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On going trip report

Surrey, Canada
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On going trip report

Day one

aloha everyone, so happy to finally be here. Here goes nothing. Started our trip with a limo ride from Surrey BC to Vancouver International Airport. Not the greatest limo, but I would have gone in a donkey cart to get here!

Breezed through customs, except for the fact they thought I might be a terrorist. I went through the body scan, and my bags were tested for explosives! I find this weird as my husband is the more intimidating one, being 6'5", plus his birthday is Sept 11. Guess us redheads really have a reputation. lol

Chilled at the airport for a few hours, had some lunch and coffees. The time actually went pretty fast. Flew out with Air Canada, just glad the pilots showed up. Smooth flight most of the way.

We were met at the airport by Stanley of ABC limos. Greeted with lei, and macnut chocolates, as well as cold drinks. The weather was perfect, not too hot. We landed just before sundown, so we got to see Pearl Harbor. Stanley was quiet, but a very good driver.

We made it to the Holiday Inn five minutes after our reservation at Duke's, so I ran across the street to tell them we still wanted our reservations, while the other three checked in. Everyone was so nice to us, taking our bags to the room, thanks Travis or maybe it was Trevor, well anyway he knows who he is. The front desk girl was very nice and had us squared away in no time.

We quickly changed, and made our way over to Dukes for dinner and drinks. The hostess gave us a beeper, and told us we could wait in the bar, but I didn't even get half way there before the beeper went off. Told her I was glad I didn't have it in my lap at the time, no I did not just say that did I?

The food was exceptional, Huli Huli Chicken and ribs, and the salad bar. Wonderful choices. We ordered VOG, packed a punch, Tropical Itch, yummy on that one, and I ordered a lava flow. Let's just say yum and leave it at that.

After dinner, we walked along Waikiki Beach to the Sheraton, and cut through their lobby, then made our way back to our hotel along Kalakaua.

A very full day, but perfect.

More to come.

rhode island
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1. Re: On going trip report

Enjoy your island time. Thanks for the trip report and keep 'em coming!

Arlington, VA
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2. Re: On going trip report

Keep it coming! :)

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3. Re: On going trip report

Wow Cheryl, a red head ???

I'm not touching the vibrator line.

Glad you got there and sounds like you are off to a great start. Now I'm just getting more and more anxious to get there.

Victoria, Canada
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4. Re: On going trip report

sigh.................... Have fun

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for Maui
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5. Re: On going trip report

Yeah, a Tropical Itch...my favorite!!

Kapaa, Hawaii
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6. Re: On going trip report

Love those backscratchers delygirl. Welcome to the island of Oahu!!

Manhattan Beach...
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7. Re: On going trip report

You are off to a good start, keep posting in your spare time.

Wonder if Melvin is expanding ABC Limo's, never had a Stanley?

Are you at the Beachcomber Holiday Inn? Threw me off for a minute.

Laguna Niguel...
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8. Re: On going trip report

Isn't if funny when you get upset about things like being 5 minutes late and the hawaiians give this look like, you need to chill out dude you are in hawaii

Gentry, Arkansas
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9. Re: On going trip report

Save a lavaflow for us, we will be there in about 74 hrs.. :)

Its so nice to ba able to now count the hrs .. today was the last day of work for the next 2 weeks ...

Surrey, Canada
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10. Re: On going trip report

Forgot to say how much we like the Beachcomber Holiday Inn. The rooms are not small as some reports that I have read. Unless you are used to staying at say a condo, or fancy hotel, I consider this room to be of average size. We have a king size bed, with two end tables and a bench at the foot of the bed. There is a writing desk, and a six drawer dresser with flat screen t.v. The bathroom is a good layout. The toilet and shower are in a separate room with sliding door. The shower is on the small size but not tiny. I'd say it's almost half the size of a normal tub. There is a curved shower rod and hand hold, as well as a bit of a place to put your shampoos and conditioners, or if you're small enough you could sit down there (ain't gonna happen).

There is a double mirrored sliding closet door where the sink and vanity are. The vanity counter is a good size to put all the cr#*p you bring with you. It's also where the coffee maker is, and a small fridge below behind a cupboard door. I 100% would stay here again. We are on the 24th floor with a good ocean view room 2400, and my moms are in 2401 with an even better view.

We've been sitting on the lanai watching the work continue at the Kuhio basin. The rest of the beach is pretty much done. So much bigger, and the sand is pretty soft.

More tomorrow, oh and placebets good call lol