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I am in a bit of a quandary.well, I am sort of toying with the idea of visiting Budapest.in fact,I have done a great deal of research and it seems like a fascinating city,however,something has been detering me from making the final decision.I am a bit of a mixer,a people person and quite enjoy meeting other people,and other peoples.I have done some research about Hungarian people,and based on some travellers' reviews,Hungarians do not seem to be taken to foreigners.in fact,according to some of these accounts,Hungarians appear to be quite cold,phlegmatic and even gloomy.

Please help me make a decison.I would truly appreciate your objective and unbiased response.

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1. Re: Hungarians

We found them pleasant friendly and helful, give it a go it is a wondderful city.

budapest, hungary
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2. Re: Hungarians

I would not choose Hungary, if i would have these prejudices. There are many other great cities in the world, where the locals are rather to your taste

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3. Re: Hungarians

Hmm, that is not my experience with Hungarians at all. I am an American with a Hungarian-speaking Slovak husband who grew up in Montreal, we meet Hungarians everywhere in the world we travel and have such fun inquiring, "Magyar?" when we hear Hungarian spoken. (It is a very distinictive language!) They are warm funny friendly people and as hospitable as any I have met. We have a harder time silencing them then getting them to speak, I can assure you. I only speak a few phrases- several unprintable, I am afraid!- but it sure makes their day to hear rudimentary Hungarian from me and I have never felt left out.

I will agree that the culture has a less- than optimistic outlook but they bear that cheerfully... hard to describe but I don't find them gloomy in the least. It's like "yes life has its burdens and there will be more tomorrow but hey what is here today? There must be something to laugh about, I will find it somehow."

We plan on going to Budapest this fall, I am excited and hope that your travels bring you joy.

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4. Re: Hungarians

Thanks very much thepeacha.I appreciate your eye-opening reply.for lacpac,I simply posted my request for assistance.I have simply proceeded based on what I have read and heard, and this does not neccessarily reflect my views.I hope you can understand that.

My thanks again to thepeacha and enjoy your trip

Toronto, Ontario
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5. Re: Hungarians

Just my opinion now....

I am a first generation Canadian. My parents were both born/raised in Hungary, and they met here in Canada. I grew up in a house that was always entertaining people for dinner (very casual dinners...no pretense), and we are known to be almost too accommodating, too "touchy-feely" (ie we hug everybody), and overly friendly. I married a fourth generation Canadian, and boy it took them a long time to get used to me. I found THEM to be cold! After 14 years of having me around, they now reach out to hug me first! I feel I've converted them....or rather brought out the affection in them! Now I must say a couple of my parents' friends are a little stuck up, so I'm sure you'll find a rainbow of personalities....just like you would in any country. I sure wouldn't let it stop you from visiting.

My parents are spending the month of May (yes, next week) there, and I decided to take my kids and join them for two weeks. I'll let you know if I found the general population to be the way you've heard! I was last there in 1984 (before communism ended), so it'll all be new again for me.

I've just re-read your posting: "I would truly appreciate your objective and unbiased response".....well, I guess I should reply to you again once I return! I will be honest in telling you of the "feel" of Budapest and its people.


genie :)

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6. Re: Hungarians

hi 222,

I am a bit surprised that you describe yourself as enjoying meeting people and you worry about the Hungarians. I am a pretty self-contained traveler, far from gregarious, and love Budapest. My experience is that a smile (or lack of a frown) and friendly word and a fractured attempt at native's langauge goes a very long way - but the obligation is mine to take the initiative. It works great in Alaskan villages and in Europe. When it does not work I move on and find a friendlier or less pre-occupied person.

With such a city and such food, you certainly must give it one attempt! It is part of my Golden Triangle of Prague, Vienna and Budapest - great places, and each quite differnt from the others.


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7. Re: Hungarians


I moved to Budapest from London 1 year ago, but visited many times before that. From what you say you have heard about the Hungarians i think the people saying that must just have had a few bad experiances as i have to say honestly that i have found all the Hungarians to be friendly and especially when you try and speak their ridiculously dificult language!!

The only times when I found them to be less than helpful is when you come across them in official capacities ie. in the civil offices/council offices but as a tourist you are not likely to see this - the only other thing that takes a while to get use to is their customer service - you may find in some places that customer service in say a cafe/bar is not the best - now again this is only a few places but my gut reaction is that if you come here on holiday and get some bad custoemr service (which is possible) then you could go away with the wrong impression about the Hungarian people and think this is what could have happened to the people who told you thier story.

FInally it is a magical place just find some pictures on the web and you will see - do not miss out just because of someones elses bad experiances.

Budapest, Hungary
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8. Re: Hungarians


Come and decide you - yourself how we are, Hungarians. I like to help foreigners, to speak with them, to propose them the best things I do know. Most of us are like this. Of course that there are a lot others who doesn't care about others - I think like in the whole world. If you meet someone like that leave him quickly and find a tourists-lover person - just as like I am!

It's worth a visit Budapest and the other famous places of Hungary!

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9. Re: Hungarians

Thank you all for your replies.it is great to know that there is a place like Tripadvisor where we can air our views and share our experiences.I will definitely give Budapest a go.As i said earlier, I find the city quite fascinating.


Newcastle UK
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10. Re: Hungarians

I always thought all people were different no matter where they came from.

some happy in outlook, some gloomy, some easygoing..............................

People that write such reviews should not be so narrow minded and nor should the people that read them.

I found some very intersting people in budapest.