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Go Car Rental Iceland Review

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Go Car Rental Iceland Review

Hi everyone,

When searching for car rental reviews, looking into Go Car Rental Iceland (www.gocarrental.is), I kept accidentally turning up reviews for the similarly named Go Iceland Car Rental (most of which were bad). Didn't have much luck finding online reviews on Go Car Rental Iceland, but they came highly recommended from another business I have reason to trust, so i took the risk. Now that I've booked a car with them, I wanted to post about it, in case other people are in my same position searching for info.

First, the manager, Johnny, is fantastic. One of the best customer service standards I've seen in any business big or small. I tend to ask a great many questions (in multiple waves spread out over days), and never once was Johnny anything but happy to help out with detailed responses. He also sent me a great deal of additional info to help plan my trip to Iceland, and provided a great many useful tips.

Second, the fleet of vehicles seems to be well maintained and of fairly recent years (nothing like what some people have told of horror stories of some budget rental places, where the cars are ancient). This is especially important given the prices (which are significantly lower than the big chains, by a wide margin) - I doubt a better value could be found. I went with a Ford Escape, and the prices for the same car at the big chains ranged between a 50-100% increase in price, which of course meant a huge savings (which I used to invest in better sleep arrangements).

Third, they offer a great many useful extras for reasonable rental prices (sleeping bags, gas for cooking, tents, etc). These are things the big chains didn't seem to offer when I looked. For gps, they are significantly cheaper than the big chains when prices out over a week (it offers a flat rate of 50 euros).

All in all, I have had a really good experience, and would encourage others to try them out!

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1. Re: Go Car Rental Iceland Review

Terrific advertisement!

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2. Re: Go Car Rental Iceland Review

Advertisement? I'm just looking to provide information that was missing when I did my search - I actually got really nervous when I saw the reviews for the similarly named company (until I realized the difference), and my searches didn't pull up anything on the company I was interested in, Go Car Rental Iceland. If my review has a great deal of praise in it, it's because I had a good experience.

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3. Re: Go Car Rental Iceland Review

I second the first review - really good experience! The car was trusty, I got tons of useful information about driving 4x4 around Iceland, and had no problems with making last-minute changes to my order. I'd rent here again.

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Hear hear.

GoCar not only gave us a car that proved reliable for our 8 day trip around Iceland, but also offered really useful advice about where to go, road conditions and hidden gems. Thanks to Johnny I got to experience the seaside pool in Hofsos at sunset – absolutely stunning. The service and prices are great and I'll definitely look them up again if I return to Iceland.

The only thing I have to say is that when we returned the car the office was closed and we couldn't reach anyone on the phone. Luckily, another couple in the same position as us managed to get through and we could just drop the keys through the letter box. I like this trust-based approach, but it would have been better to be advised of this at the beginning of the trip.

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5. Re: Go Car Rental Iceland Review

We also had good experience with Go Car Rental in our Scandinavian trip with 8 days in Iceland at end Sept 2014.

It was hard to find via internet a less expensive car rental but read a good recommendation in Tripadvisor from one of Iceland general reviews and booked it. The cost was a good deal less then top brands. And what made this company stand out was that all their cars are auto-transmission. I can drive a manual but when on very scenic roads shifting gears gets in the way.

We thought the car was to be delivered to our lodging but not the case. Johnny showed up and loaded our luggage into his car and drove us to his office about 10 minutes away from Reykjavik harbour area. Fine and no problem.

We did the paper with Johnny in his interesting office that seem more like a gathering place for hikers. He gave many tips on safety and sightseeing. Plus punched in several destinations into the Garmin GPS for us.

We booked a Ford Escape but was given a free upgrade to a more stable Explorer as he saw it was raining and quite windy out. On hind site this may not have been a "good" thing as the Explorer was very fuel thirsty! The car was not new and had many kilos but in good condition. The exterior dings and scratches were noted by Johnny on the contract form. Off we went to do the Golden Circle.

We had a problem when nearing Snaefellsnes coming from Myvtn as the shifter got stuck in park when we stopped to take photos of a nice rainbow (here's where a manual trans would have been better). We called Johnny and was able to give him info of the large petro station we had 5 minutes ago fuelled up at. In 20 minutes the manager of the petro station (whom we had talked to earlier) came along, fixed and off we went.

Per Johnny's instructions we dropped the car at the airport car park and caught our early flight to Oslo.

We recommend Go Car Rental without hesitation for good value and service.

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6. Re: Go Car Rental Iceland Review

It is not my first time for car rental in Iceland but Go Car rental gave me a lot of good surprises.. lower price and better car type and I enjoyed my road trip to Iceland this time a lot. I would recommend their car rental service.

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7. Re: Go Car Rental Iceland Review

Always seems suspicious when the people giving rave reviews have only posted 1 or 2 times.

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8. Re: Go Car Rental Iceland Review

I can second the great experience with Go Car Rental! I know I've only posted a few reviews (so far), but I'm not trying to scam people here. I was originally going to book my car rental while in Iceland with SAD cars, but when checking out TripAdvisor and reading horror stories, I immediately backed away from that. I found this forum and saw the good reviews, so I decided to try out Go Car Rental, and I'm glad I did! Johnny was really helpful and quick to reply to questions. He met us at the airport and provided us with a map and some advise on neat places to check out during our stay. The car itself was good - it was a Ford Escape (Canadian made!!), not new but still working well, and I felt safe driving it. On our second day in Iceland, we were unfortunately rear-ended by someone else while driving between Geysir and Gullfoss (winter driving in Iceland is very different from the winter driving I'm used to in Southern Ontario).... I called Johnny right away and he explained what we had to do (filling out the accident report sheet in the glove compartment, which gives a picture of the accident and is signed by both drivers). Luckily, our car was not very badly damaged and we were able to keep using it for the remaining day of our trip with no problems. Johnny took care of everything on that end, and there have been no insurance surprises related to that (thank God!). When leaving, we left the car at the airport for Johnny to pick up after we left! Overall, it was a nice, personable experience (similar to other friendly experiences I've had when dealing with hotels/hostels,etc. in Iceland). It didn't feel overly automated, and it was nice to be communicating with an actual person. There were no weird surprises (such as horrifying car conditions), and Johnny was very easy-going and laid back. I would highly recommend if you're looking to rent a car in Iceland. The price was good, cars are reliable, and the customer service was great!

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9. Re: Go Car Rental Iceland Review

Go Car rentals made our trip in Iceland amazing, not only was the vehicle tip top, but the service was outstanding. Johnny is a top bloke going out his way to show us the best places to visit, and plan around the shocking weather that was due to hit the country while we were there. I cant think of anything Go car rentals could have done better. Keep up the good work Guys!

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10. Re: Go Car Rental Iceland Review

I have just finished 9 days self-driving ring road in Iceland. I rented a Ford Escape 2007 4x4 SUV form Go Iceland car rental. It is fantastic service and the car is very robust. I drove off road to search for the wreck of the airplane near Vik, climbed the snowy and slippy mountain from Husavik to AKY, drove ring road 711 to search seals, the car itself was fantastic condition and helped me a lot. I have zero car related problems. The Manager Johnny is a young and cool guy, he picked me up from my hotel and gave me last day free of charge which made it very convenience for me to left the car in the parking pool in the airport for a early flight. I will certainly to go for this service again next time I come back to Iceland.