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Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

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for Tanzania, Ngorongoro Conservation Area
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Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

This thread is for people to post their trip report so that there is a common place for others to look through.

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31. Re: Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

Nice that people like their TOs. karl, as moderator, would you define what the difference between a Trip Report and an TO Review is? They are different, and do they both belong here? Imthink we are moving along on this pin, but perhaps some finetuning and definition?

Uganda forum has an i teresting method. Of course, we are they, but some post on both.

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32. Re: Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

Great idea. Since mine was posted in several installments, I'll just provide the links. This report covers a two-week fairly typical "Northern circuit" itinerary, with a special focus on birding. Tour operator was Roy Safari and they were excellent; highly recommended.

Part 1: Logistics; tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293747-i9226-k622…

Part 2: Arusha tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293747-i9226-k622…

Part 3: Tarangire tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293747-i9226-k623…

Part 4: Lake Manyara tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293747-i9226-k623…

Part 5 Ndutu tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293747-i9226-k624…

Part 6 Serengeti tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293747-i9226-k625…

Part 7 Ngorongoro Crater tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g293747-i9226-k627…

Photos can be found here; jczinn.com/East%20Africa/…eafindex.html

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33. Re: Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

Back in early June, we were in Stone Town for 4 days following a week-long Tanzanian safari. After Day 1, we were ready to leave. It was also our experience that the men who hang around outside shops and on street corners become aggressive when told no. We were dressed conservatively (we were two women) and were always polite when telling them no thank you in Swahili, but nothing worked. I doubt half these men are Zanzibaris at all and suspect they come from the mainland thinking to score with the tourists.

One even followed us down the beach and *into* the water (knee-deep) to try to sell us his spices, and when we said no, he became angry and verbally abusive.

I can't recommend Stone Town to anyone, sadly, even though the place itself would be lovely. But these men just make it impossible for visitors to move around freely, and therefore are chocking the commerce the shop owners desperately need.

We still managed to score some awesome sandals at Surti & Sons though (he shooed away some of the more pushy men harassing us).

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34. Re: Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

Trip taken in Feb 2013, tour operator was A2T, David was the guide. Best time of my life. I have come back a changed person.

Trip Blog (posted as I was in Africa)


Photos (best of the best)


Trip Report as posted on Trip Advisor













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35. Re: Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

We just returned from a 10-day tour with Augustine's Adventure Africa (AA Africa) and we recommend it without reservation. I will describe the three major features of the trip: Augustine and his staff, the tour route, and our accommodations.

Augustine, the tour operator, is sensational – both as an extraordinarily knowledgeable naturalist and as a guide/safari organizer. Spending this amount of time with a person provides a good deal of insight to character and competence. Augustine is a delightful and honorable man who is utterly dedicated to the comfort, safety and enjoyment of his clients. We were a group of 17 and our leader described the planning experience as one that inspired complete confidence in every respect. In the first days, Augustine made a point of getting to know each of us and our aspirations for the trip. These were fulfilled and then some! His many years first as a guide and then as owner of his own safari company was evident in the way he anticipated our needs and questions. High on the list of his many qualities is a vast reservoir of knowledge about the flora and fauna. He not only could instantly identify species and varieties – for example among the thousands of types of birds – but also their special characteristics (whenever I looked up a bird in my book, I found that Augustine was spot on). He is a happy man who is passionate about nature and loves his country and culture. In all these areas, he is a superb communicator and has clearly honed his ability to impart the right amount of information given at the right time. And he has a delightful sense of humor! Along with all this comes a high degree of organizational skills. Keeping a packed schedule on track with this size group is no easy task – but he made it look easy because he is detail-oriented, calm and flexible (his mantra: be patient, flexible and optimistic!).

Augustine’s conscientiousness was evident from the moment we stepped off the plane and were greeted by his staff and driven approximately 45 minutes to our hotel in Arusha. While driving in the area is rather chaotic, our driver was took his time and exercised caution and judgment. This was important for me as I always find being driven by strangers the scariest part of any trip. Indeed, the three drivers on our tour were each fine drivers under the most difficult conditions (crazy intersections, fog on winding hilly roads, and navigation of the endless ruts), excellent and knowledgeable guides in their own right, and wonderful to be around.

After our first night in Arusha, we spent two nights in each of four locations. Our tour route was perfect beginning in Arusha Nat’l Park where we saw our first giraffes, elephants, and baboons. Each location added new dimensions, building to the point where, to our amazement, each day was better than the previous. By the end we were darn near euphoric. Game drives were interspersed with stops to visit a family from Augustine’s tribe and a school, and a visit to Olduvai Gorge– excellent and well-times choices. The accommodations were selected with similar care. All were comfortable, spacious, and immaculately clean with attentive staff, good food, and superb locations. We were treated to a variety, starting with a tented lodge, two full lodges, and a semi-mobile tented camp. To ensure our comfort at the end, Augustine arranged for day rooms in Arusha and night rooms near the airport depending on each of our respective departure schedules.

I cannot recall ever having a trip where we had no complaints whatsoever. In short, you could not do better than Augustine’s Adventure Africa!

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36. Re: Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

Following posting #35 is not an easy thing to do! Our trip was more than excellent in every way, but here's my take:

From June 15- June 26, 2013 I was fortunate to have a profound experience in Tanzania with 16 friends. Under the care and organization of Augustine's African Adventure (AAAfrica), we were offered a breath- taking encounter with the wildlife and culture of this stunning place on our planet. Augustine, the owner, proud Tanzanian, and superb naturalist, was appropriately responsive to our every need no matter what it was. He is an exceptional human being: I can only use superlatives to describe his level of professionalism that always had focus, the personal engagement he established with each of us to make us comfortable in every way he could, and his sense of responsibility for and attention to every detail from A to Z, and then some. His demeanor readily revealed a person who want s to share both the universal and the special features of his part of the world and his commitment to have each of us prepared for every event of the adventure he so artfully arranged sequentially in theme, content, and intensity. And he did so with respect, seeming ease, and good humor.

Tending to 17 persons who have traveled extensively can be daunting and some of us wondered how each of us would be able to enjoy the special aspects of every day. Day One put to rest any reservations. Our three drivers were outstanding in terms of navigating the rough roads safely, imparting their vast knowledge of wildlife from birds to flora to animals to people, bringing us to positions for best viewing, always tending to personal needs as they arose, and answering our unending questions. The radio system of communication between the three vehicles and Augustine rotating among them daily left nothing to chance!

Our accommodations were thoughtfully planned to provide familiar comfort and to give us a sense of being in the wild and in a place of rugged beauty. From well-appointed lodges to a tented and a mobile semi-tented camp we spent two nights in each place. Clearly the places were selected with careful examination.

Augustine prepared us for the social and cultural exposures we had. We visited two traditional villages and two schools to have short glimpses of how two different tribes live. We felt welcomed and the kids are gorgeous. However, at the Masai village some of the hosts who took us to see their abodes did not comply with the instructions they were given prior to our arrival and pressured some of us for money. Other hosts were respectful and some of us enjoyed the event. Driving the many miles to the National Parks and Reserves showed the juxtaposition of poverty and tourism. It was difficult to see but our four guides responded to our concerns with honesty and explained Tanzania's situation.

Without hesitation I recommend visiting Tanzania if you have a love of nature, people, and adventure, but only with AAAfrica. I cannot imagine a better experience.

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37. Re: Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

I had a great SAFARI experience with EAST AFRICAN SAFARI AND TOURING COMPANY from Uganda to see the mountain gorillas down to Tanzania. It was hard to trust someone enough to pay into an Australian account (Simon, the part owner is an Aussie, so it's an Aussie/Tanzanian company), but compared to what was on offer from the UK and the fact it would be a private safari we decided to go for it and we are very pleased we did. Good driver and vehicle, good accomodation and service with the full service camps in the serengeti the highlight for me...amazing. I highly recommend EASTCO!

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38. Re: Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

Here is our Trip Report:




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39. Re: Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread


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40. Re: Post Your Trip Report onto This Thread

We had a great safari and Kilimanjaro climb with a smaller operator from Moshi: Stork Safari. Our contact for 6 months was Dullah, info@amtours-tz.com

We met him the evening of our landing and I was impressed by his calm and warm personality. The relatively lower cost than bigger operators could be explained by rented all-wheel cars, tents and mattresses but the safari guides, mountain guides and cooks were exceptional. For Kili, all 8 reached the volcano rim, with 6 out of 8 reaching the Uhuru peak. For safari we have seen much more than the big five. One other thing I noticed: big operators have newer LandCruisers but seat 6 tourists in them instead of 4 for older cars. This makes animal sighting or photographing more difficult. I am so happy we went with our 4 person LandCruisers.

Also, we stayed at safari tent camps and in small hotels. In my opinion, the tent camps are much better than hotels: where do you get to see from your tent 3 giraffes grazing an acacia tree? If the hotels are in a town it is likely the 4am Muslim prayer on speakers will wake everybody.

Remember to bring some warm clothes as Ngoro Ngoro is colder that you would expect. Cheers!

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