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things to do with infant

So. California
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things to do with infant

Hello everyone,

My husband and I will be going to Maui in June with our 9 month old. This is our first trip with our daughter and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what activities we could do with a baby. Other than lounging on the beach is there anything we could do with our baby? I don't imagine we'll be able to snorkel or kayak. And we'd love to do the trip to Hana (with a possible overnt stay) but our daughter doesn't like being in her carseat much! Any advice or suggestions?


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1. Re: things to do with infant

travelling with a 9 month old is imo worse then dealing with the child at home --- you will really not enjoy a vacation when everything has to be planned around her -- any chance of you leaving her home with a grandparent so you and your spouse can reconnect again as adults

i think you would be better off taking her on vacations or weekend trips that dont require your taking so much stuff for her and without a 6 hr ride in a plane --- just my opinion so please dont stone me

Cleburne, Texas
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2. Re: things to do with infant

I'll have to agree with Lou on this one...and don't stone me either. If there is an option, it would be nice to go and have some time for yourselves because taking a baby on a long trip is not that easy. It wouldn't be the best thing to lounge on a beach with such a young baby...their skin just isn't ready for the tropical sun-direct or indirect.

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3. Re: things to do with infant

yes......realize that at 9 months, there is nothing you can do or should do outside between 0830 and 4pm with them....The sun will be way too strong...3 times stronger than LA....

Hawaii is very tropical, hot and humid in June...it is not child friendly in the least waut till they are 6 or 7 to enjoy Hawaii....

The drives will be all multi-hours and there will be very few facilities to change or feed.

The flight from LAX will be totaly full and 6 hours..there will be little or no opportunity to get up or spread out and having a 9 month old in your lap for 6 hours will not be fun for you, the child, or any of the other passengers around you....

It will be a flight from hell for all.

Please leave the trip for when you all are older and better equiped to all enjoy being a family....Leave your daughter at home it will be better for her and you both

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4. Re: things to do with infant

This is our best advice ... can you leave your daughter at home ... and take a vacation for just the two of you?

It's the plane ride that bothers me. Did you buy her a seat? That's a long time with a baby on your lap. And although I bet she's a cutie -- there will be other passengers crammed around you who may disagree after a few hours. You say that she doesn't like her car seat - so the plane doesn't sound promising.

Things you can do -- indoor things: Cannery Mall, Maui Ocean Center. Keep her out of the sun.

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5. Re: things to do with infant

We've taken our kids when they were 9 months and 7 months respectively. We enjoyed the trips but always lost a lot of sleep on the first night of the trip because of crying. Not sure whether it was from ear problems, the heat, being in a different place or what.

At 9 months, your child is more portable than a toddler simply because she cannot walk and her needs and wants are pretty simple. The flight will be easier on your family than the family of an 18 month old because she will not want to walk or run around the plane.

If your daughter hates her carseat she will not be happy on the RTH as it is slow going and the road is very windy. She may appreciate the Maui Ocean Center but she may not - you might like it however. Get a floating boat for her to play in the pool. They have boats where they can put their feet through and enjoy the water. She might also like a bucket and shover for the beach. This will not be a real vacation but you should still have a good time. You will see plenty of families with babies and small children while on Maui and they all know that the way to have a good trip is to make sure their kids are having a good trip. You all should take naps when your daughter does or read when she sleeps. Stay out of the mid-day sun and heat. Mom and Dad should take turns getting out on their own a little each day. Maybe that means a walk or a run.

We have done snorkeling by taking turns on the beach but this is not the safest thing to do. We just don't go out that far.

Take a short drive to Iao Valley. A stroller might be useless there as you will want to climb the stairs for a great view of the needle.

Get a nanny if you would like a dinner out or if you want to take a long day trip. We've used The Nanny Connection on Maui and this is a great service.

Hawaiidan, I thought you were going to stop posting. Oh well, looks like you still have some factoids that you might want to research a little more.

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6. Re: things to do with infant

Okay - many of us have traveled with babies without creating a problem for other travelers. Babies are most happy with their parents. :) I would highly recommend you invest in a good quality infant/child carrier, such as a Ridgeway by Kelty. They are very sturdy - can pack up to a 3-4 year old, but your 9 month would fit perfect. Many come with a sun/rain shield, or you can get a flap hat - the kind with a bill as well as a neck flap, so entire baby's head/neck is protected from the sun. With a backpack, you can hike in many places around Maui as well as just going to the beach or shopping around Lahaina. Much better than a stroller - and they are happy when next to a parent. Most are very adjustible, so can work with either parent. I think this would enable you to do almost anything on Maui other than kayak. Good luck! :)

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7. Re: things to do with infant

We will be traveling with our 2 young kids in October (7 mos and 4 years). We are renting a house in Kihei so we have more space, a washer, and a kitchen since eating out is difficult and expensive. We are planning on hanging out at the beach a lot. I just ordered a beach cabana to bring with us so we can have some shade. This particular one is longer than I expected so hopefully it will fit in our luggage or carseat bag. I also just bought a couple of travel books that are geared for families for things to do. There is baby gear rental place in Kihei if the place you are staying at doesn't have baby gear so you don't have to pack as much. We will probably spend one day in Iao Valley, Lahaina/Kaanapali, Sugar Cane Train, Aquarium, etc. We have a 4 yr old so we will definitely be doing kid centered things while you can probably do more adult things with one nine month old. Have fun!

Jackson, California
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8. Re: things to do with infant

SoCalTraveler40...Go with the baby and have a great time!! My daughter has been to Hawaii every year (twice last year) since she was 8 months old & she is now 3. I was very nervous about the first plane trip, but it went great. We purchased a seat for her and brought her car seat of course. We flew from SFO direct to OGG and we flew at night...she slept the whole time. We did the same thing on the way home and she slept again. Our last plane trip was the most difficult, but still pretty uneventful...I'm sure I was disturbed way more than anyone else around me. In fact, on all of our plane trips to HI we have had other passergers comment about how well behaved our kids are. So, if you are worried about the trip over/back...don't be...it will work out fine and if it doesn't then you will just need to take a deep breath and manage the situation as best as you can. As far as what to do when you are there...there's lots to do...walking in Lahaina, Iao Valley, Haleakala, shopping in Wailea, the aquarium, pineapple plantation, lots of places to drive/sightsee, pool. Brings lots of sunblock and keep her lathered up with it. We brought our stroller, but used the backpack with the cover over it quite a bit. We haven't done the trip to Hana yet as we have always been with the kids and that's way too long and windy for my kids even now and 8 1/2 and 3 years old. Oh yeah, there's a winery called Tedeschi Vineyards and a lavender farm, both are in or near Kula. That was a great place to go too with the kids. We even made it to a luau and an evening magic/dinner show with both kids! You will see LOTS of kids/babies...Maui is very kid friendly! While I can't wait to go there with just my husband, for now I can't imagine leaving my kids at home while we go to a place that they love so much! One last thing...good idea for you and your husband to give each other a little break everyday from the baby....take a walk or a swim. Travelling with kids is hard, no doubt, but soooo worth it! Bring sunblock and patience and you will have a GREAT time!

Austin, Texas
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9. Re: things to do with infant

I see people on Maui with infants and they (ALL) look exhausted.

I would wait to take her when she's at an age where she would appreciate it.

If you have someone who can care for her at home, after 9 months I bet you two could use a break to go and just be alone together.

That's my opinion, lots of people travel with infants, it's just not for me.

San Diego
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10. Re: things to do with infant

Wow. So many folks against traveling with an infant. Suppose they don't have anyone to watch the little one or just want her with them. What should they do...not vacation for 7 more years?

Take her with ya. Just be sure to bring or buy lots of sun protection. Whoever said the sun was 3x stronger than LA is right on. In a carry all the little one will be protected and you can still do thing slike, shop, walk the beach. hike, have a drink, etc. It's been our experience that bringing the kids along adds to the fun.