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Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

Melito di Napoli...
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Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

I post my bad experience so others can avoid going through the same thing. If u think my experience is an exception, u can try and share your experience here. I wish to see more people reflecting on this topic so I can learn what really happened!! If you are an IT expert. Pleas help explain the experience.

This is what I posted on the complaint board about my experience with Vectone Mobile SIM card and prepaid Data Plan while i was in Vienna, Austria.

1, horrible customer services. I was asked questions in very inappropriate tone. The man said: Listen, I can't do anything here, just go to t mobile or A1! When I asked my second question, I hear sigh and a very long silence. I already saw some of the comment people wrote about their customer service, so I hang up the phone before the man say anymore rude word. Their customer service people are not only rude, but also scary! I phone four times, all four experiences were bad. Don't know where I got the courage to do that, 4 times!

2, The Sim card was override by a Netherland company called KPN. I feel my phone was hacked. I tried many solutions, and I spend hours and hours online to find solutions. I am not an IT person so I don't really know why MMS setting on one SIM card can be override automatically by another company that is hundred miles away from Austria. (For people who are like me who has no idea about cellular data setting on your smartphone, I would like to explain what is MMS setting. MMS setting, which consist of several configurations in numbers, are a set of codes. a company, such as t-mobilt, uses these codes to connect with their customers' mobile devices. Customers usually are not aware of the MMS setting because the SIM card will do the setting on the phone.)

In my example, I got a vectone sim card in Austria and purchased a prepaid data plan online. I was only able to use that for 6 hours. My phone was suddenly disconnected from vectone network. I googled so many reviews and spend three to four hours trying to find out why. It was the SIM card. The MMS setting on the SIM card was override by a Netherlands company called KPN. How can that happen? Why it doesn't happen to other company such as T-mobile or A1! Why it happen to vectone?

Whatever that is, I know that Vectone needs to improve their system so this doesn't happen to their customer. They also need to improve the quality of their customer support. I can't believe the customer support people send me away to t-mobile.

I feel so cheated by this company!!! Their system must have serious fault but they are hiding that fact from everyone.

In conclusion, don't choose this company!! If u dont want to go thru what i go thru and dont want to waste both your time and money, go with T Mobile or A1. You got exactly the same thing! 10€ for 10 GB. I have waste too much time with this company.

I truly regret that I choose this company! I spend 10€ and I learned my lesson! I forgot to look up review before I decide to go with Vectone mobile data plan in Austria.

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Vienna, Austria
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1. Re: Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

Although this is not a forum for mobile communication it is good to know that you had problems with them! Just as a side info: Vectone only is a virtual mobile communication network, it actually uses the infrastructure of A1.

Melito di Napoli...
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2. Re: Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

Mikey, thanks for your reply. Whichever infrastructure it is using, it doesn't offer what it promise! If I am rich enough, I will sue this company! It's cheating many people not just me.

Zagreb, Croatia
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3. Re: Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

My expirience is bad since I have the sim card. Like now...on 5th of May I am wothout credit eventhou I did buy my credid on the 1st of May, when the previous was done. So it now cost double...it would be ok if this is only once. But it has happened ever since I am using vecton in Austria. I am really pissed off. I will call them now...but with Zero expectations.

Zagreb, Croatia
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4. Re: Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

My expirience is bad since I have the sim card. Like now...on 5th of May I am wothout credit eventhou I did buy my credid on the 1st of May, when the previous was done. So it now cost double...it would be ok if this is only once. But it has happened ever since I am using vecton in Austria. I am really pissed off. I will call them now...but with Zero expectations.

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5. Re: Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

Hi there 800PlusMore

Reading your OP, it looks like I had exactly the same problem as yours.

I am in the UK and bought a prepaid payg Vectone SIM card with £10 credit seeing their low call rates. The SIM worked fine for 10-12 days and then got disconnected itself from the network. After that it would simply NOT connect back to the network no matter whether I try manual or automatic options from the settings-->network operators menu.

I called up their 'global customer services' call centre in India numerous times and they were totally useless bunch of idiots. More over, they make you frustrated by disconnecting calls if they do not know answers or how to help you.

Finally, below steps I did made the SIM connect to the network on my phone (Android gingerbread 2.3.6) to their MVNO network (in the UK they use T-mobile, now EE) . I hope it works for you too, there in Austria.

[I am not sure, but I suspect this issue happens due to their carrier imposing data connectivity upon SIM registration by fetching its location services for providing their 'roaming' services]

a) Remove the SIM card from phone. Insert a non-Vectone SIM and make sure it works and connects to the network.

b) Insert the Vectone SIM back. (It may ask to select the MMS operator, then select any one, please note, it is not a problem or hack with the phone, it comes by SIM design)

c) Go to phone menu and find the application icon called 'SIM Toolkit' app and open it

d) You will see two options a) Automatic b) Manual. Make sure you select the Manual.

e) Now you will see two options, 'In the UK'(or probably Austria for you) & Overseas, I selected 'In the UK'

f) Now, come back to the main menu and disable data connectivity

g) From the phone menu, Run the phone setup wizard app

e) On the mobile data connection screen, now you make sure you tick data enabled and data roaming is enabled.

f) You may now terminate the wizard app once the phone is attached to a network.

Doing the above steps made my phone connect back to Vectone UK network.

Please post back whether it made your phone work..Good luck!

Edited: 7:16 pm, May 30, 2014
Guildford, United...
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6. Re: Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

Thanks for your post - it did indeed solve my problem with a Vectone-UK Sim.

I wish I had read your post here before calling Vectone customer services - such is a criminal waste of time and resource. Avoid totally.

Vienna, Austria
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7. Re: Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

i bought a vectone simcard for 20 euro at the airport in vienna. when it failed to work i called their hotline twice and they told me there were no credits on this phone and i must have bought the card off some crooks because they don't even do a 20 euro offer.

it does strike me as pretty bold to set up a spoof vectone stand right at the arrivals hall when you're not from that company. the contact form on the vectone website doesn't work and if you sent an email to support@vectonemobil.at an automatic reply full of spelling mistakes informs you that they will deal with your request as soon as possible. i have made a former complaint to the konsumentenschutz in vienna.

the world should be warned about vectone.

Vienna, Wien...
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8. Re: Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

Thank you so much for this eye-opener. I have used Vectone Close to 4 months now as a new-comer to Vienna. I was introduced to it by a colleague who said it's cheap to make international calls. I subscribed to a bündle and after 30 days it lapsed and I didn't know I had to manually do that every month. Each time I recharge my credit burns out in a few days. When a friend told me that I had to manually subcribe monthly, I have been trying for the past 2 weeks and it's not working. At a Point the SIM Card stopped accepting call. I thought the Problem was my phone but putting another SIM it worked perfectly. Since then I have been trying to locate, visit or even get in touch with Vectone Customer Service to no avail.

I think from your Story I now know better. Thank you.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
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9. Re: Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

Hi, friend of mine came to visit me in vienna. He also bought the prepaid vectone sim. We sent a few sms sure no more than 5 and suddenly he couldn't call me or any other number any more (when we checked for his credit - it said that he still had 8 euros)... for some reason I couldn't call him anymore either (i'm 3 customer) - my sister could... so i could only reach him from another phone. after 2 weeks nobody could call him and he couldn't call anyone or receive sms - he just used his phone with the wifi and whats app or fb messenger. Customer service didn't try to help.

Vienna, Austria
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10. Re: Problematic vectone mobile SIM card

Hi everyone.

Same problem with my Vectone SIM,it just went out of network and I couldn't use it anymore.

I followed the steps wich "q4quality" posted above. I managed to fix the problem and now the SIM works.

So stop calling Vectone Customer Services (they are unprofessional) and "hack" the problem alone ;)

Thank you "q4quality" for your post

Good luck to everyone!

Best wishes

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