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Planned Itinerary...

Fort Myers, FL
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Planned Itinerary...

My vacation to DC is getting closer and closer! I leave Tuesday and am VERY excited! I've spent a lot of hours (prolly days) planning a 5-day visit and here's what I have:

Day 1

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Day 2

10:00 AM ��� National Air and Space Museum

02:00 PM ��� National Museum of Natural History

06:00 PM ��� National Archives

Day 3

10:00 AM ��� Washington Memorial (Have tickets)

12:00 AM ��� Holocaust Memorial Museum (Have tickets)

04:00 PM ��� Jefferson Memorial ��� FDR Memorial ��� Korean Memorial ��� Lincoln Memorial ��� Vietnam Memorial ��� Vietnam Women's Memorial ��� WWII Memorial (I'd like to see some at night also)

Day 4

08:00 AM ��� Union Station

10:00 AM ��� Supreme Court ��� Library of Congress ��� Capital Building ��� Botanic Garden

04:00 PM ��� White House (Taxi?)

Day 5

09:00 AM - Arlington Cemetary

I don't know what else I could fit in Day 5. Rest maybe? heh. Any suggestions? Is any day waaay too busy?

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1. Re: Planned Itinerary...

I would say on day 2, make sure you have time to get off your feet since you plan to do 3 museums. Personally, when traveling, if I do 2 museums in a day, I'm spent. If you take it slow, perhaps sit down in the Museum dining areas and have a drink and/or snack, you could do it. You know yourself best and how much you can do in a given day.

Day 3, you'll have a lot of walking when you check out the memorials on the Mall. Again, I would recommend taking lots of rest breaks and carry water with you. This time of year, the humidity is awful. However, since you live in FL, no doubt you're used to it.

You don't necessarily have to take a taxi from the Botanic Garden to the White House. Head west on Independence Ave. to 3rd St. and go 2 blocks south and you will be at the Federal Center SW Metro station. Just take an orange or blue line train to McPherson Square which is very near the White House--about 2 blocks south from the Metro station. However, if you are really tired, then a taxi might be the best option.

New Jersey
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2. Re: Planned Itinerary...

Another suggestion for day 5 is the National Zoo. We were lucky enough to see the pandas when we were there last. Since you're from Florida, the heat and humidity shouldn't be too much of a problem, but just be sure to rest a bit while touring the memorials on day 3.

Detroit, MI
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3. Re: Planned Itinerary...

Do you already have tickets for the Capital? If not, plan to get in line very early. We had to get in line at 730am last week to get a 930am tour. The tour is great and the Library of Congress is amazing. We didn't care for the Supreme Court that much. There really isn't alot to see. If you run short on time, you won't miss much if you skip it.

Arlington, Virginia
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4. Re: Planned Itinerary...

Looks like Day 2 is really busy. The Air and Space and Natural History museums are huge, you could easily spend a whole day in both. Maybe you should plan on spending day 5 seeing one of your 3 museums. Also you've left the Museum of American History off your list. That's a fantastic museum and not boring in the slightest. You can also spend some time exploring one of your neighborhoods, like Georgetown, Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan. Looks like you have a great trip planned out though. Pretty cool you are going to Busch Gardens. Make sure you ride "Curse of Darkastle" first thing in the morning. It is their newest ride and sure to be very crowded.

Washington DC...
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5. Re: Planned Itinerary...

I guess you have limited time and your schedule is pretty packed, but I would definitely add a neighborhood, if you can. Tourists seem to forget that DC isn't all monuments and museums. Check out Dupont Circle or Capitol Hill or Adams Morgan and see where people in DC actually live and play. You'll find great architecture, parks, restaurants, and shops.

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6. Re: Planned Itinerary...

I read somewhere that the National ARchives are open until 9:00 and that some of the others are open until 8:00p.m. Can anyone confirm this? I also noticed you left of the National Cathedral. This was one of my favorites the last time I was in town.

How do we get tickets to the capitol building and Library of Congress? Can you just go in without tickets and not do the tour?

Detroit, MI
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7. Re: Planned Itinerary...

Pinkette, we will be there the same time as you and we are heading for high temps 96 degrees (higher heat indexes) so we are doing the evening Tourmobile tour to the monuments.

We are also going to the Kennedy Center during the week and have tickets for the Indian Museum. Looking forward to both of them!

3Patch, did you contact your Congressman about your interests. It was too late for us as he was bookd until mid-Auigust. I don't know if you can go there without officials meeting you? Just not sure.

I hope all of us will have a great time!

Fort Myers, FL
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8. Re: Planned Itinerary...

SueFee: I work at an airport and often have to walk from one end to another so hopefully that'll help. Also my mom didn't have a car when I was younger and we walked everywhere. And yes, the humidity is horrible here! Plus the fact that it rains pretty much every day in the summer! bleh

Maggy: I did think about the zoo. I'm gonna rethink it. Thanks!

mmickid: I'll be sure to get up super early! I'll prolly just go to the capital first.

Ok I was gonna try to answer you all but it's late and I have to get up early. I did read everyone's post and I thank you all very much.

Maybe I'll walk right past you Kariann!!!

Detroit, MI
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9. Re: Planned Itinerary...

Pinkette, we were at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and saw the free performance on Friday of "HairSpray"! This was the day it rained. The only day that got to me was Tuesday, but the weather did not prevent us from having a wonderful trip!

I will list what we did but plan on posting on various threads:

We took the daytime Old Trolley and the evening Tourmobile.

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Museum of the American Indian (very interesting!)

Museum of Americam History

Vietnam Wall

FDR Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Korean Memorial

Nurses Memorial

WW II Memorial

Iwo Jima Memorial

Old Post Office Pavillion & Bell Tower

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Outside of the White House & Capitol Bldg.

Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

Holocaust Museum (very emotional!)

National Cathedral(breathtaking!)

Union Station (every day!)

We could have used another 5 days! Other sites I have seen previously.

Fort Myers, FL
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10. Re: Planned Itinerary...

I'm back!!! OMG it was GREAT!!

Day 1: Busch Gardens

Day 2: We spent about 2 1/2 hrs at A&S Museum (found a "Remove Before Flight" keychain that I had been looking for! YAY). More at Natural History. Then went to the Archives. Liked it alot..very interesting and the history!

Day 3: Washington Memorial. Great views up on top! hehe I wish we could have walked down tho. Ate at the Holocaust Museum (while waiting for 12:00 to come around) ...wow what could I possibly say? It's definately a must see. Then WWII, Lincoln (it was pouring outside so we hid with Mr. President Abe for a while), Womens Memorial, Vietnam (wow..), Korea, went around the lake to Jefferson, FDR. Whew what a day!! Now, we WALKED all this. Crazy! We were dragging ourselves around half way through but it was awsome! heh

Day 4: Union Station, didn't get a chance to see anything there because I was worried about getting tickets to the Capital. Got tickets for 10:20am. Had breakfast at McDonalds on 4th ST. Toured the Capital (beautiful). Library of Congress (beautiful x 2). Went to the White House by metro and saw front and back.

Day 5: Arlington. We did the tourmobile because we were so pooped by the last day. Saw the Kennedy Graves, Lee House thing (I still don't know what that's about), and the womens wall thing. By the time I remembered that I forgot to see the Iwo Jima/Marines it was too late and we were way too worn out to go back. I don't even remember much cuz my brain was shutting down. It's a great tho. Then we still had time so we metro-ed on to The American History Museum. Among other things we saw the Star Spangled Banner Flag and a sexy statue of George Washington without his shirt. What's that about?!? LOL! It was great! I'll never see him the same way again!

Thanks a million to everyone for your help! I loved D.C. and hope to go again in the future. :o)

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