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Trip Report --

Kaysville, Utah
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Trip Report --

Madee, Grandma and Grandpa go to Hawaii


       Part One

       We took our soon to be eight year old Granddaughter-Madee to the island of Oahu for her birthday.

            I spoke with her mother about her going, if she thought Madee would get homesick and if mom thought she could handle a trip of just under two weeks. After consideration and talking it over with her dad, they thought it would be OK.

            I wrote her an invitation in Hawaiian, translating as best I could. She understood the word Hawaii and Aloha and her curiosity was peaked. I gave her the translation and she squealed and wrenched my neck with wild hugging.

            So off to Hawaii we go. It was Madee’s first time on an airplane, first time seeing the Pacific Ocean, her first glimpse of the wonderful islands that we have come to love. Our Delta non-stop flight ($585.00) was as expected, completely full and no surprises. I was pleasantly surprised by the entertainment systems on the back of each seat. Each passenger has their own 7” touch controlled screen. We had about a dozen fairly new movies to choose from along with some HBO, network stuff, games and a plane tracker with all the stats on the planes location, speed, arrival time etc. Our last two trips we flew on United and they had only big monitors situated every five rows or so. Delta now charges $2.00 for headphones.

        Madee had a window seat and loved the flight.

            We arrived at HNL a little early and made our way out to where the shuttle buses are to get a ride over to Thrifty. No problems with the car rental, the place wasn’t crowded and we were out of there in no time, with our Subaru -??? $360.00 11/days.

        Stopped at the Costco on Alakawa for groceries. Prices are real close to what they are at home. The Greek pasta salad was the same price, coffee was cheaper, and creamer was a buck more for three bottles ($9.99).

        We got to our room at the Royal Grove (we parked at the Banyan $60/week) and scoped out the pool area then walked to Waikiki Beach. Madee was suitably impressed. She and I played in the water while granny took pictures and enjoyed our granddaughter having a blast in the ocean with the fat man.

        We were all beat so we had ate the Costco Greek Pasta salad and went to bed.


       Day Two: Tuesday June 3, on our way to Ko’Olina we stopped at Safeway and then Leonard’s Bakery for Madee’s first Malasada - which she thought was good-kind of like the Bismarck’s we get at home.

        We arrived at Cove 2 around 10:30,We got situated and I went back to the car for the cooler, when I got back to where we had our towels, under some trees in the grassy area, my wife and Madee were looking at her foot intently. She had been bitten by a large centipede. She had a couple of puncture wounds on her foot and it was red and swelling a bit. We had no idea of the ramifications of this bite. I went into the sales office right there and asked the lady if she had any idea what to do. She didn’t but called a nurse that was allegedly working. She never showed. We called our Dr.‘s office they were of no help. I then called my secretary in Utah, she looked it up on line and we found that it is akin to a bee sting and apparently wasn’t a big deal. It certainly wasn’t to her, didn’t slow her down a bit, which really surprised me as I thought she would be a baby about it and we would have crisis on our hands.

        The perp (centipede) was a nasty looking guy about 4” long and over a ¼” wide. It seemed in no hurry to make its escape so I capped it and took pictures for posterity.

        Madee got to try out her new snorkel gear in the ocean; we swam and played on the beach all day and ate our picnic lunch then made our way back to Waikiki. She wore us out.

        After showering and napping for a while we walked by the house of birds - as we call it - (the little old house at the southerly end of Prince Edward Street that is usually covered with hundreds of pigeons) on our way to the Pacific Beach Hotel to see the aquarium. Madee really liked seeing all the fish and particularly liked the rays.

         We watched the torch lighting ceremony and Hula show at Kuhio Beach, then got a shave ice at the Coconut Café, then went back to the hotel to enjoy the live music that Mr. Fong and his friends play every Tuesday night at the Royal Grove.

           The songs are beautiful and it’s a very thoughtful event to provide to the quests of the hotel.


       Day 3: Wednesday July 1, we had yogurt and fruit in the room and drove to Pearl Harbor arriving around 1000. We got tickets for the 11:15 movie/boat. We bought some post cards then started writing as we had a goal to send out 20 each this trip.

        The movie is very emotional for us oldsters but didn’t have the same impact on the youngster, but seeing the names on the wall and realizing that all those brave sailors were under us put some perspective to it.

        We really love U.S. Military personnel, so we spoke and took pictures with the wonderful sailors that manned the boats.

        We had planned on hitting the swap meet next but granny and I couldn’t handle the heat, so we decided to come back next Wednesday.

        Madee and I walked through the International Market Place and Dukes Lane. I really don’t care for that place but we walk through and checked everything out. We decided to wait and by our stuff at the Swap Meet.

        We went swimming back at the hotel and Madee has quite an imagination, she was having me call her Fiona Duffelsmurf and I was King Neptune, granny was the wicked sea witch---just kidding. We had a lot of fun playing in the pool and once again the youngster wore us out.


       Madee is the little trickster, numerous times I would find granny’s hair brush or makeup or some miscellaneous item in a pocket of my shirts hanging in the closet.


       Day 4: Thursday July 2, after having breakfast at the Seaside Café we got a late start climbing Diamond Head.

            Climbing DH has never been a problem before, the heat sure makes a difference. It was HOT. I’m getting to be a wuss in my old age.

       The parking lot was full and we had to park over at the college.

       Did I mention that it was HOT?---- GO early.

       Madee led the way and was a trooper. The heat didn’t seem to bother her like it did granny and me. We drank the three canteens of water on the way up.

       We liked the looks of the t-shirt that is sold on the trail part way up and bought one for Madee on the way down. They delivered it later that night to the hotel.

        As always, the view from up top is incredible and we took the usual photos and had a fellow traveler take a picture of the three of us and returned the favor.

       We were really happy to see the shave ice truck in the parking lot and they took a break in the shade while I ran over and got the car, no rest for the wicked.

       I was originally concerned that my granddaughter would be a wimp on the walk up but I was very happy that Fiona Duffelsmurf led the way up and really enjoyed herself.

         When we got back to the hotel the pool was calling to us come cool off, so we did. This time I was appointed Discover Dolphin and Madee was Diver Dolphin and once again she wore me out swimming away from the sharks and other dangers of the pool.

        We drove to the Mekong Restaurant for dinner. We tried four different dishes and they were all delicious.


       Day 5: Friday, July 3, we got up early and after coffee and bagels on the lanai we walked along the shore towards Diamond Head looking for seashells and enjoying the ocean. We walked to the walkway that goes out into the ocean and looked for fish. The black crabs were out in abundance like always. We spotted some Blennies, bone fish, Humu’s and a bunch of other fish that I don’t remember. We met two really nice men feeding the fish pieces of chicken and shrimp. They were very knowledgeable and pointed out the different fish for us. They told us of the Moray eels that live in the wall, while they are nocturnal; he got one to come out with a piece of chicken. The eels are cool looking.

       Madee loves all kind of animals and she enjoyed this very much.

       We went to Kuhio Beach for a couple hours and made sand castles.

       Towards evening we made our way to the beach by the Outrigger Reef to catch our catamaran fireworks cruise. We stopped on the way to eat and check everything out.

        The boat ride was very nice, we watched two spectacular firework shows and to top it off there was a full moon. It was absolutely beautiful. If they would have left Billy Joel and the Beatles on the stereo instead of going to reggae crap it would have been perfect ---for me anyway.

       After we were sailing for a few minutes I noticed that my granddaughter was sitting there all tensed up and I thought, oh crap she’s pouting about something. I whispered to my wife “what’s up with her” to which she replied “ she’s seen Jaw’s to many times and is worried about a shark biting through the boat” After I quit laughing I spoke with her then to Captain Mike who assured her that no sharks were coming tonight as the hull is shark proof. At that point she loosened up and had a great time and she also found it necessary to keep track of the three Mai Tai’s I slammed.

       Once again my first thought had been a negative one – thinking she was pouting and once again I was wrong. I’m learning a lot about my little buddy.

       The ocean at night under a full moon is incredibly beautiful. I was thinking that I’ve got to get a sail boat and do this more often- with less people on-board.

       We made our way back to the hotel stopping to watch the street performers and artists. Some of them are very good.

       We watched the guy that juggles the basketballs, he was entertaining and we learned that we had a little mimic on our hands as Madee could imitate the guy, sounding just like him ----“no magnets”

       More to come.....


North Carolina
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1. Re: Trip Report --

What a lovely report you're doing, Shasta! Your granddaughter is one lucky little girl to have such loving grandparents to introduce her to Hawaii. Please tell us more ... (My sweet GD got bitten by a centipede in Hawaii a couple of years ago, she was allergic and had a FAR WORSE experience ... )

San Antonio, Texas
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2. Re: Trip Report --

Wonderful report. I am amazed that she weathered the centipede bite so well. She is quite a trooper. My treatment for scorpion stings might work on centipedes. Wash the area, antibiotic wipe/spray, apply benedryl, cold compress, tylenol or advil if needed.

Warren, Michigan
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3. Re: Trip Report --

I will be visiting Oahu in two weeks for the 1st time too! I hope to have as much fun as you and your family did. Thank you for taking the time to write such a great trip report.

Capay, California
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4. Re: Trip Report --

Beautiful trip report!

I am amazed by Madee's management of the centipede bite. WOW - There is nothing in Hawaii that "bugs" me like a centipede! Although 4" is gross, it's not considered large. I wonder if that's why it wasn't bad. Or maybe it was poisoned and only stung her a little. Usually they are very fast, so your comment about it moving slow is suspicious.

Dallas, Texas
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5. Re: Trip Report --

What a lovely report. I realy enjoyed it smiling to myself as I read.

What a lucky little girl Madee is and her gparents too!!

Redding, California
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6. Re: Trip Report --

What wonderful memories you are making for your granddaughter....and you too! She will never forget this special trip she took with you, and I am inspired to do the same some day when I have grandchildren of my own! Thanks for sharing with us!

Level Contributor
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7. Re: Trip Report --

Jeff,great report so far looking forward to the rest of it.

How did you like the Royal Grove I know you were debating whether to stay there again or not? I tell you I am very sorry that we did not stay there again in may it just didn't feel the same to me, oh well next time. My husband and I will be back in 2011 we are taking a break next year and going to San Francisco in febuary for the first time got a killer deal on tickets and a road trip out to Santa Fe next july with our daughter who will be 21 by then we have been many times but it's been a few years and I really like New Mexico. Our next trip to Oahu we will definitely be back at the Royal Grove.

I smiled when you mentioned the little house with all the birds on it and a few cats too, since I passed the house quite a few times in may walking back to the Prince Kuhio.

Glad to hear your Madee endured the centipede bite and seemed to have a great time with her Grandparents.

Aloha Marie

Kaysville, Utah
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8. Re: Trip Report --

Thank you all for the nice responses.

Hey Kmom, we thought there was something wrong with that centipede too, so I’m sure you’re right – it makes sense that the Marriott would spray for bugs. I’m really glad that it wasn’t any bigger, because I would have been shrieking like a little girl.

We carry a first-aid kit in my always present backpack so we were able to clean the wound good and we gave her a Benadryl.

Thinking back to when I was a kid, I probably would have been a much bigger baby, I’m glad that it didn’t affect our day.

Marie, Howzit? We loved staying at the Royal Grove. It’s just so …. easy? As you know they have coolers, boogie boards, surfboards, swimming gear, everyone is so relaxed and nice. We had a lot of fun in the pool….. There’s a fridge by the pool to stash drinks…... The list goes on and on of all the good things about the Royal Grove….. they had a pot luck party for the 4th, Mr. and Mrs. Fong were there a few times, usually handing out some kind of treat.

There was a time or two when we were walking through the Hyatt that I thought –It sure would be nice to stay here- but being the cheap skate that I am …….and like I said, the Royal Grove is just so easy.

Glad to hear that you’re going to San Francisco, I’ve spent a lot of time there. If I can be of any assistance helping you plan your trip please send me a pm.

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9. Re: Trip Report --

What an awesome trip report! You had me giggling while I was reading about your grandaughter!! What a wonderful thing for you guys to do with her!! She'll remember that for the rest of her life.

Walford, Iowa
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10. Re: Trip Report --

What a wonderful report! It made me feel as if I were there with you. Thank you very much.