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General Info?

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General Info?


My wife and I are tenetively planning a vacation stop-over in Koh Samui next month. Many of your posts have been useful- Thanks!! We are wondering about a few things... (prices too - we are on a budget)

1) Approx. how much for scooter/moped rental?

2) Our planned lodging has no spa/massage facilities... do you have any recommendations in the Chaweng or Lamai areas? How much can we expect to pay?

3) Can you recommend any boat outings? (snorkeling, tours, etc.)

4) Are there any internet cafes or other internet access points you can recommend?

5) What kind of power supply is available? 115V AC, etc... (for laptop computers, battery chargers, etc.)

6) I know April is considered low season - I think it is mainly because of the higher temperatures- is that correct? Are there any other reasons?

7) Do you know of any other recommended activities that I haven't mentioned?

Thank you in advance for any information! Please feel free to post any other information or links you might consider important for a first time visitor..


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1. Re: General Info?

The period April 12th to 19th is the busiest time of year for travel, although this might not affect Samui too much you had better get sorted with accommodation and flights. Moped should be about $4 a day, for snorkeling trips lots to Koh tao and also trips to Koh Phangan, islands nearby, Koh Tao is good for all sorts of diving. internet cafes and service everywhere. Can't help you on voltage, all I know is I stick the plug in the socket, hopefull someone else can tell you.

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2. Re: General Info?

Hi there,

You must be looking forward to Thailand, I know I would be if I were going again

1) The previous coment wast right you are lookin at about 300baht for a days scooter if its an automatic or even chepaer I think about 150-200 baht for a manual. We hired a jeep for the day also which cost about 1000baht ($20 for the day). It made a nice change cause we could go up into the mountains and do a bit of walking and taking great photos from the mountains down to the beaches.

2) There are lots of massage parlours (not the dirty kind!! although there might be a dirty one, i just didnt see it!) In the main Chaweng road. Its very and I mean very inexpensive. we were paying just under $10 for a massage (foot+back)! Some of the places only do back and foot massages but others have got an upstairs section where they do full body massages in a quiet private area/rooms. All the rates are normally on the window or board outside.

3)The porevious person was right, lots of tours out to Koh Tao, it has one of the best snorkelling areas of Thailand. Also some tours might take you to an area which I think is a marine national park just out of Koh Samui.

4)Internet cafes are all over, walking from beginning of the strip to the end expect to find at least 5. Prices are on the window and its very cheap!

5)Cant remember this one but from having looked at my guidebook Thailand has : 220volts AC, 50Hz, with sockets for 2-pin plugs

6)April weather is very hot!!! expect 30-38 degrees celcius every frickin' day! make sure you stay out of the hot sun, the blokes with us ignored us and got sunburnt and then had to stay out of the sun altogether for days! ( and my boyfriend has olive skin!) Be especially careful when riding mopeds, especially during the midday sun, cover up and lots of protection, especially first few days.

7)Dont miss out on the Elephant ride. We drove there ourselves, Get a Map, its tricky in Koh Samui because there are no signs like most other touristic countries showing tourist sites, the signs there are are not sufficient. We took lots of photos feeding the Elephants Bananas (you buy these separately from the site, they give you photo opportunities of feeding but also they take a professional photo with you on the Elephant. The guides dont make much money to so a nice tip is not expected but very much appreciated)

Hope you have a lovety time out there!

Take Care


Vancouver, WA
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3. Re: General Info?

Great Information Chloe! Thanks!

We are very excited to see Thailand! This will be a very big adventure for a couple of home-bodies like us.


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4. Re: General Info?

QUOTE: myself

"Great Information Chloe! Thanks!"

I meant to say "Great information Chloe AND Monica6! Thanks!"

Have a great day you guys.


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5. Re: General Info?


one_of_two = jacka$$

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6. Re: General Info?

Got back today from the lovely Ko Samui and can say the following.

Moped rental - Take a look around on your first 2 days and look at how many tourists and travellers are walking around with bandages !!!! It will surprise you !!!!

We saw 4 moped accidents in our week there - Ko Samui apparantly has the worst rate of moped accidents in the whole of Thailand - and I can see why !!

We rented a 4x4 jeep and went off road and paid 1000 baht per day ( you could bargain and get it cheaper ) - we were going to rent a moped but saw too many guys with bandages and horrible looking scarred knees.

Ko Samui is great fun - Chaweng beach is lively and great at dusk and the evening.


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7. Re: General Info?

Hi, regarding the last reply. I'm currently in Samui and sadly, due to leave tomorrow. I returned my little red phutt phutt today having had no problems at all. I have got a full UK bike licence which I think proberbly helped i.e. using lifesavers ect, but the bottom line is if you drive like a pratt you will end up looking like one! I payed 200 baht a day for an automatic twist & go. A good experience overall and one to be remembered when I'm too old to do anything! Regards Phil.

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8. Re: General Info?

Hi anyone who can help. We are planning to go to Koh Samui in July for our 30th wedding anniversary but are confused about the hotels. We want to be close to the beach as we love diving and snorkling, and swimming but have heard that the water is very shallow for a long way out. We want a fairly descent hotel but not in the middle of a lot of noisey night life' My husband wants to know if he can fish. has anybody been recently and can give comment, oh and can we dress casual at night (we are a couple of old beach bums really, but not scruffy just casual) We usually eat whatever the locals eat when we travel, had some smashing meals in Egypt recently off the tourist tack cost us ��4.20 incl coke for both of us.

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9. Re: General Info?

I agree about the moped-accident rate. The ONLY advice I received before going on my trip from world traveller friends was "do not get on a 2-wheel vehicle in Thailand." You'll see for yourself. Its a constant, loud parade of people on their mopeds - with their kids, dogs, etc...no helmet, no shoes. Don't do it.