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Poznan Trip Report

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Poznan Trip Report


I took the train from Wroclaw to Poznan and arrived in the afternoon. Then I took a tram to my apartment, Aparatamenty Pomaranczarnia, and checked in. I have lucked-out in Poznan. For a very reasonable price I have a spotless newly renovated studio apartment with all the modern amenities right in the center of town!

- I showered and changed and then walked to the Old Town Square, familiarizing myself with my surroundings and admiring the view. The Old Town Square is lovely though not as lovely as the one in Wroclaw and not at all as big as the one in Krakow. However, it has its own beauty and special features.

- I found the Tourist Information Bureau and obtained a free map and also a self-guided walking tour of the Royal Route, and some other material to get me started.

- They had a guided walking tour for only 10 zlotys yesterday at 1:00 o'clock and I missed it. They only have it once a week at this time of year.

- Then I went to a big shopping mall close to my apartment called Stary Browar. I bought some groceries to stock my fridge with for the next four days. I had to buy the yoghurt drink that I have taken such a liking to. I bought orange yoghurt drink and it is delicious.

- Then, by asking around, I found an Internet Café very close to my apartment


I had a wonderful Day Two in Poznan, and using my Royal Route Self-Guided Tour, walked a lot and saw many important and lovely sights along the way.

- Went really early to the Stary Rynek to check out the place before it gets crowded.

- Took a photo with the bronze statue of Stary Marych standing beside his bicycle. He was a popular fictitious radio character who talked about politics and life in general in the days when to do so was not really "safe".

- Viewed and took pictures of the various fountains and statues at the Main Square (Rynex), like Neptune with his trident.

- Checked out the beautiful Renaissance Town Hall.

- Viewed the lovely Burghers' Houses round the Old Square. Each one is lovelier than the next one - lots of colour and detailed work on the buildings.

- Checked the Dzialynski Palace which has rich sculptures on its rooftop including a pelican with outstretched wings.

- Heard 9:00am Mass at the Fara Church built for Jesuits by Italian architects. The Mass was in Polish but the Mass in any language is the same and as comforting and familiar. Moreover hearing Mass in such wonderful surroundings was a great experience. The church is an impressive Baroque structure with an ornamental facade, numerous frescoes and richly decorated altars and massive columns.

- Then I went through Market Square to return to my apartment. Saw the Whipping Post, once the site of public floggings.

- Saw the ancient Weigh House.

- Stopped at my apartment for coffee and a snack and to regroup and plan the rest of my day:)

Decided to do the 2nd half of the Royal Imperial Route towards the left of the Stary Rynek, using my map, viewing the exterior of the landmark buildings - all very impressive.

- Saw the RACZYNSKI Library

- Saw the Bazar Hotel landmark building

- Viewed the Polski Theatre.

- Quick visit to St. Martin's Church.

Then I entered the Castle District.

- Saw the former Neo-Romanesque Kaiser's Castle.

- Saw the Imperial Park behind the castle which has a Monument to the thousands of Polish Officers massacred at Katyn and Siberia by the Red Army.

- Saw Collegium Maius - imposing Neo-Baroque building which, at one time, was home to the Nazi Secret Police in WW2.

- Went to Adam Mickiewicz Square to see the June 1956 Uprising Monument - it commemorates the victims of the first anti-communism demonstrations in Poland. It consists of 2 very huge crosses, one with the year date 1956 and the other with later years of anti-communism demonstratons.

- Saw the Wielki Theatre.

- Viewed the University Aula which nowadays serves as a concert hall for the Poznan Philamonic Orchestra. Dutch Renaissance style building - stands out from the others.

- Viewed the Grand Theatre and Opera House. This Neo-Classical building has a facade consisting of six massive columns and is topped by a Pegasus statue - marvellous!

- Saw the New Auditorium of the Poznan Academy of Music - simply lovely building whose exterior resembles a church.

Then I went into the Jezyce District, crossing a bridge to do so, hoping I would be able to find my way back to my hotel as I was quite a distance away:)

- Saw the colourful and showy Nowy Threatre.

- Saw some magnificent art-nouveau townhouses.

Then I retraced my steps back to my apartment, stopping to eat delicious Golonka (Pork Knuckle done Bavaria-style) at a local restaurant with no tourists so it was the genuine article. I had two Golonkas and enjoyed them but was stuffed!


I had a lovely Day Three in Poznan.

- I got up early in the morning and took a tram to the train station to buy a train ticket for my daytrip to Torun the next day. This took some doing as the lady who did my booking did not speak English so we had to ask someone to act as interpreter for us. Even so, my kind interpreter (lady from the Poznan Tourist Information Center) realized that I had been given a ticket for the Torun Glowny station that is further away from the Torun old city center. So she went about explaining to the lady how to change my ticket for the Torun Miasto station. It all worked out well with a lot of smiles and thank you. The Polish people are so very kind.

- My interpreter gave me a map and walking route for Torun in Polish. I also had some information I had printed off the Internet in English and taken with me. I hoped to hit the Tourist Info center in Torun and get a map in English.

- Stopped by my apartment for coffee and a snack.

- Started out to complete my self-guided Imperial Royal Tour and also a few additional sights I wanted t see from my research.

- Visited the richly decorated baroque Franciscan Church. Its Chapel of the Virgin Mary has a carved oak altar and a tiny reputedly miraculous statue of Mary. It also has a gorgeous, colourful, typically Polish pulpit that I loved.

- Saw the former Royal Castle, a part of the former City Walls and the former Synagogue.

- Took a peek at a Greet Orthodox Church. Doors were closed but one could look in from a big picture window with 2 pews.

- Saw the endearing row of small arcaded buildings known as the Fish Sellers' Houses beside the Town Hall. I had seen them before but not known them in their proper context.

- Did a long walk to Cathedral Island and Ostrow Tumski - a much small version of the one in Wroclaw. The group of buildings makes a very pretty picture. Crossed a bridge to get to it. Liked the view of the water and greenery.

- Visited the Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul. Beautiful high altar and gilded pulpit.

- Behind the altar is the Golden Chapel with a golden ceiling decorated with various saints.

- Enveloped in Byzantine-style decoration, are the double tombs of the 2 first Polish monarchs on one side and their bronze statues on the other.

- Met a German tourist and chatted with her briefly.

- Long walk back to Main Market Square.

- Bought a fridge magnet and Poznan mug.

- Had 2 delicious spinach-filled pancakes and a huge bowl of tomato soup with noodles. I was cold as it was raining and damp so the food warmed me up nicely.

- Stopped at the Internet Cafe and sent out my day’s travelogue to family and friends and answered emails and printed out my boarding pass for my Eurolot flight on the 3rd morning.


On Day 4, I took the early morning train to Torun. It is about 2 hours by train.

- Torun is a gem of a city that was never bombed during the war.

- Did my own self-guided tour and enjoyed walking the streets, admiring the architecture, the merchandise in the stores, and the people going about their business.

- Visited the famous Old Town City Hall with its renowned landmark buildings. Torun has a lot of very pretty, decorative, red brick buildings.

- Saw some cute statues and fountains along the way and took pictures beside them.

- The Raftsman’s Fountain has him playing the flute while several golden frogs spout water. He was the Pied Piper of unwanted frogs in ancient day, or so the story goes. The frogs came from the Vistula River that is close by.

- Saw Copernicus House and monument. Copernicus is Torun’s famous son.

- Visited St. Mary’s Church with its opulent, outstanding, golden altar.

- Saw the Copernicus University. It is an imposing building.

- Saw the Old Torun Gate Complex. Torun used to be a walled city and some of the old gates are still standing.

- Took picture of the City Walls and the Leaning Tower of Torun. The foundations of the tower have shifted so the tower now leans.

- Saw Convent Gate, Caesars Ark, Sailors Gate and the Granaries by the Leaning Tower.

- Saw Dambskis Palace and St. Johns Cathedral.

- Then I opened my eyes in wonder as I found myself beside the Vistula River, beautiful, covered in mist. It is an old friend as I have enjoyed walking beside it in Prague and Budapest.

- There were well laid out walkways with large beds of red and orange blossoms along the walkways. Absolutely lovely! I love open expenses of water, especially the ocean, as it opens up my mind and refreshes my spirit. I spent some time walking along the river and sitting on a bench for awhile, taking in all the beauty and peace that surrounded me.

- I walked along the streets of Torun, admiring the architecture, coming upon fountains or monuments or other things that were a pleasure to behold.

- Then it was time to retrace my steps to the train station and buy my return ticket to Poznan after a day well spent.

- I stopped at my apartment for a bit and then went on to the Internet Café.

- I then stopped at the Supermarket in the big shopping mall to pick up a few things for breakfast.

Wroclaw, Poland
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1. Re: Poznan Trip Report

Another great trip report :) Thank you for that.

Warsaw, Poland
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2. Re: Poznan Trip Report

Really great trip report. I am sure it will help a lot of potential travellers to plan trips to Polish cities.

By the way, I think the "orthodox" church you mentioned is a greek catholic church, so not an orthodox one. I know this little church, it's in a side street in the city center, near pl. Wolności. It is also lovely from inside.

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3. Re: Poznan Trip Report

Thank you for your kind words, rocking_pony and FrequentTraveler.

FrequentTraveler, thank you for the clarification regarding the Greek church. I only got a glimpse of the inside through the glass plate window - would have loved to be able to enter it. You have very beautiful churches in Poland. I did not expect to see as much grandeur as I saw, especially in some of the Baroque-style churches.

I was also impressed with how religious the Polish people are. In most parts of Europe I have visited, I see tourists taking pictures and not many locals praying during the day except when Mass is being held. But in Poland, I found people praying in church at any time of the day that I happened to visit. I liked that aspect of Polish life and culture very much.

Poznan, Poland
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4. Re: Poznan Trip Report

Hi Evelyn,

I'll join the choir saying "great report". I'm really impressed and I think that it will convince other people to go to Poznan. I'm convinced anyway :) Wait,.. I'm living here :) In fact I even didn't know about the Greek church, I'll try to locate it.

Re the prayers and the culture, it would be great if everyone praying in church would transfer Christian values into everyday life.

Once again, great work,



Warsaw, Poland
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5. Re: Poznan Trip Report

To add to the confusion there is a Polish Orthodox church in Marcelinska Street in Poznan, dated back to the beginning of 20th century where the Greeks used to pray. Great report. I used to live in Poznan for a year in the past so your report brought back some memories.

Edited: 10:21 am, October 18, 2012
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6. Re: Poznan Trip Report

Thank you for your kind feedback, VooVeek and Ozzlem. I sometimes wonder if my trip reports are too detailed and people will find them too lengthy to read:)

Regarding the Church, Ozzlem, it is the one in the city center, near pl. Wolności that I saw. I did not know about the Polish Orthodox church in Marcelinska Sreet or I might have tried to visit it:)

Edited: 10:56 am, October 18, 2012
Warsaw, Poland
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7. Re: Poznan Trip Report

Evelyn, I also believe that Poland has great church architecture. The Farny church in Poznań is one of the most beautiful in the whole country, at least in my opinion (it ranks 3rd for me after St. Mary's basilica and Wawel cathedral in Kraków). It's interior is simply gorgeous, unfortunately, only few people consider it a must- see in Poland.

The Greek catholic church has actually nothing in common with Greek people or language. Greek refers to the liturgical rite and tradition. Although being Roman catholic, I am quite familiar with the Greek catholic church for some reasons. They use the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (in Polish św. Jan Złotousty) which is thesame liturgy as in the Orthodox churches. However, they are not orthodox but follow the catholic teachings and are in unity with the Pope. Most adherents in Poland are Ukrainians living here, only a small minority of them are ethnical Poles. They are a majority in western Ukraine but also some Slovaks and Romanians follow the Eastern- rite catholic church. There is a Greek- catholic church (also called Ukrainian- catholic) in every major Polish city. Sorry for the off- topic but I thought it could be interesting for some.

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8. Re: Poznan Trip Report

Thank you for your interesting post FrequentTraveler. I love reading this type of information about the cities and countries I visit.

Warsaw, Poland
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9. Re: Poznan Trip Report

I was only referring to the Greek Orthodox Church mentioned by Evelyn. Greek Orthodox churches of course do exist and have everything to do with the Greek people and language but you have to go to Greece to see them. None of them are to be found in Poland.

Edited: 10:51 pm, October 18, 2012
Warsaw, Poland
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10. Re: Poznan Trip Report

I know you referred to the orthodox church, Ozzlem. There is a Polish authokephal church which is mainly present in Podlasie (north- eastern Poland). Members of this church are a small minority, only comprising less than 2% of the Polish population.

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