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Trip Report Part 2

maidstone, england
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Trip Report Part 2

Well here goes for our second week.

Saturday, Up early again and downstairs for our surf lesson at 9 a.m. We booked with the Faith school which is attached to the outrigger, we had Nick as our instructor, we had a semi private lesson for the two of us, I did not want to go with a group as I felt I could be holding people up who were quicker at learning the skills than me. To say I was apprehensive was an understatement, but I got up on the board and surfed, I know!, I won't win competitions and I probably did not look too good on the board, but I achieved what I set out to do, and I am really really happy. The hour and a half went by so quickly. We went back up stairs and got washed and changed again. Bit hungry by now, so we went next door to the Cheesecake Factory, lovely lunch with a great cheesecake, but I have to say portion control please, we should have shared a lunch, we did the cheesecake, I was horrified when she told me what the size the dinner plates were!. After that we caught the bus to the Bishops Museum, which was really good, enjoyed it immensely, but we were a little disappointed with the Science Museum bit, that was a bit of a let down but nothing major. We then went back home and got back for our dinner reservations at Roys, oh wow fantastic food.

Sunday, We got up not too early today, and decided on breakfast at Dukes again, had the same as last week, it was so good and did not disappoint this week either. We then went off for a walk to the zoo to look at the art again, bought a beautiful photograph, then we went on to the aquarium, had a really good time in there looking at everything, lots to see which was nice. We walked back along the beach and went and got some provisions for our trip tomorrow from the ABC store. We had a mooch around the shopping centre, before we went back and got changed for dinner, which was at PF Changs, very nice, and they very kindly let me have a take away box like you see in the movies, that was packed very carefully in the hand luggage!, We don't get them like that here just plain old plastic containers here. Back to the hotel for an early night.

Monday, Up early and outside the hotel for our Discovery Tour Eco trip. It was a small group of people 19 in all, we had a really good time, and this enabled us to see the bits of the island that we could not get to by bus. We went to the Waimea Valley and swam in a waterfall, saw Susent Beach, passed by the Dole Plantation, we swam at Sherwood Beach, saw the Byodo Temple, Chinamans Hat, had lunch at a location where they filmed "The Last Resort", Diamond Head, A great tour. In the evening we at at Chucks, food was good but out of all the restaurants we have been too this was poor service. Early to bed.

Tuesday, Up at 4 to get the early buses to Koko Crater. Had a brilliant driver on the last leg, he was brilliant, told us how to get there, and was just generally funny. Koko Crater, wow what a work out, so glad we got there early, we made it to the top and sat there for a while just to soak in the view. Getting down was a little easier! We went back to the main road and got the bus back. We got washed and changed again and then went to the International Market Place and had a Hawaiian Burger with Terryaki sauce and chips, really an interesting combination. I finally posted the postcards I had been carrying around with me for days, and then we went to the Army Museum at Fort De Russey, very very interesting. We decided we were going to watch the Hula Show and Tiki Lighting at the Dukes Statue, it was an hour long and worth every minute. We then went back to the hotel to the Hula Bar for a plate of potstickers.

Wednesday, Up and out to catch the first bus at 8a.m. to Hanauma Bay for a spot of snorkelling, never done that before either! Fascinating, and the fish I saw was unbelievable, nearly only drowned a few times in my excitement at seeing the fish and completely immersing my head in the water! I found an Iphone in the water and we went and handed it in to the rangers, I do hope they got the phone back. We stayed there longer than we had thought we would, but thats what holidays are about, we shared a pineapple shave ice, I have to say, not a fan. We got back to the hotel and got changed and went out for a Ramen, we chose Ezogiku, excellent. We then walked down by the canal and we saw jelly fish, and also ordinary fish too. We then went to Ross and bought some clothes - well you have to don't you. Went to ABC stores for supplies for tomorrow.

Thursday, up at 4.15! caught the first bus at 5.20 to take us to the AlaMoana Shopping centre for the bus that takes us to the Olomana Trail. The bus driver again told us the stop we wanted and how to get to the trail. We checked in at the Country Club, and the guard told us some land marks to watch out for, and we were off. Saw some wild pigs as we got the start of the trail! Up we went, up and up, I eventually bottled out of going any further when the second lot of rock face looked at me! Not done rock climbing before and it was a bit scary. We sat and had some of our supplies just looking at the view. On the descent we started to pass people on their way up, it was nice to think we had done this hike just us. We eventually got out and went and caught the bus back to the hotel. We washed and changed again and walked to the Ala Moana Shopping Centre, we had a good mooch around there, but caught the bus back to Waikiki! We got changed and went out for a Chinese.

Friday. Our last day, we went down to the beach and booked ourselves some paddle board lessons and a canoe ride for the afternoon. We then went walkabout in Waikiki getting the last minute things together. We had such fun. We had breakfast at IHOP, really impressed, I as usual had the pancakes, love a pancake. We continued on our shopping trip on the way back to the hotel. We got changed and went out for the canoe ride, wonderful. Then paddle boarding, they took us out and explained things and then we were on our own. Loved it, and then I look down and swimming next to me was not one but two turtles, how fantastic was that, We carried on for a bit longer and then went in and got changed and finished off the packing. It was down to the Hula bar for the last mai tai and Lychee martini. Our reservations tonight were for the Revolving Restaurant, did not disappoint. Then we walked down to Dukes Statue, took our photos on the red carpet at the Moana Surfrider and home to bed.

Saturday up 4 a.m. for our 5.15 taxi to the airport and the long long trip home via LAX.

Thank you Hawaii for a brilliant holiday, We did so much and tried so many different things we had a ball. We ate at some fantastic restaurants, and was not disappointed in any of the food, all fantastic. The bus drivers were all so helpful, as were many of the people we spoke to to ask for directions etc.

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1. Re: Trip Report Part 2

Wow...you really did a lot! Great report. Thanks for sharing.

Jealous about the fish you saw at Hanauma. I didn't see a single one, but then again, I was a beginner snorkeler, and not that great at it :-)

Soddy Daisy...
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2. Re: Trip Report Part 2

Enjoyed your report. Planning your return trip yet? You've scratched the surface of Oahu, and that is only one island!

Hooks, Texas
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3. Re: Trip Report Part 2

Thanks so much for the trip report. Confirmed many of the choices we have been thinking aobut.

Santa Monica...
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for Santa Monica
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4. Re: Trip Report Part 2

This is a beautiful trip report. You obviously did a lot of research and got to do and see some terrific things. I'm not sure I'd surf, but SUP looks pretty fun (I'm your age). Thanks so much for sharing.

Kapaa, Hawaii
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5. Re: Trip Report Part 2

Great report, thanks!! I like that you did so many different things and took the bus to do it!!

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6. Re: Trip Report Part 2

Enjoyed part 1 and 2 of your trip report. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Mahalo for posting! :D

Milwaukie, Oregon
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7. Re: Trip Report Part 2

One of the frequent questions here is "Is a car necessary?" You certainly did and saw a lot during your visit without the stress of driving and paying $20 a day (or thereabouts) for the privilege of walking a long ways from a parking garage to your hotel room. Probably you paid less for your tours than you would have for a car and parking fees. Kudos!!

Runaway Bay...
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8. Re: Trip Report Part 2

Thank you for sharing!! Loved reading both part 1 and part 2, this has gotten me very excited and bought back so many wonderful memories!! We are leaving for our trip tomorrow and i can not wait!! :)

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9. Re: Trip Report Part 2

Wow I am very impressed with how much you did without a car bravo you deserve a big hand.

Too bad about the iPhone but even if they get it back salt water is fatal!

We love Ezogiku it's one of our favorites in Waikiki.

We will be back next may for two nights before we head to Maui and we have decided not to rent a car this time as we get in at 6am our first day so we will just take it easy and hang out on Waikiki Beach. Our last full day hubby is going to take the Home of the Brave tour which he did on our first visit but wants to do it again and I am going to take the bus to visit Iolani Palace so really no need for a car it will be our first without one.

So do you want to come back maybe visit another island?

maidstone, england
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10. Re: Trip Report Part 2

Hi Everyone, yes we want to come back to the Islands, we need to get back to Ohau to check off the things we did not get to see, Arizona Memorial and the Bowfin primarily, and then we intend to go to another island as well, tho we realise that by doing that we will have to drive a car. We like to explore and hike which I believe are pretty good on the other islands too.

I love travelling on the bus, you get to see so much more, it may take a lot more time I know some of the trips were an hour long, but we got to both see the scenery we were going through, neither of us were stressed about, which turn next, are we on the right side of the road, why are they turning right when the lights are red! Where do we park, and how much to park the car there! Loved it.

By the way the Iphone was in a waterproof bag so hopefully it was o.k.