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Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

Mexico City, Mexico
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Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

Just returned from a 5 day trip to the Seychelles. After having read so much and expecting many things I would have to say I am disappointed: the food is terrible, attention is terrible people are rude, and "nice beaches" are spread all over and you can't even swim in them because of currents. Ill explain step by step:

- On arrival, coming from Ethiopia, it took 20 minutes to be granted disembarkment since we had to wait for a lady to check our flight had appropiately followed heath protocols: spay the cabins, etc. she basically came into the plane and just looked around I was like really? Is this the so called inspection? We proceeded to immigration where each passenger was interrogated for about 10-15 minutes about how many days they were staying, return tickets, hotel reservations, etc. I was asked where I was going next (Mauritius) and required to present proof that I didn't need a Visa to go to Mauritius (I don't need a visa), so I was telling them how can I prove I don't need a visa for Mauritius, thats impossible, moreover with no wifi or anything, finally a lady from immigration checked in her phone and told them I didn't need a visa. I felt the staff at immigration were being trained with passengers, all the documents I provided were returned to me with missing pages and my immigration office almost lost my yellow fever certificate since he had forgotten where he put it!

- People are rude: I was taking a flight to Praslin and requested to be put in an earlier flight; the ladies from Air Seychelles were not only unprofessional giving me an angry look but also when verifying my credit card details I noticed they wrote my card number on a piece of paper and put it by their computers, I had to ask them to give me the paper with my information.... While boarding the plane another lady screamed at a passenger because she had forgotten to check his ID and boarding card names matched. When checking in my hotel in Praslin despite the fact it was an expensive hotel, people seemed careless, not smiling and took me to my room as fast as they could without explaining any mechanics of my stay.

- Infrastructure is very basic and taxis are a complete ripoff, you might end up paying 30usd or more for a 10 minute drive.

FOOD: Terrible. I can't remember eating in any country with such bad food and expensive as well. dishes are very basic, there is no variety and local criollo cuisine is overrated. All restaurants offer the same dishes: smoked fish, mango salad, etc.

BEACHES: The beaches are nice for taking pictures but you can't actually swim in them, moreover, you need to move around to reach the nice ones. My favorite beaches in order:

1. Anse Georgette: TO reach it you have to go inside the Conmstance Lemuria Hotel, its a small beach with white sand and typical Seychelloise rocks, this is in Praslin.

2.- Grand Anse: Nice beach in la Digue. You have to bike for about 40 minutes to reach it.

3. Anse Source d Argent: Nice rocks but you can't swim there, lots of algae.

Overrated: Anse Lazio.

Hospitality: There is no hospitality or whatever I Seychelles.

In summary: if you are looking for a honeymoon destination with great service, food and amazing beaches everywhere don't go to Seychelles, go to the Caribbean, Mexico, Zanzibar, Maldives or Thailand. If you don't care about the food, and more into beaches of the type that you have to drive/ bike 45 minutes to move from one nice beach to another nice beach and you don't care about people offering you welcoming smiles and hospitality they Seychelles might be a destination for you.

In summary: overrated.

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Rhode Island
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1. Re: Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

I am sorry that you had bad experience at Seychelles. We visited Seychelles in March for 2 weeks and absolutely loved it! The beaches are the best I've seen and swim in my life and we traveled quiet a bit. Food probably depends where you ate, we had a few very memorable meals.

Hampshire, UK
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2. Re: Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

I too am sorry you had a bad experience and know myself that sometimes a bad first impression at an airport can be hard to overcome.

We too had an amazing 2 weeks last year, exploring 3 islands and countless beaches. We had lots of good meals in a range of restaurants and hotels and found the local creole food tasty and varied, but perhaps it wasn’t to your taste.

We swam and snorkelled at Anse Source d’Argent and every beach we visited in fact, there was little current except on the east side of La Digue and even there is a sheltered ocean pool which was awesome.

I agree there are other beautiful places in the world to visit and we’ve been to all on your list except Zanzibar but for us the Seychelles is certainly comparable.

Mexico City, Mexico
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3. Re: Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

Yes, maybe the airport experience was bad, but still I found Seychelles a bit dull, with terrible food and without the friendliness factor that other destinations have. When I think of places I want to go back to, Seychelles will never be in my mind. Seychelles people have to step up their game if they want to compete with other international destinations for honeymooners, mostly in terms of friendliness. So surprised a place that fully depends on tourism seems not so care.

Bucharest, Romania
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4. Re: Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

The way Seychelles is described in the review is just partially true. And this is told by a person which already have been there 16 times and had all the kind of experiences related to people, food, beaches, hiking.

First of all the beach situation have to be checked before arriving in Seychelles. This is why I created in the Top questions a special topic about the beaches to be avoided depending on the time of year when you are in Seychelles.

And to say that all beaches in Seychelles are not swimable is completely untrue. On May-June you have Beau Vallon, Anse Lazio or Anse Severe (and these beaches are located on all 3 islands) where you can enjoy swimming.

The lots of algae that OP has found on Anse Source d’Argent is something normal during April - May this is happening every year and a first time traveller to Seychelles visiting Anse Source d’Argent on November at high tide will have a complete different opinion due to excellent swimming conditions and no seaweed.

The situation of algae is a pain also in other countries like Mexico (Yucatan peninsula) or Dominican Republic (Playa Bavaro) but this is something seasnal like in Seychelles.

Renting a car on Mahe and Praslin costs exactly like the price of 30-40 mins ride in a taxi.

People are very diferent in Seychelles. There are a lot of great people that I have met and I have made a lot of friends there. And yes there are rude people which are very unsatissfied with their jobs but they are everywhere in the world.

Food is totally different from what you eat in other parts of the world. Seychelles dishes are based on seafood and chillies mostly.

Grilled fish, octopus curry, fish curry, smoked fish salad, creole fish coco, breadfruit chips, shark chutney, ladob or coconut nougat are found in the menu of the local restaurants. I really enjoy the local food but of course it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Unfortunately lots of locals see every year how the number of tourists increase like crazy. Seychelles has received almost 350k tourists in 2017, 15% more than in 2016 being the highest number the country has ever achieved. This is quite worrying for me because Seychelles tends to be now included in the mass tourism beach destinations like Riviera Maya, Thailand, Bali, Boracay, etc.

Some locals that interact with tourists does not know to behave when it comes to tourists this is true. But to say about the people of Seychelles that they are rude this is untrue.


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Brno, Czech Republic
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5. Re: Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

Well, it's true that staff at immigration and Air Seychelles counter weren't exactly nice and welcoming but I wouldn't say rude either, curt might be the best definition. But, from my observation, I'd say that this applies rather to the female part of the personell, guys we've been dealing with at the both airports were always nice and relaxed.

Generally speaking, service is rather disinterested, for an European standards, let alone US. I was surprised, that in some fancier places (approx. 1000€ / night) it could be the same. There were exceptions, of course. On the other hand, I don't like fake smiles all the way and annoying questions either. But there is certainly room for improvement.

Won't comment on food, since I don't eat fish and seafood.

I'm not getting the taxi prices too, it's really better to rent a car for 35 EUR/day or so with a decent insurance as mentioned above.

And the beaches ? That's the reason I'm coming back as soon asi I can. They're just beatiful and more important, not crowded, always only few people nearby, even at Anse Lazio. And Anse Kerlan (we were staying there) - with one or two exceptions, always empty. It was great to take swim in the evenening and be there just alone... Pity that it became covered in seaweed on last week of our stay, but I've been expecting it. There were more beaches like that - only us, just park the car and go. Beatiful.

But I guess, since you're coming from Mexico, beaches probably wouldn't be THAT impressive for you - in terms of look and secludedness.

Essex UK
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6. Re: Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

Currently on Praslin & would have to agree that the food is pretty mediocre & expensive.

Had researched restaurants before my trip but unfortunately some of the better ones near our hotel are closed for a seasonal break.

Povazska Bystrica...
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7. Re: Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

Well, last time young lady at the immigration desk helped us to fill out immigration card as we all got it after arrival not on a plane as usual. She was nice and polite and offered help herself. My other experiences with locals are of the same kind. Few of them are vague, lot more are normal or very friendly. Travelling around the world I see the advantage in approaching foreign people with smile on my face and commencing my demands with "Excuse my madam/sir, can I ...?". Have never been rejected or treated rude or impolite. I recall how I was surprised when captain of the catamaran from Praslin to La Digue invited us to his bridge and allowed to take photos behind the wheel ... without asking him and despite the fact he looked quite ... hostile:)) After all we found out he is normal guy for whose a sailing is his job not a holiday. What we all should understand is that even people in Seychelles paradise have their own problems and prefferences and being not always rewarded with smile is not the sign of hostile or bad behaviour, it´s just a fact rooted in their normal life and on the other hand in our exagerrated expectations sometimes. In terms of food ... ok, let me put it straight - I was many times served with real local food, our host is perfect cook and those who have never tried fruit bat curry with breadfruit baked on fire of coconut shells have probably never tasted real local cuisine which is complex, rich of flavours and tastes and reflects mixed historical and cultural influences also. Beaches? This is what I´m coming there twice a year for god´s sake! :))

Mexico City, Mexico
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8. Re: Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

I am sharing my experience based on traveling with a group of Germans and Austrians. While I agree that people might not be friendly in Seychelles, theres no way to justify it by saying its because more tourists are going. Tourism is increasing everywhere, population is increasing, all I'm saying is that if people are hoping to expect hospitality at any level: mid range, low range, luxury, this is not the place. Food is also very plain no variety and expensive. I comment about taxis because normally honeymooners won't rent a car.. And my point about the beaches stands: its not convenient, some don't have algae in March, others in November, etc so basically you have 1 good beach per month or so. I was in Anse Lazio and there were sign of people swimming at their own risk since it was not safe, same for Grand Anse and Anne Georgette. In Anse Source D Argent tide is too low to swim but its very rocky and there are holes inside the water, walked into the ocean and fell into a hole that covered me up to a meter, very unsafe. In summary I could not swim in any beach it was only a small spot by ante Lazio, to the left side that people could swim and see some fish.

The algae situation I agree is a problem in many countries but they take care of it. And my comparison would be that in the Caribbean for example you can walk kilometers of nice beach after nice beach while in Seychelles you have to find them and can't swim. One thing I did like was that the beaches were clean: no plastic, no cans, etc. thats really good.

Bucharest, Romania
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9. Re: Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

I do not understand how you can say that at Anse Source d’Argent tide is too low to swim. You went there at the wrong time when tide was not high. You did not do any research about when the tide is low and when it is high and then you really post false things.

One good beach per month? You went on the wrong beaches and then you describe Seychelles like having one good beach per month? Come on. If you want to walk and swim go to Beau Vallon or to Cerf Island. You have kilometers of beaches to walk and to swim.

At Anse Lazio you can swim on both sides of the beach without any problem.

Taxis yes they are expensive but there are alternatives. If you had done some research before getting to Seychelles you would have had a much better holiday in terms of beaches to swim, food and overall experience of course.


Dubai, United Arab...
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10. Re: Seychelles doesn't live up to expectations- Trip REVIEW

I would agree that people in general have absolutely no manners in Seychelles. Customer service is non existent top to bottom. But this is not true for all the people if you stay and meet alot of people you can eventually find normal human beings too.

My first day I ordered a chicken curry where chicken was rock hard hhhh. However, food is average rated in general here but we found 3 gem places to eat on Mahe and Praslin.

Also remember to check for prices and contracts before paying for any services. I will not name some businesses here but cheaters are there to lie and make money off tourists.

Overall if you can ignore the locals and enjoy the scenery and beaches its worth visiting.

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