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Intrepid travel tour vietnam

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Intrepid travel tour vietnam

Has anyone done an intrepid travel trip tp vietnam... My husband and I are thinking about it for 2 weeks in may but aren't to sure about keeping to an organised schedule.

Hanoi, Vietnam
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1. Re: Intrepid travel tour vietnam

It all depends on what you want to see. I believe that there is quite a bit of detail that one can learn from these tours that the independent traveler might just miss. Are you interested in this detail, or do you just want a pleasant vacation where you don't have to watch the clock constantly? I stayed in a hotel in Hoi An that had an Intrepid tour staying there - mostly 20-somethings + one older lady! That was an eye-opener for me, and I've never considered Intrepid again. The kids made one hell of a lot of noise and completely ignored the poor single lady.

Vietnam is such an easy country to DIY, and you will certainly save quite a bit of cash if you DIY, I say to do it on your own. In a place like India, I believe Intrepid tours would be more useful.

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2. Re: Intrepid travel tour vietnam

deak75 using Intrepids itinerary do your own research using these pages for advice, and compare the cost. Then weigh up whether you want to travel or just be taken around to someone else's timetable.



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3. Re: Intrepid travel tour vietnam

There are also lots of 1 -5 day tours that you could join. They provide company if you are travelling alone, however you are not "stuck" with the group for the entire 2 weeks.


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4. Re: Intrepid travel tour vietnam

Lots of people are kind of anti tour groups on TA and I can kind of understand their reasoning.

We did an Intrepid tour in Vietnam last year and it was absolutely fantastic. For us, it was our first trip anywhere in Asia and we were comforted by the fact that everything was organised for us and we had a local guide to help us navigate our way through.

The age group we travelled with ranged from 20-65 and there was definately no roudy late night hotel shenanigans! We were too exhausted from all our daytime activities to consider staying up all night!


Local guide was very informative and truly inspired us with his obvious love of his country.

Having everything organsed for us while still being able to enjoy free time when we wanted to took all the pressure of and allowed us to sit back and enjoy the magnificence that is Vietnam.

We met some amazing people and really enjoyed the companionship of travelling with a group.


It will cost you more to travel with a group than to organise it on your own but it is still extremely cheap.

The biggest benefit I got from travelling with Intrepid is that it gave me a genuine insight into the country and gave me the confidence to do it on my own next time.

Enjoy your holiday however you decide to do it. Beware though, once you meet Vietnam, you will want to reaquaint yourself again and again. It is an absolutely addictive country!

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5. Re: Intrepid travel tour vietnam

I have travelled with Intrepid and on my own.

I enjoyed the Intrepid tour very much.

It is great having things organised for you, takes the worry factor out.

You still have plenty of free time to do your own thing.

You do not have to join in for dinner or breakfast if you don't want to.

However Vietnam is not a hard country to travel on your own.

Whichever way you go you will love it.

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6. Re: Intrepid travel tour vietnam

I think the comparison test between organised or individual gets down to what kind of person you are and how comfortable you are in doing your own thing and being responsible for your choice, against having it all done for you.

It gets down to the question : Are you a Tourist or a Traveler ? Both have advantages and both suit certain personalities.

Cheers Ross

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7. Re: Intrepid travel tour vietnam

I agree with both jasjem and marley2.

The first time I travelled to Vietnam I was on an Intrepid tour and as has been said it takes the worry about accommodation and transport off you and you get to spend time with a diverse range of other travellers. You also have the option of doing your own thing in most places you travel but the best part for me was the local guides - they are a great source of information and I never felt that I couldn't ask them whatever I wanted to know.

As a solo traveller at the time I loved all of the Intrepid tours I have done. I have also since been on a few Intrepid tours with my hubby before we started organising ourselves. I have now discovered I like to spend a bit more time in each location but the intrepid tours are like a taste and then you go back for a meal later.

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8. Re: Intrepid travel tour vietnam

I just did the Scenic Vietnam tour at the end of Feb and it was great. Our group had no 20 year old's in it. Have been on tours with 20 year old's in and had no problem with noise. I guess it depends on how "old" you are, btw I am 53.

I am very much an introvert and were concerned the first time I did a tour but found that I had lots of my own time and also rather enjoyed the company. It all depends on whether you prefer not to be in a group, how much you enjoy planning a trip (I hate it) versus letting someone else take care of that.

I agree with travelbugt00 that doing a tour gives you a taste and can help you decide whether you will go back...personally I liked Ha Noi enugh to be going back there on my own as opposed to not wanting to go back to Hoi An. This is where a tour comes in very handy.

Melbourne, Australia
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9. Re: Intrepid travel tour vietnam

We've just finished a Scenic Vietnam Intrepid tour (15 nights North to South using 2 night trains and 1 day train Reunificiation Express) and loved it. We had 12 of us, along with a Leader who had lived in vietnam for 14 years and had a real insight and infinity with the locals, took us on optional free bicycle rides to meet the local people he knew, we had 2 trainee leaders with us, and of our group, 2 were single travellers, about half the group were 45 yrs plus and the other half 23 - 30 yrs old, english, n.z, aussie and 1 NY. a great group who although quite different, jelled well and had a great tour. Unless you have a lot of time to organise things yourself, especially at the local level while there and without a good grasp of vietnamese, a tour was the easiest way to go, the 'original' style means that you are meeting locals, staying 2 and a half stars, have some must do's included but also time to yourself to shop or rest, or take up some of the great 'optionals' offered by Intrepid leaders, most of the time you eat together as a group somewhere with the leader and have the best locally orientated food too!

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10. Re: Intrepid travel tour vietnam

Hi Jubanne,

Great feedback on the Scenic Vietnam tour as I am looking into it as well.

In your opinion, do you think it is worth going to Nha Trang?

3 long train rides sounds a bit excessive to me on the trip and am thinking of a trip that minimizes the train rides and potentially skips Nha Trang.

Would love your opinion.