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What is like the Bay Islands?

So I am apparently asking a lot here... looking for a safe place to go that is entertaining for little kids, but also adults, and the adults most like to Scuba or snorkel. But somewhere not decimated by hurricanes...and somewhere that we can go over Thanksgiving without spending 14 hours in transit.

Found Bay Islands in a blog post after trying other locations like Cozumel and Grand Cayman. Read a forum post here about these great flights, but it doesn't look like Wednesday or Thursday is an ideal day to leave for Bay Islands when coming from Minnesota.

But people in this forum seem to answer quick, and sometimes people have a "type" when traveling, so if you found Bay Islands (Roatan) fun...where is like Bay Island? Some of the clan would like what I saw about Scuba and I really liked what I saw about it being a small island, interacting with monkeys and jungle tours and relaxing sand beaches.