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Touring Madagascar

We have just returned from a marvellous trip which focussed on 30 days spent in Madagascar and I want to say a big thank you here to the wonderful people at GMT+3 Tours for the manner in which they looked after our small party of four and had our backs at all times in a wonderful Country, which, through no fault of its great hard-working people, is not the easiest place to travel over quite vast distances. GMT+3 is a completely local company and they are just so caring, insightful and well-organized that it would be difficult to better their expertise.

At the outset, we gave the wonderful Cleo our list of priorities and she tailored our fully-escorted tour to fully meet our dreams and expectations as we travelled from South, mid and North in search of some of those 105 species of amazing Lima, almost unbelievable Chameleons, unique birds and vegetation that make up this ancient land.

My first stipulation, having read various posts regarding horrendous roads and unreliable vehicles broken down on them, was that we wanted to see as much of the country as possible in our 30 days BUT wherever there was an alternative by air or water rather than spending hours rattling over endless roads, that was the mode of transport we would always prefer.

This stipulation found us travelling by excellent 4WD vehicles with expert drivers, commercial and private aircraft, river boats, speed boats, canoes, and winding it all up with a weeks catamaran trip from Nosey Be South among the sprinkling of coastal islands.

At all times our safety and welfare could be seen as clear GMT+3 priorities as we were each handed our daily 2 litre water bottles by our ever attentive and extremely knowledgeable guide, John, escorted and met without fail at every new location, carried in high comfort and safety by skillful and savvy operators, and accommodated in a series of high standard and delightful boutique venues.

I am so appreciative of the care and effort demonstrated by GMT+3 that I want all intending travellers to know how very good they really are. It would be impossible to improve upon their attention and willingness to deliver whatever type of trip from lower to the higher-end (which was our choice) the traveller may specify.

I found the reference to this company on TripAdvisor and followed through after exploring the various offerings of other tour companies mentioned here and elsewhere, and I have to say that I am so grateful to those who posted their praise of GMT+3 which encouraged us to proceed with was the best decision we could have made.