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I have ordered our visa approval letters from the above website and wondering if anyone had experience of them? I emailed on Thursday and received the confirmation of payment and processing (together with an order number) the same day.

I may be worrying unnecessarily but we are due to leave on Friday.

Any reassurance welcome!

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1. Re: myvietnamvisa.com

It's a reputable company that has been used successfully by a number of people on this forum.

Government offices close at the weekend, which probably held up your VOA application and the emailing of your copy of the approval letter. However time is short, so if only for your own peace of mind you should email the company straight away.

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2. Re: myvietnamvisa.com

We used that company in March and had no problems what so ever.

Just so you know your confirmation letter will have other travellers names included on it - this is normal.

Happy Travels

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3. Re: myvietnamvisa.com

Thank you for your replies - and for the additional info Benamy.

Visa arrived this morning. Was probably worrying unnecessarily but I am very excited and wanting everything sorted.

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4. Re: myvietnamvisa.com

Take the letter with you, in full ....you'll need it to get the visa proper! Also read the info that they send you in the email. I'd suggest downloading the additional 'form on arrival' and filling it in before you get to the VOA window. The details are in the email they send you.You only need one photo each.

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5. Re: myvietnamvisa.com

arriving Dec 2010; wife and I just sent our passports to Embassy of Vietnam, here in US. Total cost was $140 USD for 2 visa's.

could someone please tell me what the advantage of Visa on Arrival is, using a service such as myvietnamvisa.com? Is the cost far less than $140 USD?


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6. Re: myvietnamvisa.com

I'd like to share my experience with myvietnamvisa.com.

Just got back from Ho Chi Minh city...stayed there from 10/25 until 10/29/2010 .

This was my first trip to Vietnam.

Initially I was going to get my Visa from the Vietnamese Consulate in San Francisco, CA.

But I had a rather strange experience with them(the consulate).

First off, I called them at 8:30am Pacific time, and repeatedly got an automated "Out for lunch...call back later" message.

After a couple hours someone finally picked up the phone with a "Hello?"...not even a "good morning".

He then insisted that I mail them my US passport (with $70), and it would be "taken care of, no problem."

When I questioned the guy about how long the Consulate would have my passport, he replied to just send a photocopy instead. I found this strange because the Consulate website specifically asks for an original passport.

This gentleman seemed rather sketchy because he would not give me his last name over the phone, even when I stated it was just for my records.

Later that evening I went online to myvietnamvisa.com and ordered their "Visa on Arrival".

I paid $20, plus $10 for expedited service.

Received the confirmation email and the downloadable forms (in .pdf) immediately the next day.

I filled these forms out beforehand, and when I got to the Ho CHi Minh city airport(Tan Son Nhat), all I had to do (once in the terminal) was turn left to get to the "Visa on Arrival" office.

Paid the $25 stamping fee and within 10 minutes everything was done!

Very glad I went thru myvietnamvisa.com, rather than the San Francisco consulate.

Hope this information helps anyone planning on visiting Vietnam.



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7. Re: myvietnamvisa.com

Your story sounds similar to mine M.P. ... I called the embassy in Canada during lunch time and when the person answered 'hello', I thought I had called the wrong number.

Regarding sending a photocopy of your passport vs. the original, the website for the VN embassy in Canada says, "In Urgent cases, a loose-leaf-visa can be requested,then a copy of passport (photo and personal detail pages) may be submitted instead of the original passport."

Glad to hear that you VOA went smoothly ... we'll be using them upon arrival in Hanoi next week.

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8. Re: myvietnamvisa.com

Thank you all for your posts on this topic. I just ordered my visa pre-approval letter from myVietnamVisa.com and hope to have good things to report at the end of my trip in a couple of weeks.

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9. Re: myvietnamvisa.com


The service was fast and efficient. Nonetheless I may not use this service again for serious breach of privacy:

The approval letter doesn't only comports your name but the name of all other travelers that were processed on the same day by this agency.

The list comports your full name, date of birth, nationality and passport number and is sent to all the people on the list.


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10. Re: myvietnamvisa.com

Dear World Traveller, It would seem they all do this, not just this particular company.