note of this, but one time recently in Hanoi, we decided spontaneously to go from the Thang Long water puppet theater to Dong Xuan market. It was within walking distance but it was hot and we were kinda lazy so we decided to grab a couple of taxies. The mental note must have escaped me at the time :-) :-) I can't even remember the names of the taxi companies. One of them is a little green car. My husband and I were in one, (and I speak Vietnamese), the meter jumped so quickly and even though the driver took the most direct route, it still cost us 36,000 VND. I questioned him and he said his company had just raised the rate because of gasoline price. Whatever! The second cab had my three Canadian friends and the meter ended up at 56,000 VND and arrived more than 5 minutes after ours. The trip should have cost us 12,000 VND. I told my friends not to pay the full amount. They gave the driver 30,000 VND and told him his big tip was included already. The driver argued with us for about 5 seconds, then quickly left.

(Btw, you can skip Dong Xuan market, nothing worth seeing/shopping there.)

For the rest of our stay in Hanoi, we used Mai Linh Taxi (white vehicles, green logo), and Hanoi Tourist Taxi (white vehicles, blue logo). Our hotel (Hanoi Elegance 2) always used the latter.

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5. Re: Taxi rides

DeLuxe, Mai Linh (little green ones) and VN Taxi are all owned by Mai Linh who have a very strict code of conduct for all drivers.

I have only once been hustled by a Mai Linh driver - in Hoi An - who offered me a no meter, VND20,000 ride. I declined and the ride came to VND18,500.

He doesn't wear a green tie any more.

Always make a note of the can number and try for a female driver, they don't sound their horns so often.

P.S. Good news, Mai Linh has ordered 100 new buses to run on their new Open Tour service.

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6. Re: Taxi rides

I had a wrong name here. It is Taxi VinaSun 8272727. Festival has another number.

Surprisingly I took a taxi which looks like not official and the cost was much less than when I used 8212121 (Deluxe Savico Taxi).


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7. Re: Taxi rides

Most taxis in Vietnam, including Hanoi seem to be good. However, I think you do have to stick to taxis from the more reputable companies as mentioned by others. Hanoi Taxis seems to be good and was the only company used by our hotel (sofitel metropole). Most were metered.

We did have one small rip off by one of those small green/grey taxis outside the museum of literature that charged us 3x the price that it cost us to get there. It's company name was something like "Taxi CP". There seems to be many of them in the Old Quarter and I'd avoid them if at all possible, especially seeing there are many taxis from trust worthy companies around at all times.

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8. Re: Taxi rides


Believe people who have been in VN for years, most Ha Noi taxi drivers are crooks and very handy with a bit of wire they 'jump' the meter with to increase their take.

Here for two weeks and only been taken once? That you know of.

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9. Re: Taxi rides

First, make sure your taxi has a meter. And make sure they turn it on.

Next, you can flag down a taxi, but it is best to have your hotel call one. If you are out and about, there's little choice. I like taking xe om - the motorcycle taxi. It's faster than a car and usually pretty safe - just check to make sure the xe om driver has not been drinking. You can bargain with the driver before you get on the bike and decide on the price in advance. Sometimes they try to charge more when you reach your destination, but be firm.

Also, remember if you take a cyclo or motorcycle taxi that they work hard for little money. I'm not saying you should be ripped off, but 1 or 2 thousand dong isnt much difference. Also, if it's hot or the traffic is really bad, I try to give a little more.

It's sad that HCM and Hanoi have such bad reps about scam artists. I try to remember that there are just as many people trying to make an honest living. Most of my motorcycle taxi drivers make only a few dollars a day, if they are lucky.

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10. Re: Taxi rides

Beware :Taxi at Hanoi send scouts to hunt down tourist inside the train terminal.The meter of these taxi speed faster than the speed of the taxi.

Do not follow the scout,look for taxi with reputable trade marks as mentioned by TA members

Always request hotel staff to call for taxi;

There are no additional charges involved.