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what about king's canyon?

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what about king's canyon?

i am trying to decide whether to stay 2 days or 3 days in uluru. i would like to fit in a good amount of time at ayers rock, as well as a trip to the olgas. few of the discussions mention king's canyon. how does it compare? are the olgas and the rock "good enough" or does king's canyon offer truly incrementally different enjoyment?

Thanks to all for your responses!

ps: if i choose the 2 day option, how would you spend the time? we arrive around 10AM on a wednesday and leave on a 10:30 AM flight on Friday. (can we do anything that friday morning or is it just wasted?)

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1. Re: what about king's canyon?

I would go for the 3 day option, Kings Canyon is different, it is a good walk and really worth a visit in my mind. If you like walking, also do the Valley of the Winds walk at the Olgas.

Buderim, Australia
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2. Re: what about king's canyon?

To be honest, I don't think Kings Canyon is worth the effort. It's reasonably impressive but it's expensive to stay there and requires considerable backtracking.

Urulu and the Olgas are certainly good enough.

Save yourself for the Grand Canyon at home.

Do a sunrise and sunset at Urulu and watch it change colour. Hike up Urulu if you are feeling fit. The aboriginal display near the rock is very interesting. Travel to the Olgas which are about an hour away and do a hike though some of them.

I think your Friday morning will be a check-out and transfer to the airport experience only.

Adelaide, Australia
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3. Re: what about king's canyon?

Agree with suroz Kings Canyon is quite different and well worth a look.

At Uluru as well as the Valley of the Winds etc make sure you fit in at least one of the aboriginal cultural walks and also the Sounds of Silence Dinner.

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4. Re: what about king's canyon?

Uluru-King's Canyon is 300 km by road one way.

Don't know if there are flights vv.

In your scedule, stick to Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

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5. Re: what about king's canyon?

You've got a mixed bag of comment on this one haven't you. Personally, I reckon it's a tough choice. I can relate to the reasons for yes and no. Which of course is no help.

An option you could investigate if you've more money than time to play with, is a scenic flight that covers both Uluru and Kings Canyon. They mentioned this as an option when we were on a heli flight with Professional Helicopter Services at Kings Canyon, it'd cost though. I think they said it's about a 1/2 hr flight between Uluru and KC. Our 1/2 hr at KC was $220 so you'd double that at least. A flight over KC gives you great views of the lost city. We loved it.

The down side of doing the flight from Uluru would be you wouldn't see the floor of KC. Beautiful spinifex understorey to the river gums, very lovely in the very early morning and a good spot to see dusky grass wrens hopping about.

PHS have a website if you're interested you could email them.

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6. Re: what about king's canyon?

I have been to Uluru twice. The first time, we just saw the Rock and the Olgas and it was great. On the second visit, we were driving from Uluru to Alice Springs, so we overnighted at Kings Canyon. Yes, it was a nice hike but it was expensive to stay and eat there. It is also a very LONG drive from Uluru, so I definitely don't think it's worth trying to do it as a day trip. Your time is much better spent at Uluru.

In addition to the suggestions already made for what to do at Uluru/Olgas, I would recommend doing the hike AROUND the Rock. It is about 9 kilometers and you can see all facets of the Rock. There's the added advantage that not many people do this whole hike around, so you'll have the opportunity to contemplate and enjoy the Rock by yourself.

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7. Re: what about king's canyon?

2 Days @ Ayers Rock is sufficient to enjoy the place. Sunrise, Aboriginal guided Tour and Sunset followed by Sounds of Silence Dinner to round off the experience. The Olgas the following day and then there really isn't much else to see or do unless you like to just relax at the hotel.

Kings Canyon, IMHO is very under rated. My first visit there I was amazed. 300ft sheer cliffs and no hand rails!! There is a great swimming hole half way round and the view is to die for. Don't climb Ayers Rock. Much more interesting to do the base walk with a traditional guide from the Cultural Centre.

If you have the time, then yes, Kings Canyon is worth the effort. It is less expensive then Ayers Rock Resort but it is a long way from anywhere. Generally I only recomend it if you were travelling from Ayers Rock to Alice Springs by road.

Good luck and enjoy.

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8. Re: what about king's canyon?

I coludnt agree more....about the canyon being underated..IMO its as good as the rock, i worked at the resort there for 2 stints of 6months and did the canyon numerous times, its different each time, cliche yes, if you do go try and get a guided tour with one of the rangers early morning just as the sun comes up, also avoid doing in the middle of summer as mid day temp around the rim is usally round the 40s!! i was out there when it was 44 and it truley is unbearable!!

Last year there was alot of rain out there and everything was green instead of red and it was great, also waterfalls go off the sides of the canyon and from the basin (called the garden of eden) makes for some amazing photos.

Oh make sure youre reasonably fit to do the rim walk, as theres a pretty steep incline to start with which is the only really hard bit, but once youre at the top its a easy walk, i dont think its worth going all the way out there unless you walk the rim, the greek walk is ok but the rim will blow you away (literally, dont stand near the edges as there really isnt any gaurdrails)

As for the resort...well they have a monopoly out there and if youre booked with atp you dont have a choice as to youre accomodation.

You could go for a sunset camal ride on the day you arrive at the rock.

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