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Should I bring some groceries from home to Maui?

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Should I bring some groceries from home to Maui?

I know food is expensive in Maui - I am going in May with my mom and we are staying at the Maui Kai condos in Kaanapali. Should we bring some basics from home like cereal or pasta or peanut butter, etc? If so, what are the most expensive things to buy that you would suggest we bring?


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171. Re: Should I bring some groceries from home to Maui?

Many people have suggested going to Costco for groceries.

Here in Canada, Costco only sells food in large quantities ie. huge boxes of cereal, three loaves of bread/bag, large tubs of peanut butter etc.etc..... Is it different in Hawaii, because if not, I can't see my family of 4 using up half of that in 8 days.

Thanks for the reply!

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172. Re: Should I bring some groceries from home to Maui?

Costco works great as long as you buy the right stuff. For a week's trip, my husband and I bought (and finished) a big bag of apple bananas and a flat of bottled water. We also bought a bottle of Glenlivet as a "souvenir" because it was so darn cheap. If you buy a gallon of mustard at Costco, OF COURSE you aren't going to finish it. Just like at home, there are certain things you buy at Costco, and certain things you buy at the grocery store. The same rules apply in Maui.

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173. Re: Should I bring some groceries from home to Maui?

I don't think it's ridiculous to bring a few items over. Hubby and I will be staying in a condo and plan on grilling some fresh hawaiian fish. However, I won't be bying containers of spices and boxes of rice if I only need a few tablespoons or a cup. Also, I am a diabetic and have become accoustomed to taking my own snacks on the plane no matter how short the flight is. I have been on 90 minute flights that have stretched to over six hours. It is a blessing to have a munchie stashed in my carry on. The other point is that I don't like to waste time in the grocery store when I can be in HAWAII. Although I will stop and buy a case of water and a few items (we mostly eat breakfast in the condo and one or two dinners for a two week vacation). It is interesting looking at the sauces and spices when you go to a different location.

Paia, Maui
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174. Re: Should I bring some groceries from home to Maui?

Stop at Down to Earth market on Dairy Road coming straight out of the airport across from Border's Books. They sell almost all spices and tea loose by the pound -- so you can get whatever you'd need without packing it. Like 25 cents of basil, 15 cents of thyme, or 3 bay leaves. Maybe bring salt and pepper, sugar. They also sell dry staples by the pound -- so you can get 1/2 pound (or any amount) of rice, oatmeal, pasta, popcorn, granola, nuts or whatever else you want without having to buy a whole bag/box. PLUS they have the best papayas (eatten with lime), apple bananas, and organic food. If you need a lot -- like 36 muffins, Costco is on the same road.

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175. Re: Should I bring some groceries from home to Maui?

With regards to liquor(not wine)...

We've put different alcohols (Vodka, Tequila, etc.) in small, plastic, disposable water bottles on our carryon with no problems. Saved us a ton of $ and did not have to lug glass bottles or (buy bottles in paradise). Just don't fill the bottles, or they will pop due to the pressure.