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A Worrisome issue.

Brusubi, Gambia
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A Worrisome issue.

The rampant automobile accidents in the country that continue to kill more people is indeed worrisome issue, thus leaving the unanswered question as to what should be urgently done to drastically reduce its frequent occurrence. This year alone has seen worst accidents on our roads mainly due to over speeding, reckless driving, drunk-driving and complete lack of concentration.

The latest accident, which resulted in the tragic death of three Gambians and a Sierra Leonean early Saturday is disheartening to say the least. This carnage is indeed shocking and the nature of the accident is indeed difficult to comprehend.

Bristol, United...
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1. Re: A Worrisome issue.

Saw that Yesterday, also said Mobile Phones, are part of the Problem.

If they have a proper training wouldn't have the Crashes.

50 or 100 D to get a Licence..

Newcastle upon...
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2. Re: A Worrisome issue.

Ric is right, very easy to get a licence. Roads were never good so they could not go at speed, the cars were also old and unable to go fast. Now the roads are better, the cars are better but unfortunately the drivers aren't. Very sad

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3. Re: A Worrisome issue.

Taking fares, giving change or texting while driving are also very dangerous things to do which all taxi drivers appear to do. For safety reasons I tend to pay only when a taxi is stopped. Driving mechanically unsafe cars until a wheel or something just as vital drops off will also be a killer.

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4. Re: A Worrisome issue.

Sand lorries without lights or brakes, pickups crammed with school children, defective taxis and even more defective drivers but the real problem is that Gambians do not understand the risks they take. Fishermen without lifejackets, welders without goggles, two wires stuck into a socket. There is no word in Mandinka for maintenance and I doubt there is one for safety.

Bristol, United...
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5. Re: A Worrisome issue.

Mandinka for maintenance, Is Keepittillitdies..!!

Mandinka for One for safety, RunQuick..!!

Also works on all Language's..

United Kingdom
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6. Re: A Worrisome issue.


sounds terrrible - the guys were Lebanese and a Sierre Leonian woman. All so young with their lives in front of them.

I always felt nervous when cab drivers answered their mobiles or turned round to talk to me while driving.

Bakau, Gambia
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7. Re: A Worrisome issue.

When you consider my English friend was able to buy for D500 a Gambian driving licence ,without having to show his English one ( which he forgot to bring with him) with no questions asked ,from a very high up official ,it makes you think how many Gambians do this ,and for much less I would think,i have traveled quite a lot in my ever so long life ,and must say The drivers in The Gambia are up in the top five for being useless ,?? They have not got a clue ,Twice iv been hit ,first by an idiot driving a mini bus full of passengers ,I was in the left lane indicating to turn left when bang ,then he jumped out and seeing a Toubab went of on one blaming me ? fortunately it was all seen by two police officers ,Who when I saw them walking over I thought !! This is going to be expensive ,but know fair play to them they backed me up and laid into the bus driver ,who by then was on his knees asking me to forgive him ,I asked Absa what happens if I don't forgive him ,she said it will go to court in Banjul Mmmm I forgive him ,that could have gone on for ever ,and the guy had no money ,but the police made his passengers dismount his bus ,and ordered him to take it home ( or wherever) and if they see him driving it within 7 days he would go to court,the second bump was a near copy of the first ,You need eyes in the side of your head ,never mind the back ,to drive here ,I wont go on about driving in the dark just to say if you value your life DON'T DO IT.

Tanji, Gambia
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8. Re: A Worrisome issue.

I drive here now and feel even more concerned about the driving standards here. To drive here you have to assume that everyone is out to get you and that any car you are following can stop suddenly, with no signal or brake lights sometimes. Cars joining the road are not always looking to see if anyone is coming. Driving at night is a night mare, I hate it. Lights are not aligned, drivers think full beam is fine all the time, Overtaking on blind bends is common. I am an experienced driver and drove for many years in London but I have had to learn to drive in a different way here. Much more cautious, leave a big gap between me and the vehicle in front, especially sand lorries and local taxis and buses. Full attention at all times! I know some of my Gambian friends think I am over cautious but I always tell them I value my life and those of my passengers and would prefer to arrive at my destination safely.

I agree, I also only ever pay taxi drivers when we have stopped. I can't stand it when they start counting out coins or change while driving. If I am using a driver for charity work one of my first rules is no mobile phones, if it rings ignore it or pull over to answer it. Local people on buses will often shout at a driver if they think he is driving like a maniac which is great but it also ends up in an argument and the driver is then even more dangerous! No easy answer but I do wish it was not so easy to get a licence without knowing how to drive. A couple of years ago they bought in a test for all commercial drivers but it involved a written test based on European driving and traffic signs. Many people could not do it so they either paid someone else to do it or "bought" their certificates.

All the check points around and they never seem to trouble drivers with defective cars. If they do it is often just a case of a bribe, the driver goes on their way and nothing changes.

York, United Kingdom
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9. Re: A Worrisome issue.

Overtaking. I've lost count of the times I've held my breath as the driver in front of me decides to overtake, it's blatantly obvious there's an on coming vehicle, or his clapped out car is going to take 5 minutes to overtake the clapped out lorry! I'm just amazed there are not more fatal accidents. Absolutely no concept of speed or distance.

Yup I'm another who detests night driving there, cyclists with no lights, full beam as a norm, headlights so bright they would be illegal in UK even on dip. Add to that cracked, sand blasted screens that distort the lights and it's a recipe for disaster. That's assuming they actually have any lights ...

10. Re: A Worrisome issue.

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