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holiday rental Villa Sorgente near Reggello

We rented this villa in August 2011 for 10 days. Reasons for travelling to Italy and booking a private villa with a pool are the privacey and the wonderful views Italian county villas offer. Villa Sorgente unfortunately gives you neither. Stuck at the bottom of a ravine type valley, with a 2km dirt track black run for access, it has the rudest 'caretaker' only a few yards from the villa. Surrounded by dense woodland, it is a horsefly's playground - meaning that there can be no R&R by the pool unless you want a bite! One of the people staying was taken off to hospital with a badly swollen eye.

The 'caretaker' has reinvented the mantras of customer care - the customer is always wrong and everything is too much trouble. With his shack a matter of yards away we got to know his daily routine only too well. Altho he does claim to be related to Queen Victoria, so maybe he does have a sense of humour! The pool is very large and new but is surrounded by a camp type fence with locked gate - only thing missing was the search lights. The pool lights didnt work.

The website has pictures and descriptions but they do not show the place as it really is. We couldnt recommend this place to anyone although the area just east of Florence was convenient and had a few attractions.