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Has anyone used a Rejsekort Anonymous?

Phoenix, Arizona
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Has anyone used a Rejsekort Anonymous?

My husband and I will be in Copenhagen for 1 month and are looking at all our transport options while in the city. I've done some research on the Rejsekort Anonymous and I'm trying to decide if it's something we should get. Basically, I am looking for someone to help confirm my understanding of how this card works.

I've found a page that explains the card in English: https://www.rejsekort.dk/brug-rejsekort/saadan-bruger-du-rejsekort.aspx . There is also a rate plan I was able to view from a "billet" link on the rejseplanen.dk website but it is only in Danish because it's a graphic: http://www.dinoffentligetransport.dk/media/1401/priserh.png

As I understand it, there is an upfront/non-refundable cost of 80 DKK, then you also load the card with additional money for your trips. I imagine part of using this card is just the convenience of not having to buy individual tickets and figure out the travel zones for each and every trip. And it seems like it will give you the lowest possible fare automatically (even if you change modes of transport or check out but then check in to travel again in the same zone within 30 mins). But if I'm reading the rate sheet correctly it looks like you also get significant discounts on each trip, and even more so if you travel during certain hours or on the weekend, correct?

So if I am understanding everything correctly, it appears that using a Rejsekort Anonymous will have advantages for us over buying tickets individually, or purchasing a series of 7-day Flex Cards.

It also looks like two people can share one card (thus saving an 80 DKK fee) if traveling together, but would it be a hassle to explain it to bus drivers since buses don't have "check in extra card readers"? Or is it common to share a card? Does anyone have experience traveling on a single card as a group? Did it work well? Or is it better to buy two individual cards for 80 DKK each?

And one final question: is there a way to refund any unused card balance at the end of our stay? Thanks so much in advance for any information you can provide!

Ballerup, Denmark
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1. Re: Has anyone used a Rejsekort Anonymous?

I have one of those cards and it's very easy to use. You've understood perfectly how it works and how it calculates your fare.

I would definitely recommend you get a card each though, since it can be a bit of a hassle checking more people in on the same card. And you have to travel together at all times as well, while sometimes you might like being able to split up.

You can get the remaining amount refunded at the DSB sales office at the Central Station (but not the 80 DKK card fee).

Gentofte, Denmark
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2. Re: Has anyone used a Rejsekort Anonymous?

It is very easy to add multiple people to the card when using the train and metro. A little harder on the bus but I've always managed.

If you're staying centrally it is a good option as you will find on many days that you may not use public transport at all.

Phoenix, Arizona
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3. Re: Has anyone used a Rejsekort Anonymous?

Thanks Jacob and Geordie, I appreciate the responses. And Geordie makes a point that I did not even consider -- for the days we don't use public transport, we don't pay anything -- which makes this a better choice for us than a series of 7-day Flex cards. We will probably just go ahead and get two cards so that we could split up if needed. I think the discounts we would receive over the course of 1 month would more than make up for the 80 DKK fee for each card. Thanks again!

Copenhagen, Denmark
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4. Re: Has anyone used a Rejsekort Anonymous?

You should be able to get the cash out at the airport as well...

Note that if you want to travel outside the copenhagen region you will need to change the settings on the card at one of the sales points

Etchingham, United...
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5. Re: Has anyone used a Rejsekort Anonymous?

We travel to Copenhagen regularly because our son and his family are living there. We bought an "Anonymous" Rejsekort for the two of us several trips ago and it works well. The only problem is that a senior moment means that one forgets the mechanics! Topping up can certainly be done by debit or credit card but I'm not sure about cash. Use of the card for "groups" ie two of you would be a group, is a challenge. You either present your card against the special reader with four buttons on the rail platform and then press "+" to add the second passenger or you press "+" first then present your card to register the journey - I think it is the latter but I can tell you that it works. You must remember to check out at your destination, using the same reader or the general one which does not have plus/minus. If by chance you make a mess of this whole process, your journey on the card will cover only one of you - that is the default! If you are not Danish, when the conductor comes to read your rejsekort on their machine and you have one one passenger registered, try pleading ignorance and that it is the first time you have used the card - they usually let you off. You cannot pay fares on the train, unlike UK. The Rejsekort system is flawed and deeply contraversial, so the rail company are used to complaints...but on balance, it is convenient and fairly easy to use once you have mastered its eccentricities. It is also cheaper to travel - up to 50% discount. A tip....if arriving at Copenhagen airport, make for the rail sign and look for the top-up machine to the right of the ticket office - there is no top-up machine on the rail platform.

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6. Re: Has anyone used a Rejsekort Anonymous?

There are 3 different types of rejsekort with 3 different discount rates (anonymous, flex, personal). I don't know which one the graphic displays, but I don't think it's the anonymous, which has no discount, it's just for convenience. It's the only one anyone can buy without ID.

Malmo, Sweden
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7. Re: Has anyone used a Rejsekort Anonymous?

You will get the "time discount" (lunch time, evenings and weekends) even with a anonymous rejsekort.

8. Re: Has anyone used a Rejsekort Anonymous?

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