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Saying goodbye to Kauai

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Saying goodbye to Kauai

When I did my "skeleton plan" for our visit, I kept our last day on each segment of the trip open in case of a total rainout or illness or overwhelming laziness. We had stayed on "schedule" through the week dancing through raindrops and had managed to get the perfect mix of on-the-go and total relaxation.

Today would be our reward day, a chance to sit and savor every memory, a day for lounging on the beach, swimming in the ocean and pool and doing nothing more than gazing at the horizon absorbing the beauty to the left and to the right from our lounge chairs.

In the past week, we viewed the magnificent falls of Kauai from land and sea. I sipped coffee straight from the vine at the coffee plantation. Spouting Horn sang to us and delighted us with its show. My husband swung from a hanging bridge like Jack Sparrow. The majestic Na Pali coast delighted us with its majesty and colors while sailing the coast. The Smith family treated us to our first luau and a ride up the Wailua River. We traveled the road as far North as you could go, taking in the sights along the way. We journeyed South, enjoying the fine weather and beautiful beaches. I climbed through the red dirt for the perfect view of the Waimea Canyon below. Kauai had opened her arms to us and embraced us. There will always be a special place in my heart for her, a flood of memories to be enjoyed.

As hard as we tried to slow it down, our last day quietly slipped through our fingers and we tearfully said goodbye to the ocean and the beach. We walked the grounds of our Kauai home one last time.

Packing up and cleaning up are never fun but it hurts even more when you a leaving a good friend behind. Tonight, I thought back to the week that just passed -- Yep, it was love at first sight and my love affair with Kauai intensified with each passing day! I closed my eyes, imagined myself on the beach, the wind was blowing through my hair, the sweet smell of the ocean mixed with the scent of flowers in bloom, the sun kissed my cheeks and I was in the paradise of my dreams -- an island that stole my heart away named Kauai.

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1. Re: Saying goodbye to Kauai

And thats why we are coming back this Yr, because my wife's tears when we left last yr told me, we had to come back.

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2. Re: Saying goodbye to Kauai

Patty, I would like to thank you for helping me realize that there is more to the Hawaiian islands than Maui. While I have visited Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island, I fixated our choice of island on Maui for "less chance of rain" and simplicity. Your trip reports were the motivator I needed to include Kauai in our travels this fall and I thank you for the inspiration.....truly. Have fun on Maui!

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for Kauai
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3. Re: Saying goodbye to Kauai

patty, your reports have been such a joy to read...if you're not a professional writer, you should be! Mahalo for sharing with us!


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4. Re: Saying goodbye to Kauai

Again, thank you for sharing with us and making me wishing I were going back to Oahu and Kauai, my (current) two favorite Hawaiian islands.

Sparks, Nevada
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5. Re: Saying goodbye to Kauai


I will be on Kauai in just 4 days, but your trip report has made me even more excited!! You are wonderful story teller!

Enjoy Maui, I lover her too....


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6. Re: Saying goodbye to Kauai


Your words spoke what my heart felt

.I for one will miss your daily reports,

Thank you for sharing the island with us.

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7. Re: Saying goodbye to Kauai

What a joy to read your trip reports!

Our 1st visit to the beautiful Hawaiian islands was in 1994. We spent 2 days in Oahu, followed by 6 nights each in Kauai and Maui. On the short plane ride from Kauai to HNL (then to Maui), there was a very young girl crying. She kept saying "Bye, bye, Kauai." It has haunted me every since.

Every time I get on that plane to come home after visiting Kauai, I feel like that little girl that I remember so well.

San Diego...
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8. Re: Saying goodbye to Kauai

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your reports.

I hope whoever is going in the next few days will also come through with more reports.

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9. Re: Saying goodbye to Kauai

You do have a way with words! Thanks for sharing.

Phoenix, Arizona
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10. Re: Saying goodbye to Kauai


Thanks for sharing its been wonderful reading your reports.