Overbooked Vacation Rental

We booked a reservation with a vacation rental called "Historic Angels Camp Cabin On River With Jacuzzi" 2 months in advance of our travel date. Reservation was personally confirmed by owner Steve. A month later we get a notice from him saying the unit was not longer available as it was overbooked. We were furious! We booked early enough to secure reservations during a busy weekend that included a popular organized bike tour (Mr. Frog's Wild Ride). Now there are no lodgings available in Angels Camp so closest one is in another town several miles away.

I would not recommend this place and caution anyone who would consider staying here to reconsider. He lists the same property on multiple sites so there's a good chance this guy overbooking you. He simply can't get his act together. Terrible service, crappy management, disorganized to say the least.

Note that Tripadvisor does not accept reviews of vacation rental experiences that occur during the reservation process or before arrival at the property. This is a stupid policy as it rewards the vacation rentals who act unprofessionally. Tripadvisor has got to change their rotten policy.