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So I noticed people are buying pineapples in Hawaii and having them shipped home... my question, what's the difference between those and the one's you buy in the grocery store on the mainland? I live in California and yesterday bought a pineapple for 2.99 at Safeway that was from Maui. It tastes just as good (I thought) as the ones I had tried in Kauai. Maybe they are fresher?

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1. Re: Pineapples

I've never understood why people ship or carry pineapples back either. It probably dates back to days when you could not find good fruit in local stores. I bring home protea blooms.

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2. Re: Pineapples

Hi Neighbor!

I think it must be the thought that counts or kind of asentimental thing or perhaps from little tiny towns without access. I find no difference, just as you say, in the freshness and flavor in the exports from Maui to the mainland. Interestingly enough, now that the pineapple industry in Hawaii is downsizing production, I have found the imports from Costa Rica fresh, sweet and flavorful as well, ?nuked or not.

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3. Re: Pineapples

IMHO it's only worth it if you get the low-acid pineapples on Kaua'i.

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4. Re: Pineapples

The low acid pineapples are great. Got some at the Lihue Farmers market.

I live in Winnipeg. Pineapples are ripe and tasty here and cost only one dollar more than pineapples we purchased in Kauai. Bizarre but true.


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5. Re: Pineapples

In the 70's, I used to take pineapples back.

Since then I've read several articles about pineapples.

Most of them say that pinapples are the only major fruit that does not ripen after you pick them. So the pineapples you buy at your local store at home are just as fresh as the ones you bring back from Hawaii. The ones you buy at home probably come from Mexico now, but they are the sam.

If you want to buy low acid pineapples in Hawaii, that may be different.

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6. Re: Pineapples

Maybe i have funny tastes, but I rarely eat pineapples on mainland and love them in Hawaii, seem sweeter to me. . Same thing for papayas., and little bananas. We never bring them back, sort of a treat we save for Hawaii

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7. Re: Pineapples

if you got a pineapple for $2.99 you did good. If it was any size our farmers at the market would charge you $5 and Safeway would ding you for more like $1.5/lb...

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8. Re: Pineapples

My friends always want me to bring back pineapples. They swear they are the best. When I go to the islands, I order some online before I start back and then I don't have to pack them.

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9. Re: Pineapples

Tell me more about the low acid pineapples!!! I LOVE pineapples but my mouth doesn't.

We get fresh pineapple here at home every now and then and they are good but they just don't taste the same. I agree.... they just taste sweeter in Hawaii.

Maybe it's our imagination?? Now bananas is a different story. I keep getting them here at home and they are just awful. They have very little taste. I end up wasting them.

I crave bananas every once in a while and I'll buy one and eat only a few bites.

When we are in Hawaii, I eat bananas everyday and get my fill. They are soooo good there. Especially those little apple bananas.

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10. Re: Pineapples

On Kauai look for the "Sugarloaf" pineapples. They are white inside and lower acid. And OH SO GOOD! They are also hard to find, smaller and expensive. BUT....anytime you see a roadside stand selling pineapples, pull over and ask if they have Sugarloaf. Many times they'll say "No, but come back Tuesday...." or whatever. Tell them how many you want and they will hold them for you on that day.