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Earthquakes in Greece

Hull, England
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Earthquakes in Greece

Just been looking at the "Recent earthquakes in Greece" site and noticed that there were two in the sea to the south of Zakynthos (4.9 and 4.7) in the last 24 hours and loads of other smaller ones in the general Greece area over recent days. I think the buildings are now built to withstand this. They never seem to get mentioned on the news here in the UK, so I assume these are insignificant and have hopefully caused no detrimental impact.................

Sale, United Kingdom
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for Crete
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1. Re: Earthquakes in Greece

No, as you say they are an almost daily occurrence. Of course every now and again there are very severe ones, thankfully as far as I know, not for some years now.

It's something you will never forget, your first experience of an earthquake! Ours was in Zante, when the earth quite literally moved while we were in bed one night!! It woke us both up and we realised straight away what was happening.

Suffolk, United...
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2. Re: Earthquakes in Greece

I go along with Steve,

We have only felt one in about 15 holidays over 20 years at Kefalonia, just north of Zakynthos.

All modern buildings are built by specialists using steel reinforced concrete frames. These are designed to withstand earthquakes.

So no problem!!

Enjoy yourself!!

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3. Re: Earthquakes in Greece

As long as 1953 does'nt ever happen again. Tremors are very common in this area, most are centred out at sea !


Athens, Greece
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4. Re: Earthquakes in Greece

I'm not far from the 2 you're talking about earlier today, never felt either of them.

As Steve says, they are regular all around Greece, most go unnoticed. Some are medium, where you do feel a movement, or hear a rumble, the odd few are larger & you can't help but notice them!

Building regulations are very strict now on earthquake standards, so no need to worry!


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5. Re: Earthquakes in Greece

First experienced an earth tremor in Kefalonia and my other half slept through it and didn't believe me...several days later we were packing to come home and there was another...he believed me then! Felt several in Zante over the years but nothing more than a little shake lasting a couple of minutes. As said above the buildings now are built to withstand them, just a shame that wasn't the case in 1953.

Zakynthos, Greece
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6. Re: Earthquakes in Greece

In the 12 years i've been on the island i have experienced so many i've lost count and don't take much notice anymore. Tremors are happening constantly, some you can feel, some you can't but none are actual earthquakes their just tremors. The last major earthquake was 1953 and its documented that the one before that was 1515 so as you can see not many over such timeline.

Devizes, United...
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7. Re: Earthquakes in Greece

Our first one was on Crete way back in the late 90s. We were sat in a bar, all that happened were that the glasses and bottles started chinking and one of the bar guys very nonchalantly said, " hey, it's an earthquake". Since then, we have experienced them on Kefalonia, Rhodes and Kos

Remember that the way in which the Richter Scale works means that an earthquake of magnitude 4.0 is a hundred times less powerful than an earthquake of magnitude 5.0, so when you look at the most powerful earthquakes of recent times, with a magnitude of around 7.5 or 8.0, they are literally,thousands of times more powerful than anything you're ever likely to experience in Greece

Oxford, United...
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8. Re: Earthquakes in Greece

I felt one last year on holiday about 4.am one morning. Lasted less than a second but I was quite thrilled to have been awake and experienced it.

Yorkshire Dales
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9. Re: Earthquakes in Greece

I'm beginning to feel deprived lol!

In all my trips, I have never felt an earthquake. I know they can sometimes be horrendous but I would like to feel a tame one.

My Sis-in-Law, a few years ago, went to the Ionian islands and felt a 'moderate' earthquake.....No damage to buildings or life.

It was her first visit to Greece; she freaked out; got an immediate flight home and ended up on the local news being....tragic!!!!

I have, however, felt one in the midlands of England. :O) :O)

Cullompton, United...
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10. Re: Earthquakes in Greece

Was a relatively big one (and a long series of smaller ones) on our second visit in 2005...


It was certainly an experience, we were in our apartment and it sounded like one of the quarry lorries that you see quite often on the island was driving very close to our room; then it felt like the lorry was going to drive through our room!

Certainly wouldn't stop us going back, and it hasn't. Like people above have said, buildings are all 'quake proof now.