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Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

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Harriston, Ontario...
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Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

I got a real surprise when I tried to renew our Feb/14 booking in Paynes


Last year the rate increased 10% which one can understand with increased operating costs.

The rate for 3 week in Feb/14 jumped 30% per night.

Can't believe Tourist Economy is strong enough to support a 30% increase.

We have decided it is time to go to Antigua for 2014.

We will miss our happy times in Barbados.

Holetown, Barbados
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1. Re: Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

Where it you stay Wilkier ? If it is in a private condo, villa or apartment, I can well understand them putting the prices up, although if they had a price rise last year, 30% seems an awful lot.

The people who let their condos where I live , all believe that they should have put the prices up for next Winter , as there has not been a price rise for at least 3 years and lettings now barely cover costs. The trouble is that so many people who stay with us are regulars and book as they leave, which gives owners no time to discuss rates. Surely if you have stayed there more than a few years you are entitled to a discount-------------have you asked ?

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Sudbury, Canada
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2. Re: Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

The condo we rented and have booked for next winter offered us a long stay discount and another discount for being a repeat client as well as dropped the damage deposit and the booking fees. A 40% increase in two years is ridiculous in these economic times. It looks like some people still don't understand that much of Europe is in a recession and that the US is still not out of the woods (wait until all the cuts start kicking in). It looks like the owner's operating costs are too high and he's not dealing with that issue and that he is not renting enough during the low season so he is trying to make the high season make up for it. I too would look for another destination... It's a vacationer's market out there an no one needs to be 'taken' like that.

Burlington, Canada
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3. Re: Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

Nation News article that might help in understanding the tourism situation....or not.


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4. Re: Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

personally i'm not in the accommodation industry, so forgive me if it's not so clear for me the "operative cost" of an apartment/condo. my point is only one: is it better to have your apartment full 9/10 months per year, and reduce the renting price, or rent for a huge amount of money just for 4 months? why the west coast has always to be higher than the south? employees, taxes, vat, supplies are not the same all around?

Personal advise: instead to go to paynes bay, stay in Carlyle bay, stay in Miami beach...

nothing personal against the west coast, I just think that, sometimes, they should take in consideration the idea to reduce their prices, because at the end they're going to kill their market!



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for Barbados
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5. Re: Tourist Industry Strong???????????????


This is quite unfortunate but the accommodation providers alone are not at fault. Running a hotel on an island like Barbados is an expensive undertaking and with utilities in particular continuing to rise, and with a great lack of support from Government, some hoteliers have no choice but to increase prices. It is a pity that the current government of Barbados fails to understand these fundamental principles since they are to blame largely for the current state of affairs of our tourism industry. Increasing the hotel tax from 7.5% to 8.75%, increasing water by 60%, having a ridiculous policy on fuel prices which means some small hotels have electricity bills ranging from $15,000 to $20,000 BBD per month etc. Added to that, labour costs are extremely high.


Christ Church...
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6. Re: Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

I have to agree with Alfredo and BGI on many points.

In 25 years we only increased our rates 4 times and never more than 10 per cent each time.

But our costs are horrendous especially when you compare them with the prices paid by where most of our guests come from. A little example, I bought an industrial pressure washer last week. It cost well over double what the same model costs in the States or UK. We pay twice the price for paint, many building and maintenance items and as BGI accurately pointed out, what intelligent Government puts up land taxes by 50 per cent VAT (tax) by 16.6 per cent in the depth of a recession.

Marketing of Barbados has also been dismal despite the BTA having an annual budget of nearly BDS$100 million (US$50 million). Electricity up 72 per cent, water up 60 per cent and delays in Government refunding dues refunds like VAT (for us over 3 years and 7 months outstanding).

Many of us sincerely regret that you have chosen Antigua in preference to Barbados, but please do not forget that they too have not been immune to increased operational costs, and now have one, if not the highest airport departure taxes in the Caribbean.

As Alfredo rightly says, we have some stunning South Coast lodging options and many of them offer exceptional value for money.

Please come back to Barbados soon.

Hastings, Barbados
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7. Re: Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

no one in their right minds should be increasing their rates for next year...we all know tourism will be way down again in 2014 and with the airlines bringing less people to barbados,where do these owners think their renters will come from??? the moon???

the person i rented from dropped his asking price of $2500 usd/month, to $1600usd because as he told me "im not a dummy,this is a very soft market, and $1600 is alot better than $0".

i personally think there will be alot of vacancies in barabdos in 2014.....this past winter was the quietest i have ever seen the gap/south coast.

Holetown, Barbados
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8. Re: Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

With reference to private lets, why would anyone let their private homes at cost or at a loss-----------------what would be the point?, they might as well close them up and just pay someone to open them up and air them every so often. Many people who let their holiday homes do so to help pay their management fees, Summer lets, may be cheaper than high season, but running costs can be higher, as guests tend to rely more heavily on AC therefore using a lot more electricity. As for the West Coast costing more--------------well the Land Tax on a beach condo for the privilege of living on the West Coast is one good reason.

Bajant, all I can say is that your owner must have been making a massive profit before, to be able to drop his rent by $900 a month .Is this his holiday home, or business ?

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Buckhorn, Canada
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9. Re: Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

We have rented a home on the west coast for next January and the owner reduced her rate since we were renting for 1 month. It was not more expensive than renting on the south coast and is the best that I found anywhere. And when I checked her calendar, it was very full most of the year! So, if you keep looking, you will find a good spot at a reasonable rate. Our first time in Barbados!

Hastings, Barbados
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10. Re: Tourist Industry Strong???????????????

westiegal, i know of others who dropped their rents drastically as well.one friend was getting $6000 bbdos/month for his guest house from the royal bank for 4 years..now is only getting $3500/month from gilden! a newly furnished studio at rockley that i rented for 3 years and paid $900 usd/month is now listed at $700 usd/month..... rents are defintely dropping and all real estate people i have spoken to are saying the same.....good news for us who are there 4-5 months/year :)