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Stade de France lost ticket issue

Hi, I am after advice regarding the Stade De France and ticketing.

I have purchased tickets to the rugby test for Australia v France in November through They were to be mailed (overseas) to me in August but have never arrived. After finally getting through to (on the phone from overseas incl 30+ mins on hold) I've been told that as the tickets are "lost" and due to Stade De France lost/stolen ticket procedures it is difficult to get new tickets issued (to be picked up in Paris). are on the case but didn't sound overly hopeful of resolution. I find it hard to believe that if tickets are lost in the mail you lose out and that there is no sensible procedure for re-issue.

Does anyone have anyone have any suggestions on a good way forward to ensure I can get my tickets and attend? The trip to Paris is specifically to watch the game......