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Breakfast flight?

Toronto, Canada
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Breakfast flight?

First the Blau is serviced by Sunwing, I can manage that BUT the flights are at 6:15? seriously? That would mean leaving my house at 3:30 to be there 2 hours ahead! For anyone who has travelled to Holguin at this hour...Do you get a blanket and pillow on the flight? Breakfast? But..is your room ready or do you have to wait a few hours. Anyways can anyone pleas enlighten me and also..are you not so wiped that your first day is gone? I have to make do but others experiences might make ie easier. I have travelled to Cuba once before. Thanks in advance

Yarmouth Nova Scotia
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1. Re: Breakfast flight?

it's worse than you think!...I think Sunwing recommends being there 3 hours ahead of the flight.

Eat your breakfast while you are in the departure lounge trying to kill a couple of hours....then you can sleep on the plane.

When I've done the early flight I'm ready for a nap late in the afternoon before supper....then a couple of drinks...then supper....then evening activities (bar and perhaps a show).... in bed around midnight...

...next day up at 7:30 and into the daily routine

I can't remember if the room was ready...I think it depends on whether the resort is full...if it is full you probably won't get your room until mid afternoon.

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Cambridge, Canada
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2. Re: Breakfast flight?

International flights all state that you have to be at the airport 3 hours ahead not 2. Domestic flights are 2 hours.

Liverpool, United...
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3. Re: Breakfast flight?

What I do because I hate airport food is get hot cross buns (don't know if they have them in Canada ) and put butter on them and put them Ito containers and eat that as my breakfast on an early flight

Bear River, Canada
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4. Re: Breakfast flight?

Air Canada says a minimum of 2 hours but also states some airports request longer. Check in counters close an hour before flights so I would not leave it too late. We go for the 3 hour window.

Amherst, Canada
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5. Re: Breakfast flight?

We do the 3 hour window also. Sunwing gives you a hot meal about an hour into flight. No pillows or blankets.They do pass out free ear buds for the radio or movie and non-alcoholic drinks are free. I always wear a jacket or sweater and we carry neck pillows. I like to sleep or doze if I can. Time passes faster and refreshed when I land. Try to get to bed by 11 or 12 first night so I am ready to go the next morning. You can change your clothes when you get there if your room isn't ready. They have a room to put your luggage in. I lock mine. We then use the time to scout out the report and have lunch while waiting for our room; if it isn't ready upon arrival. A long day for us as we have a 2hr drive to the airport. Will get no sleep at all before this trip coming up.

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6. Re: Breakfast flight?

Seriously your going on vacation and then complain about the flight hours as to me those hours are perfect as you will be in Cuba in the morning and will have almost a full day at the resort ...

I have a a flight in May at 4pm leaving from Montreal which means i will be at the resort around 10PM guess which flight hours i would take yours of course ...

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7. Re: Breakfast flight?

i doubt very much if rooms are ready.. we have flown with early flights and rooms were never ready until the afternoon.. by the time you get there and check in it will be lunch time... go and explore .. have an early night and rearing to go the next day. Also with sunwing.. you will have champagne .. ask for orange juice and mix the 2 together... mimosa.. so good first thing in the morning..lol

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Toronto, Canada
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8. Re: Breakfast flight?

Thanks everyone..looks like I have to look at air Canada. My hubbs needs medication to sleep. If he were to stay up and be at the airport at 3am then not be able to take his pills for an 8 hour sleep until much later it could be very bad for him. If he takes his meds and I drag him to the airport at 3am security would question the man who staggers and slurs his words which is his character if awaken. So breaking his cycle is not worth it he may be stable but I never chance it . but thanks again..looks like we won't be seeing any of you on Sunwing. Happy Travels Wherever You Go.

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9. Re: Breakfast flight?

beebygirl is bang on the money.

That orange juice idea sounds perfect.

The room is for sleeping forget about it chances are it will not be ready.

Take the time to check the place out lobby bar beach bar pool bar as beeby says go and explore.

If you get a crappy room don't worry ask to be changed might not happen right away but for me I only sleep there anyway.

We always book a park and fly hotel near the airport they provide parking for the week you are gone and a shuttle bus to the airport.

That way you can get up grab the bus and boom you at the airport.

Toronto, Canada
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10. Re: Breakfast flight?

My sister had that same problem (perhaps same condition? She needed meds to sleep couldn't sleep without taking them and would suffer if she stayed up all night as she would of had to for an early flight. First take pills at 5pm. Sleep until 2.am..then get to room early. She emailed ahead of time and they let her have a room when she got there. Just some tips. Also try to get extra leg room on plane..he can stretch out, not a lo but a biit.

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