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I want to get over my fear

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I want to get over my fear

Hi guys,

This is going to sound really silly. I really really want to go to Thailand. I love the culture and I long to visit all those beautiful temples. However, I can't help but feel scared from all the stories I hear about tourists being murdered and having read the Foreign Office travel advice about the threat of terroism particularly in tourist areas I am having my doubts. Not to mention bird flu etc.

I live in London which is not the safest of cities but I am used to it and it doesn't bother me so much.

One minute I am encouraged and ready to book my trip and the next I am almost paralysed by fear. I really want to get over my fears as I don't want to miss out on a great experience. I know about 750,000 tourists visit Thailand from the UK alone, soit can't be that bad. Is my fear justified or am I just being silly?

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1. Re: I want to get over my fear

Short answer - just being silly..........If you said you were thinking of going to Beirut I'd understand............

Give me Thailand over London anyday............

Melbourne, Australia
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2. Re: I want to get over my fear

HI suzi- you are not alone- I am already booked and everything paid and I swing from being brave to being gripped by fear - believe me I am spending sleepless nights turning over in my mind where I will not go (MBK? too much of a target?? - temples - surely not! - which hotel is the safest??) anyway, we are going and that's that because I'd be more depressed if I cancelled so, brave it is and all being well, I hope to be posting all the good stuff we did when we get back second week september.

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3. Re: I want to get over my fear

Maz I will look forward to reading your post when you get back!!

This is exactly what these terrorist want, to instill fear into us.

It is hard anyway when travelling as you hope nothing serious happens to you or the ones you leave behind while travelling, (kids and parents) this just puts more pressure on the situation.

I say lets not let them win, our government and security are doing a great job in detecting attempts of terrrorism, so go and have a great time, it's part of life at the moment and i really don't think it is going to stop for a long time!!

Suzi74, you are not silly, just normal. maz and I live in Australia and our Prime Minister said in an interview the other night it is only a matter of time for Australia, now thats enough to be paralyzed by fear!!! If I had a choice I would feel safer in Thailand than London, and I haven't been to either!!!

Talk to someone about your fears, this forum will help as you will realise you are not the only one,


Cheryl xxx

Bangkok, Thailand
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4. Re: I want to get over my fear


Nothing to being silly about something you know nothing about.

It is not unusual to be of two minds to do something that you have not done before, the unknown is always a little daunting.

However I must say that you will enjoy your trip and you will fall in love with Thailand and will want to go again as soon as you can.

Even with the recent events flying is really safe. Thailand is a beautiful country and the people really nice to all visitors. There will always be stories of bad events, just remember good things do not make news.

I most certainly feel safer in Thailand than where I work and recently even than in UK.

Have your holiday and enjoy yourself, if you are used to London you will be really relaxed in Bangkok.

Enjoy your trip.

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5. Re: I want to get over my fear

Good advice Breconian

I think this forum is a good place to have people express their concerns, and have experienced travellers to Thailand like yourself , give us newcomers positive thoughts.


Bangkok, Thailand
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6. Re: I want to get over my fear


Thanks for the comment.

I go to Thailand 3 times a year for 3 weeks at a time and I come away feeling really relaxed and rested.

Just be aware of your surroundings as you would anywhere and you should have no problems.

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7. Re: I want to get over my fear


your statement

I live in London which is not the safest of cities but I am used to it and it doesn't bother me too much.

is a sad statement upon our western society. In our big citys we accept crime and terroism and daily fear for our lifes .

In USA we have bad case's of Road Rage In Bangkok a city of 12 million people with almost total grid lock I have never seen any road rage or in fact any obscene hand jestures or rentless horm honking

So sitting on a nice beach in Thailand with a truly friendly people

shouldn't be too scary.

90% of all accidents and death occur within 25 miles of your

home so the further away you are the safer.

all fears are valid but don't let the fear paralys you

I feel much safer in thailand than i do in the USA.

so go for it you won't be sorry.

I am returning to thailand on Sept 2 for 3 weeks of peaceful rest and relaxationing. away from this troubled world

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8. Re: I want to get over my fear

Hi Suzi74

I understand how you feel - at times like this you wonder whether you should just stay put because if it isn't terrorism its natural hazards or epedemics ... that's what I thought until the Madrid bombings which happened ONE block from where I live. Since there's no guarantee of safety anywhere you might as well go wherever you want to when you step out your door ! Have a blast (for want of a better word) !

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9. Re: I want to get over my fear


The threat of terrorism is everywhere as we in the UK know only too well given recent events. There have been a few unfortunate events with tourists recently in Thailand, but the same can be said for tourists going to the UK. To be honest I feel safer in Thailand than I do I do in most UK cities...if you are an average tourist doing the average things tourist like visiting temples, shops beaches etc. things are going to be fine. Thailand is a lot less scary than many other tourist destinations I have been to.

I have to say that the press seem to have it in for Thailand it seems to get a lot more bad press than it deserves.

As for bird flu well its almost reached the UK's shores anyway, many other tourist destiantions have already had dealings with it.

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10. Re: I want to get over my fear

Dear all,

I'm so glad I'm not the only one posting a thread like this! (Mine's in the Phuket forum and didn't read this thread til after I've posted).

But yeah, I really wasn't that worried til my mum starting calling me almost daily from Malaysia trying to convince me Phuket and Thailand in general is too dangerous to go to...

Like seriously, if one takes universal precautions, most places not at war should be pretty safe yeah? I probably have a higher chance of getting assaulted at the Frankston Emergency Department from a drunk/druggie but I still go to work...

But yeah, there's all this talk about terrorism and targetting tourists that really scares people off at times!