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Volstrup, Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted

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Volstrup, Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted

Hi all,

I'm planning a trip to Denmark next April. My main priority is not Arhus or Copenhagen, but in fact the old county of Hjørring, and by old, I mean 19th century. I am planning on doing genealogy research/taking photos of the area my family was from. The only "problem" is that they moved around quite a bit, and all of these places seem to lack hotels/lodging, etc. or at least any that can be found by me via the internet.

I am interested in Volstrup (Sæby), Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted primarily. I am planning on going to Frederikshavn to the LDS family center as well, or perhaps the one in Ålborg. I haven't gotten that far yet. I was hoping to do Denmark exclusively by train, but that seems out of the question at this point, so it should be assumed that I will be renting a car.

I am also trying to stay away from staying in Ålborg, as I want the more quintessential feel of Denmark... which is the point of this trip in the first place.

Also, I should mention that I don't entirely understand the divisions that Denmark uses. The 1890 census says my family was living in:

Census year: FT-1890 County: Hjørring

District: Dronninglund Parish: Volstrup Place name: Volstrup, Dyrheden

I get the county, district and parish part. However, I do not understand the "Place name" part. How much smaller does it get than a parish? Is this a very specific location that I could actually find? (That would be amazing!)

Any help one can give about traveling/staying in the area would be greatly appreciated.


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Fredericia, Denmark
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1. Re: Volstrup, Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted


You can find suggestions for accommodation in the area here:


There is place south of Sæby called Dyrheden. It's mainly scattered farms and a small forest.


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2. Re: Volstrup, Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted


the locations stil exist and are shown on current 1:100.000 maps of Denmark.

"Dyrheden Skov" (=Dyrheden Forest) is located about 2 kms south of Sæby. "Dyrheden" is a couple of farms on the northern edge of the forest, situated on the road leading inland from the coastal hamlet Solsbæk to Dyrheden Skov.

Use this map site:

http://krak.dk Insert "Solsbækvej" (="Solsbæk Road") in the "hvor" (="Where") section, then magnify.

Volstrup is a village about 2 kms directly west of Sæby, with a church still in existence ("Volstrup Kirke").

The local museum in Sæby has a public archives section also including material about the area nearby:


Some tourist information can be obtained here:





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3. Re: Volstrup, Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted

Hi Ashley, did you make your trip to Denmark? My Great grandmother was born in Volstrup, Hjorring, Denmark on 18 Jul 1862. Just like to know more about the area.


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4. Re: Volstrup, Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted


I actually gambled on the LDS center in Frederikshavn, which doesn't really exist... So I didn't end getting to do any genealogy work in Denmark. Also, my husband was too young to rent an automatic in Denmark (I think you have to be 25, and he doesn't drive stick), and I don't drive... so we couldn't rent a car.

We thought about renting bikes from Sæby, and riding out to Volstrup, but it is a bit of a hike, and we were pressed for time. If we hadn't needed to catch the ferry out of Frederikshavn that night, we could have done it. The buses are not very frequent, so we had to just abandon the whole thing.

I am planning on doing it again in the coming years, and this time I will devote a proper amount of time in the Jutland. My husband was so anxious to get to Sweden, that I didn't plan enough time in the area. (and I didn't realize how the train doesn't go to Sæby... )

Also, I was hoping to have better luck with the LDS center. Perhaps the one in Ålborg is (there) ? If you are interested in going to one of those, I would call the center in advance.

From what I know about Danish towns, it seems that genealogy visits to the towns are more for "general understanding" of where they lived, and visiting the churches. My family moved around so much, and went their separate ways with almost every generation, that there isn't really a feeling of a "family homestead," like there is in the US.

I really appreciate the help I got here, and I would recommend figuring out transit before you look at booking anything. For being such a planner, I was mad at myself for assuming so much (i.e., that we could rent an automatic). Something else I hadn't considered until AFTER the trip... was doing a vacation rental. I have found that hotels are just so expensive in Scandinavia, that if you can afford to stay in one place for a longer period of time (often 1 week), you can save a TON of money.


and http://www.dancenter.co.uk/ (although the website seems to be down right now)

These cater more to Denmark than the usual websites, and I found that they have a lot to look into.

I hope this helps! Good luck with your research and planning!



Denton, Texas
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5. Re: Volstrup, Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted

Thank you for the information. Hope you have better luck next time.

Granger, Indiana
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6. Re: Volstrup, Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted

Ashley, I'm looking at records for a Nielsen family in Dryheden in 1840. The son, Simon, still lived very close to Dryheden in 1890. In that year, the locale was identified as "Grønheden," which I believe was almost exactly at the same location as Dryheden. If any of this rings a bell and you think we might do well to collaborate, please let me know. I have learned to read the church records and might be able to help you find your folks' birth records. My goal is simply to positively identify Grønheden.


Yakima, Washington
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7. Re: Volstrup, Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted

Hi John: My Kin was from Dryheden as well. Ane Sophie Christensen was born there is 1850. If it is that small, what parish would they have belonged to? Any ideas? Bill

San Rafael...
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8. Re: Volstrup, Understed, Tvaersted, Hjørring, and Åsted

Not Simon Nielsen Skands? I am thinking about taking a trip around there as well and he is one the list as my relative living nearby. Curious, have you done DNA on ancestry.com? My tree and DNA is Schulman23. You should see if we are related. My mother would be the closest living relative to the Nielsens....her own mother was a Nielsen and her name is Kay Allan. She has a DNA profile under Schulman23 as well....


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