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Eating/Drinking in Morocco

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Eating/Drinking in Morocco

We are going to Morocco in April. We are concerned about getting ill while eating/drinking from outdoor vendors(eg. in the Jamaa). Can anybody offer any advise or relate their experience.

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1. Re: Eating/Drinking in Morocco

There's absolutely nothing to worry about. We've been to Marrakech several times over the past years (the place grabs you and makes you come back over and over) and have been eating on the square almost every evening. Never once been ill. The only time my wife has been ill was after eating a hamburger from McDonalds in the new part of town.

Just sit down at one of the stalls, order whatever you want (use hand and feet explaining if you don't speek French or Arab), ignore the other tourists with their video camera walking around in guided groups thinking you must be mad to eat there, eat all you can for less than 5 dollar, leave a generous tip and wash it all down with some mint tea on the terras of the Caf�� de France (the view is great).

And during day time: stop for a fresh glass of orange juice every time you pass the square.

Enjoy your stay in Morocco!

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2. Re: Eating/Drinking in Morocco

A few bits of travel advice with regards to avoiding any upsets due to food that I have heard from other people and one of my own:

From an American: Take Pepto Bismol tablets before any meal you think may have the potential to make you ill (eg street food)

From an Australian: Eat the local yoghurt in any place you go, which contains bacteria which might help deal with the local food.

From Me: I take acidophilius tablets before and during my time away, which is a good bacteria, often found in bio yoghurts.

If you do find yourself with a dodgy stomach, I've heard from umpteen sources that bananas and papaya are supposed to help.

Go to busy stalls or eateries which have a good turn over and therefore fresher food. Eating mainly vegetarian will also decrease your chances of being affected.

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3. Re: Eating/Drinking in Morocco

We travelled to Marrakech in 2003 and ate in the Grand Plaza. What an experience.! You have to try it. The food is wonderful. However we all ( 4 of us ) were quite ill for 8 days. We don't know what made us sick as we all had different food but you must use bottled water to clean your teeth even if the hotel staff tell you that the water is safe to drink.

Morocco and Spain
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4. Re: Eating/Drinking in Morocco

Using bottled water is quite an extreme....

It is hard to tell what makes you sick. I am an American who travels a lot in Morocco and take tourists on tours there.

Sometimes in is the orange juice being watered down....

I always drink bottled water and uaually have no problems.

I eat at the square in Marrakech....no problems...

Pizza is Casablana----problems

WHo knows. You can get stuff from local drugstores which stop the problem.

Madrid - (SPAIN)
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5. Re: Eating/Drinking in Morocco

I just returned from Marrakech yesterday.

No personal problems about getting ill while eating/drinking outdoors.

I was eating the marvellous and rare morocco food that is served at the Yemaa Fna stalls. Believe me if I say with 4��� you��ll explode of eating, and a great glass of raw orange juice only costs 3Dhr (0,2���). I had only a light dyspepsia after taking 3 glasses of them (yes, I know, it was me fault!).

The Marrakech water is good enough, but I can��t say the same for the neighbour small villages (such as Ourika valley). Always try to drink mineral water in that case... although beer, country vine (white and rose, but not red) and bottled cool drinks are excellent. Despite the fact that all of them aren��t adequately cold for my taste.

To sum up, if you stay in a great village, don��t worry.

But beware with the little, rustic and poor village.

It��s only a matter of common sense.

In any case remember that our european-american immunologic system isn��t precisely the same that the moroccan people. In this aspect we are much more weak.

Be happy in your travel to Morocco.

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6. Re: Eating/Drinking in Morocco

Never had a problem eating in the square.

My sister is a pharmacist, and advises drinking Coca Cola, as it has enough noxious chemicals to kill anything. Apparently she was made to drink some before going on a water park ride 'cos there was a risk of dysentery. She was fine!!!