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Disney on Xmas - kindly advice

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Disney on Xmas - kindly advice

Planning to go to Universal and Disney @ LA on some days during Dec 25 through 29 ..

We are 2 adults.. so would be spending time only on those thrill rides and shows ..

Any advice on which days to visit and any other tips will be greatly appreciated..

Happend to see another users experience posted that Disney will be packed on Xmas day.. 3 years ago(2003 xmas) i was in florida disney & universal on dec 24 & 25 & 26th .. cant remeber which one i visited which day.. But on 24th & 25th there were hardly any crowd ...

Wondering if any one else got any advice on visiting Disney on xmas day..

Also any tips to get in expensive tickets also will be of help..

Thanks in advance..

Anaheim, California
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1. Re: Disney on Xmas - kindly advice

eers, it is hard to predict with 100% certanity. However, 24th and 25th are usually very busy. In fact, the whole week between Christmas and New Years is pretty busy for DLR. Not sure about Universal, I've only been there in the summer.

I think a big difference between DLR and WDW is this: at DLR, a large percent of the visitors are locals (WDW has a higher percentage of out of town people visiting, I've been told)- which means that anytime everyone has a day off and people want a easy-to-get-to kind of place, the park is packed!

Of all the days you mentioned, I'd say the 27th will probably be the best for DLR, though they will all be pretty busy.

I'm sure others will be able to recommend places to get discounts on tickets, but be sure to check out mousesavers.com - they usually have a good list of the offers available.

Victoria, Canada
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2. Re: Disney on Xmas - kindly advice

When we were in Disneyland last year

from 12/20 to 12/27, we found that Christmas Day was a ZOO!! As a matter of fact, they actually closed the park because it was full to it's absolute happy people capacity.

We went first thing in the am, I think it was 8am, and left by 10 because the line ups for the rides were already up to 1-2 hours. The lineup to get into the gates when we

left nearly reached the gates of California, which wasn't much better. Good Luck!!

We spend a lot of time at Disneyland at Christmas. We usually go the week before Christmas,heading home on the 26 or 27th. It seems a little quieter then, picking up the pace by Christmas Eve.

Sometimes we make Christmas Day a lazy "sleep in day" with a special dinner in the evening.

We've been to Medevial Times several times now. What a blast!!!

Last Christmas, we ordered pizza up to the room and played Monopoly. Still fun!

Our group consisted of 3 adults, 3 teens and an 11 year old. Since it's just the two of you, give it the old college try, just plan on getting to the gates before they open on Christmas Day to have a fighting chance for the rides. And remember to have fun!!

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3. Re: Disney on Xmas - kindly advice

Our pastor and his family were there on Christmas Day last year and said the crowds were horrendous! My son and his wife were there on Easter and also said the crowds were so bad it took away from a lot of the fun.

We have discovered that a few days before Thanksgiving has been our favorite time to visit the Happiest Place on Earth! We enjoyed meals at the Blue Bayou and the Storyteller's Cafe while in Disneyland. Don't miss Fantastmic, it's great! Have fun and please report back with us after your travels. :)

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4. Re: Disney on Xmas - kindly advice

Thank you syrahgirl,flippr5657 & resaben ..

Probably I should keep Disney visit for next vacation then... Will post the experience if at all I go to disney on xmas days ..

I hope it would be fine to visit universal on Dec 29 thursday.. my logic is that lot of Xmas holidays visitors will be returned by 28th .. Lot of New year holidays visitors will be landing only on 29th or 30th .. Only the travelers who plan a full week vacation will be in town.. :) ...

Will post my exps.. thanks again

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5. Re: Disney on Xmas - kindly advice

Thank you all.. This forum really helped..

We visited disney on Dec 28th.. Wanted to get there by 8 AM . There was a very long queue to the parking entrance itself..On the way they had displays saying "Disneyland is very busy".. It took abt 20 misn to get to parking booth.. They had one parking lot closed and was directing every one to mikey & friends lot.. precisly it took 68 mins from the queue to parking. Then another 30 mins to catch the tram and reach entrance..

Once seeing the que infront of diesnyland , I decided to go to the Adventure park.. Since we got there at the time of park opening, we could do abt 4 rides before it started getting busy.. Then used the fast pass for all remaing rides and that way we could do all attractions.. by the time of the Party Bash(?) , it was literally difficult to walk in the park..

Only tip are -

1) if visiting Diesny on a busy season , choose the california adventure..

2) Reach there by 9:30

3) Start with the Calif Roaring or Hollywood section first.

4) Make use of fast pass ..

Oakland, California
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6. Re: Disney on Xmas - kindly advice

We were there on the 28th as well. We were able to spend most of the day in DL, although we did go over to CA Adventure for awhile in the afternoon.

If you're planning to visit during a busy season (and let's face it, sometimes you just can't get away any other time, and during the busy days, you'll see all the parades, fireworks and shows...) my advice is this:

-DON'T try to drive into the park. It will be worth the extra money to spend the night in an inexpensive motel with FREE parking for the day and walk into the park. You can lose your best ride time waiting to get into the parking lot and then getting from the parking lot to the gates! Even a lot of locals that I know will stay there the night before just to avoid the early morning hassle.

-get there right at opening, or preferably, 15 to 20 minutes earlier. The gate lines may look long but they will move fast once everything opens. By 9:30 on busy days the park is already quite busy!!

-do the slow moving rides without fastpasses first, like Dumbo or Peter Pan, if you want to ride those. If someone in your party doesn't want to ride them, send them over to get a fastpass for Space mountain or Indy Jones.

-Remember fast passes can always be used AFTER the time alotted on them. So try to get as many fast passes as you can early in the day.

-don't be fooled by long lines to rides in the early morning. Often the "internal" sections of the lines aren't set up yet, creating a long single line to places like Indy Jones or the Haunted Mansion; but the actual waiting time isn't too bad.

-most of all, remember you're on vacation with your family. If you find yourself in line, just relax and enjoy each other's company- talk about your favorite rides or what you want to do next. Don't worry about what you can't do at that moment...enjoy what you ARE doing!