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Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

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Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

After 7 months of waiting, my boyfriend and I finally went on our trip to Hawaii (Oahu). Now that our short 8 days of Hawaii are over, I’m trying to remember every moment so years from now when I start to forget I’ll have this to read…and I also wanted to help any other frequent visitors to this forum. This forum was a HUGE HUGE help to me. This post might get longwinded so I apologize in advance. Please feel free to ask me questions about anything you would like me to elaborate.

Day 1

We arrived around 5:30pm on Wednesday. Tip: Ask airlines for upgrades. My boyfriend asked about any complimentary upgrades from United. The lady didn’t seem very friendly at first, but she offered us a better flight where we would be able to skip one of our connecting cities! We went from having three layovers to two. Our car rental was through Costco/Budget. We checked Discount Hawaii Car Rental too and found some great rates, but Costco won for being $3 cheaper and allowing an additional driver : ) Every penny counts right! It was $163 for 7 days and 2 extra hours. We stayed at the Hale Koa where my boyfriend had asked for a renovated room (they have two different towers, one renovated). When we arrived we found out we were in the renovated tower and they had given us a complimentary upgraded room! The room was on the 4th floor overlooking the pool and courtyard area. After settling in, we got dinner at Eggs N Things. We shared a veggie omelet which came with three pancakes. The service was great, omelet good( comes with really good salsa with cilantro), pancake…eh. Maybe because it was late at night. But the guava syrup was very tastey which made up for the blandness of the buttermilk pancakes. This was a perfect meal to share. Went back to the hotel and passed out.

(Stepping out of the airport is pure bliss, the sky is so blue and you know this is Hawaii and it’s a wonderful place)

Day 2

It is true what everyone has said about waking up the day after arriving. You WILL wake up early. Take advantage of it. I woke up before 5am without a problem. We got to Diamond Head a little after 6am. There were a good amount of people there as we got closer to the top. Lots of tourist groups. Diamond Head is awesome…not the best hike, but pretty nice. Even at 6am in the morning it gets very hot. There were people running up and down Diamond Head. I don’t even know how that is possible. It’s pretty steep and rocky in places, but they were running like it was a breeze. Be prepared to sweat just leisurely walking. The views from the top are very nice. I think Diamond Head hike is a good place to start because in my opinion the scenery of Hawaii only gets better from that point on. Diamond Head is just a small taste I think.

After Diamond Head we went to Diamond Head Market and Grill. The Ahi Tuna wrap is soooooo good. Flavor is awesome. During our trip we went twice and got this wrap each time. The blueberry cream cheese scone is also very tastey. After picking up our scuba gear from Snorkel Bob’s ($9 for one week rental-this is the cheapest rate and worked well for us) we headed to Hanauma Bay to start our Mini Circle Island tour.

Ok so some people may think that Hanauma Bay is overrated….its not. This area is BEAUTIFUL. There aren’t really words that can really portray the beauty of Hawaii, but this is one of the places that capture it completely. The parking lot was fairly full around the time we got there right before 9am. It takes a little while to get tickets, but have someone wait in line while another person walks around and takes pictures. The video they show is fairly short and I thought it was nice and informational. The walk down to Hanauma Bay is pretty steep, but walkable , I wouldn’t waste money on the trolley. The water at Hanauma Bay is full of blues, greens, turquoise, aquamarines, etc. The water is fairly clear. This was my first time snorkeling and I had an AMAZING time. Every fish you see is a thrill and there are plenty to see. The best one we saw was a brightly colored lime green and pink fish. The more you swim around the more fish you see. It was a great experience for me. Being in the water and looking back on the beach is surreal, the trees and mountainous area surrounding the bay is breathtaking. After staying here a few hours we headed back to our circle island tour. Walking back up the hill is another moment that takes your breath away. So if you weren’t able to tell I really loved Hanauma Bay :)

Our Circle Island Tour took us past Lanai Lookout, Haloana Blow Hole, and Sandy Beach (we didn’t stop at this beach but you can see it from Haloana Blow Hole). All these stops are just amazing to stop at and look around. Each offer a different landscape and view and all are worth taking a couple of minutes for a photo op.

Break for now, I’m getting on my flight back to the mainland :(

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1. Re: Trip Report: One Week in Oahu


Mahalo for your report.

It will be a great help to others.


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2. Re: Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

Feel we were there with you Sara - lovely report.

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3. Re: Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

Thanks for the report .... Hawaii pulls at the heart strings and we all want to go back!

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4. Re: Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

We are taking our granddaughter to Hawaii in December and I am very interested in what you "young ones" like to do. :)

We'll be staying at the Hale Koa also.

Thanks for taking the time to report.


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5. Re: Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

Thanks for sharing,, so glad you enjoyed the beauty of the island,, and had a nice visit!

Aloha ~

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6. Re: Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

Very nice report. Am looking forward to the next chapter.

When I walked up Diamond Head there was a woman going up and down those metal steps from hell for exercise. She was a senior citizen, too. I still haven't gotten over it. LOL.

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7. Re: Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

Nice trip report so far. Thanks!

I just looked at your other thread. You got a lot of good advice from many on the Oahu forum to help plan your trip.

We always like trip reports after the trip.

And reading trip reports is probably the best tool a newbie has for their future trip.

I like Hanauma Bay. It is one of the most scenic beach in Hawaii.

"picked up scuba gear from Snorkel Bob's"

Did you mean snorkel equipment?

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8. Re: Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

<<Ok so some people may think that Hanauma Bay is overrated….its not. This area is BEAUTIFUL.>>

I agree! I think the "overrated" comments are about the quality of snorkeling. But for me, that's just part of the draw to Hanauma Bay. The beauty alone would draw me there even if there were no fish at all.

Glad you had such a lovely time!

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9. Re: Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

Enjoying your trip report. Looking forward to reading more since we are going to Oahu for a week in September and would love some great tips.

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10. Re: Trip Report: One Week in Oahu

Hi Sara, thanks for the first instalment. Looking forward to reading the rest of your report. Now that you have been bitten by the "Hawaiian Bug" you have to start planning your return trip.