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Ramadan in Morocco

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Ramadan in Morocco

Somewhere on the web I read that during Ramadan, tourists should not be seen eating, drinking or smoking "in public." Apparently Ramadan will continue most of October into November this year. It's just when I plan to visit the country for the first time. Can anyone tell me (a person who eats, drinks or smokes <g>) if they have found that this month-long religious period really affects normal tourist behaviour?

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1. Re: Ramadan in Morocco

weel, yes, it des, there are some shops such as McDonalds, whrer a lot of foreign people and residents eat, but in piblic places, avoid eating, drienking, or smoking, or even huging your friend, if you have one, it is considired as a sin.

warmth regards,


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2. Re: Ramadan in Morocco

In my experience, Moroccans have never objected to tourists eating, drinking or smoking in public during Ramadan. It's a sin for Muslims, not for your average tourist. There is no Moroccan law that requires anyone to join the fast.

That said, it would be decent, respectful and considerate NOT to eat, drink or smoke in public view during Ramadan. Your hotel is a different matter, of course. Staff will not expect the guests to fast.

Grafton Australia
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3. Re: Ramadan in Morocco

We are leaving for Morocco in 6 days and I am curoius what happens in Marrakech in the square Djmaa el-Fna during Ramadam?

Is it completely empty during the day with no entertainers, orange drink sellers, nut sellers etc?

Having visited Marrakech twice before, but not during Ramadam, I am having difficulty visualising it empty.

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4. Re: Ramadan in Morocco

The real action at Djemma el Fnaa doesn't usually pick up before sunset anyway, but yes, the place is pretty quiet during Ramadan.

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5. Re: Ramadan in Morocco

My first visit to Marrakech was during Ramadan last year and the square was pretty active during the day and I was not dissapointed. I also visited Marrakech in May this year and it was no different!!

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6. Re: Ramadan in Morocco

As always, respect the country and the people u are visiting. There is normally no problem for a tourist to eat and drink outside during Ramadan.

Want u can see, is that u don't have the same service under Ramadan. The morrocans get slower, shops are closed in the middle of day, siesta.

But in the night there are much people outside walking. The small children stay out late and it's a good atmosphere.

enjoy your time in Morocco, I hope that u like it!

Marrakech, Morocco
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7. Re: Ramadan in Morocco

Do not worry. Of course there are fewer places open during the daytime-mainly cafés and bars. But that leaves scores of them open in most cities, especially the touristy ones. Now mister Ghassan (Are yo Moroccan by the way?) you're completely wrong and your info is misleading. I've known that beautiful country since the late 60's and I know for sure that the Moroccan are smart enough not to see their religious rituals as an obligation for their non Muslim visitors. Nobody will be offended or object to your eating or drinking. Smoking,however, especially indoors can be irritating to smokers as it enhances their urge for some nicotine fix.