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JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

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JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Hi Guys...I'm back...Oh No you all say....run for it!! lol

Well onward and upward to part 2, but its only 3 days so can't be too long hehe ;-)

Well we left Bophut and headed for South Chaweng and a new adventure, arrived at the foyer of Samui Paradise and staff were there waiting for us to escort us into the reception area, we felt like a King and Queen.... in the reception we were given a lovely welcome juice drink, very refreshing and as our room wouldn't be ready until about 2 ish (we were early at 1pm) they stored our luggage and showed us around the resort, we sat at the beachfront diner and had a light lunch, i had a crab meat salad... mmmmm . it was delish! yummo! and a beer lol

after that we wanted to go to the post office to get a box to pack some of the lots of shopping in to post home so their driver took us to the post office and waited for us(100bhat, everything is at a cost lol) but so good of them and the driver was a lovely man, he said he knows more German than English as he worked over there for a while.... when we came out of the PO I said "allus claff" (don't know how to spell it lol) but it means all is good/well...so everytime i see him now he say allus claff to me hahaha so at least I can converse a bit in German if not Thai LOL

I will do a review on the resort soon, but i will say that it is a great resort, not too big and all the staff are friendly and helpfull, good front desk staff too, the rooms are great, ours was brilliant we loved it :) we will be back here for sure!

Anyway, with a big box in hand we headed back to reception and were taken to our room..... woah, it is massive and so nice, a massive balcony and sea view, not full but a good view all the same, the bed is huge so at least I didn't get accused of hogging it all hahaha

We sorted a lot of stuff out and packed the box up ready to get posted off tomorrow...too easy...NOT! more about that later lol

I was in my element as I had free wifi and could now catch up on my FB and put photo albums on for my family and friends to see......allus claff :)

Around 6 ish the heavens opened up, so the plan of going back over to the Fisherman Village night markets went down the drain with the water :( anyway we compromised and ate at the resort restaurant which was lovely, the food was great followed by a few more drinks:)

Back to the room about 10 ish I think and still raining.... so i sat on the bed uploading photo albums with my new free wifi lol and hubby watching movies.... think this was the first night we actually sat and relaxed a bit and we sure do need it.

Sat morning was lovely and sunny but the sea is rough and high tide at this time of year, it has caused some damage to the wall at the front of the resort so some of it is cornered off, doesn't block any views though.

We had a lovely big buffet breaky sitting outside overlooking the beach, it is lovely at this end of Samui, nice white sand but rougher sea (only because of low season though) Bophut is much calmer but not so clean and nice, the sand there is a bit gritty...although it is still very nice :)

After breaky we went to pick up a huge box to go to the post office, hubby was carrying it but one of the staff insisted on carrying it lol I think it was bigger than him hehe we went to reception and they already had our lift arranged, they don't forget anything, so back to the PO we went big box in hand...or arms and the little bloke carried it in for us too lol

Well, the day before we had asked in the PO about the size of boxes and going to Australia and the woman gave us this one,,,wrong!!! not allowed that size to australia....all to do with cubic meter measurements ao we had to get a more oblong looking box and re pack it in the PO, they were so helpfull though and the woman sealed it all up for us....now for the weighing bit.....it was 21.5 kg....not allowed....20kg is max weight to Australia (Australian customs/law) so had to re open the box again and take a couple things out....the girls 2 pairs of shoes lived to come home with us lol.....so now re sealed and weighed and measured it was now just on 20kg so all good....the guy helped us with the custom forms and sighned sealed and waiting to be delivered...in about 6 weeks time....3300bhat (approx $106) but cheaper than extending the baggage allowance with the 2 airlines and lugging it around, we only sent back stuff we aren't in a hurry for...so all good and the PO staff are so helpfull :)

So now off for a walk down the main road which is all local type shops, pasted a big shoe shop...so i thought from over the road.... so crossed over.... and on entering found out they are all second hand shoes, lots of old sneakers and boots and OMG the horrible smell of sweaty feet yuk!!!! disgusting I'm outa here lol not my type of shoe shop lol

moving on we came to tesco Lotus so spent a bit of time in there, nice shopping centre and quite a bit of stuff in there. had a nice ice cold strawberry frozen drink....lovely mmmm!

We got a taxi outside back over to Bophut as hubby had to pick his glasses up....opps sorry forgot to mention those, he had some nice titanium framed ones done, with bi focal transition lenses in them for 7000 bhat, but we got there and they not ready so the guy said he would bring them over to us on Sunday, which he done, all good and hubby loves them, they are so light. I got mine in Patong for 3500bhat but they are only reading glasses and titanium frames too. love them :)

Went back to Le Cabanon for a drink sitting on the beach with our feet in the sand it was lovely and a nice sunny day too...awesome....who would want to go home :(

Got a taxi over to Chaweng and asked to get dropped near Ark Bar as I knew it was in the main part..... up to now I was thinking well you can't get much shopping in Samui, having only been in Bophut and then south Chaweng for one night...but as the taxi pulled up on the main walking street of Chaweng I said yeah I'm home....shopping baby! lol so we spent some time there walking up the street and little side alleys and having yet another foot massage......my feet were so swollen you could hardly see my ankels by now lol

The foot massage was lovely but at the end she lifted my legs right up in the air and I had a short dress on lol so was trying to keep covered up while hubby was calling out yeah that's where I like them...the girls were cracking up...so was i but hey a bit of dignity here!!! hahaha why do these things always happen to me???? lol

Anyway, moving on and more shopping stopping for the odd beer lol when we decided (or hubby did) to call it a day and go get some dinner, as we were packed up with bags we went back to the hotel first, had a drink and shower and walked down the beach for dinner.

We had dinner at a lovely place on the beach with our feet in the sand and a lovely sunset, it was beautiful and cheap too :) 200bhat chicken cashew and drink so total of 400bhat for dinner...bargain! plus a bit extra for couple more drinks and let one last lantern off....don't want to go home there is much more to see around Chaweng and this is where we will stay next time for sure :)

Sunday was a big relax day lounging around the pool, lunch, drinks and we had a couple massage booked in the day spa and me a glod facial after it, we booked it on the day of check in as we got 50% off everything if booked then....gotta love bargains hehe

the day spa is lovely, up on the first floor and full ocean views, so tranquil and relaxing and the massages were lovely... as was my facial I thourougly enjoyed it :-) and my complextion was great after, love the gold facials!

Well onto our last night and got a ride down part way into Chaweng near Banana Fansea resort, and bit more shopping, luckily our weight is ok now after sending a heap back lol we had dinner on a little side Soi called Number 15 bar and restaurant, great meal and cheap, couple drinks....Siam Dreams is on the corner and its just down from there.

I kept in touch with Pea and we met up for a couple drinks before heading back and finishing last minute shopping.... so off back to the hotel and last night here :(

Sunday morning breaky and packing and a bit of relaxing before heading off...its going to be a long night!! checked out about 12 ish and off to the airport.....

So sad to be leaving LOS and I sure do miss it already, I can't wait to return, not sure when it will be for Samui as this year will be a toss up between Samui and Khao Lak and I love both ...but hubby doesn't want to be chasing around this time he want's to relax a bit more so we will see...wink wink!!! lol

So here is a sad goodbye to all our Thai friends old and new, we love you all and the spirit of Thailand and all the lovely smiling faces, we will miss you, and miss all the pampering, the good food, the Thai music playing everywhere, the Thai boxing trucks, the banana pancakes and the cocktails, the laughs we have with you guys, this is not good bye it is just see you later....take care my friends we love you <3

to finish off here are some links to some photos and a slideshow that I done to summerise our wonderfull holiday in LOS, a lot of pics are the same in the slide show but can't fit them all on it so sorry for double ups, and there are only a few from our TA night (too busy chatting to take any lol) and a couple didn't come out ...they are a bit blurry...hmmmm! maybe it was the photographer that was blurry?? lmao but better than nothing :)

hope you enjoy the pics... sanook mak ka :-)

http://tiny.cc/9jioqw Samui slideshow

http://tiny.cc/dq9nqw Samui Photos

http://tiny.cc/c5ioqw only 12 TA night pics

http://tiny.cc/7b7nqw helicopter ride over Phi Phi Isalnd

http://tiny.cc/cmtmqw Phuket pics


mossy :-)

Mildura, Australia
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1. Re: JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Fantastic JBR, loved reading all about your trip. So glad you enjoyed Samui, it is definitely a place that draws you back.

Had a quick look at your photos, you look like a girl after my own heart with all the cocktails lol. I've never been at that time of year so it was interesting to see what the beach is like.

Reading these reports so makes me want to go back. Hopefully September this year.

Perth, Australia
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2. Re: JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Thanks Allie, yes would love to see the beaches in high season too, but will be Oct if we get back this year, so maybe not any better then??

thanks and maybe we will catch up for a cocktail or 3 one time


Mossy :-)

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3. Re: JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Mossy many thanks for the brilliant report and all the photos. There is something that wants to drag you to go back again to Samui as they said in the movie the Castle maybe it's just the vibe ! Lol.

Seriously though I have watched with interest as you and Pea have been counting down and then the realization of being there and catching up with other TA people.

Thanks again for taking the time to do the report and post the photos.

Perth, Australia
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4. Re: JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Well done Mossy!!! The best Samui JBR I've read without a doubt.

Terrific photos. Really glad you had a good time.

Bring on June :)


Sydney, Australia
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for Patong
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5. Re: JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Some great Pictures!!!!

Bring on the next countdown


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6. Re: JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Fabulous report, I love samui and have never seen it with waves, glad you enjoyed it.

Newcastle, Australia
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7. Re: JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Thanks Mossy.

Loved yor report and photos.

Going over in july for my first trip to Samui can't wait.

Level Contributor
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8. Re: JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Thanks ,so much for yor report ,loved it. And your slideshow was terrific with your music added .You should show it to a travel company .I could just see it on telly promoting Samui. But then the secret would be out.

Perth, Australia
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for Patong
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9. Re: JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Thanks guys, did you guys read the first part too??? and Part one is on Phuket forum....just wondering because you would have missed a big chunk out from the hols!! :-)

I might 'sell' it to a travel agent Patz, not show it to them lol wonder how much I can make from it for my next hols lol

Thanks Princy thats a nice compliment , have a good time in June you seem to have waited long enough for it! :)

Countdown on Michy..... that's what's keeping me going now knowing that i'm going back to LOS soon.....267 days to be precise...bring it on :-)

Chrella...there were some big waves in the high tide, but not too bad....it still looked lovely :-)

newygirl...enjoy your first trip in July, you will love it :-)

MT yes we seem to have been on the countdown for ages and then...bang...we were there, it was great to meet the guys there too, wish I had taken more photos but too busy holding my big fishbowl of mojito's lol


Mossy :-)

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10. Re: JBR...Samui part 2 ...beach, pools and post office boxes!!!

Omg ..Mossy two JBR in one day :-)

Thank for sharing and nice pics by the way ...Now I'm scares to write one as it might not up to every one expectation.

Agree with Prince so far the best koh samui's JBR !!!

Again thank you for being there and for the JBR ..xx

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