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first time costa rica traveler..many questions..PLEASE HELP...

tampa bay
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first time costa rica traveler..many questions..PLEASE HELP...

i am lookin into booking a trip to costa rica this summer..i have never been to costa rica but i travel to jamaica often..other than the language is costa rica anything like jamaica

Fort Worth, Texas
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1. Re: first time costa rica traveler..many questions..PLEASE HELP...

i'm not sure i'm the best one to answer this but i'll try. i've only been to jamaica once and stayed at a beach resort that will remain nameless :).... but the only glimpse into the actual country of jamaica was on the drives back and forth between the airport and the resort. what the two countries (in my opinion) seem to have in common is:

1. beauty. they're both gorgeous. green. wet.

2. poverty. there's plenty of that in both countries... sadly.

3. an economy that is almost strictly dependant on tourism.

4. most of the 'development' lies along the coast.

i've spent a reasonable amount of time buzzing around costa rica... on the beach, in the 'mountains', in the local neighborhoods, etc. i can tell you that - even in the poorest neighborhoods - there was never once a time where myself or my wife felt in any danger. in fact, it was quite the opposite. people would smile and wave at us (and believe me - we were OBVIOUSLY tourists), offer us help with directions, etc. even though many of the people are 'poor' in terms of money and possessions - the costa rican people seemed very happy and content with their lives. while poor (by snobby american standards), all of the people were nicely dressed, the children well tended to and their homes, while 'quaint' were very clean and homey. i hope i'm not sounding like a big snot.. that's not my intention. it's just that during our entire visit we felt at ease and 'welcome' there. the people are a beautiful, layed back, friendly people. at least that was our experience. but i think if you spend any time reading other's posts that you'll find these themes rather consistent.

since you've been to jamaica many times i'll leave you to make the comparison. good luck - i hope i've been of some help (although i feel like i just rambled for the last 20 minutes :) take care. scott

tampa bay
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2. Re: first time costa rica traveler..many questions..PLEASE HELP...


please help..any info is greatly appreciated !!

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3. Re: first time costa rica traveler..many questions..PLEASE HELP...


Well Jamacia is basically more beach than anything else. Costa Rica is south so it is mroe humid than Jamacia. Thje culture is diferent too, there is an afro-caribbean region ( on the caribbean side ) but the rest of the coutrny is very diferent one area from another. The country`s highlight is the diversity of nature, diferent cliamtes, mountains almost 13.000 high, rainforests, tropical dry forests, beaches, rivers, jungles and more than 30 % is protected. Go to www.visitcostarica.com for more info It is the National tourism Board. Good Luck

San Jose, Costa Rica
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4. Re: first time costa rica traveler..many questions..PLEASE HELP...

Scooter I'm a Costa Rican. I visited Bahamas (3 times), USA (16 times by job and vacations) including Miami, Orlando, Key West and New Orleans and I can say something: you could find poor people in almost every city. Our principal income its tourism , 2nd company services as Intel. Abbot, Procter and Gamble, Sykes and 3rd agricultural products as pineapple, coffee, banana.

We are the only American country with no army, we use that money in schools and in one of the best medicals system in the world in which you gave 5% of your income and you receive free medical services and income when you jubilee, you can have a heart transplant with no cost.

I really admire and like your country as mine, both have positive and not so positive things, but we have in common that most of people of both countries are really great.

Krizz: Jamaica is and island so the weather is like a beach. In CR you can find rain forest, dry forest, beaches, mountains you can go from coast to coast in 10 hours.

You have to take some basic precautions:

1) Don't let items in your car, no matter where you are.

2) At streets use a copy of your passport (I do that in USA).

3) Mostly used your credit card, with $100 dollars in your pocket you could pay almost any check.

Places you have to visit:

1) Monteverde (rain forest)

2) Arenal (Volcano, rivers)

3) Guanacaste Beaches

4) National Parks in Guanacaste (dry forest)

Anything else I can help just ask.