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Singharaja - Morningside

Hi All,

Need some advise re. morningside and any easy trails in the area. We are 2- 3 females exploring the area. Read up and there seem to be 2 trails -

1) to the forest department bungalow (a 2Km path and 7Km path)

2) to Dhoovili Ella

Are there any other easy trails in the area? We will be in Sooriyakanda.

Can we get a trekker from the morningside office, is it safe for 2-3 females (no mobile coverage in the area as well) and would be weather be good in Feb/March?

The 7Km trail seems to be through the morningside estate and permission is needed. I cannot find contact details of the management company/ estate.

We dont want to be scrambling over rocks and trees, and would like an easy walk to see the scenery in the area.

Thanks in advance for any advise.