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Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

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Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

We were traveling to Mykonos via a cruise ship and made a reservation with this company for an ATV rental and tried to cancel the reservation three days before our arrival date because the weather forecast showed rain. We emailed them and they said it was too late to cancel - why three days notice is not enough is beyond me. Of course, on the day of our arrival it was raining. However, there was a break in the weather and we went on to the Island hoping to squeeze in a ride. We walked all over and asked some local businesses where they were located -- go figure, no one ever heard of them and they did not provide us with an address. There were PLENTY of car, ATV and scooter rental companies within 6-7 minutes walk at the bus station. I would suggest going with them - at least they have a physical location. Of course, they refused to refund us our deposit. Would NOT recommend them!

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1. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

Sorry to hear about your experience, but thanks for bringing this company to the attention of other travellers. As you discovered, there are many vehicle rental outlets on the island -- especially in and around Mykonos Town, where there are dozens. In May, June and September (and possibly even July), visitors shouldn't need to book ATVs in advance -- there are plenty sitting in lots just waiting for customers to rent them. (Could be a different story in August, which is the peak travel period in Greece.)

As with booking hotels, however, visitors should always ask what the policy is for cancellation. Some places will accept last-minute cancellations while others have specific policies dictating how much of a refund, if any, will be provided.

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2. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

2. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

today, 8:17

Its unfrotunate to hear what you went through during your visit in Mykonos as especially for those that arrive by cruise and only have a few hours to visit the island, time is very valuable. I have been in Mykonos for over 15 years now, kindly allow me to point out some important tips for those that visit the island on a cruise ship. .

There are 2 ways and 2 ports from where passengers disembark a cruise ship:

A) By the OLD PORT - (in Mykonos Town) where passengers are tendered to shore and where one may walk a distance of 6-7 minutes and locate various car / scooter rental companies around the taxi /bus station in Fabrika square.

Be very cautious as a few companies are not very reliable (old fleet, no insurance coverage, they tend to make charges on your credit card usually for damages not seen when rented out or when you depart they charge your card without your consent as they claim damages beneath the cars or mechanical damage to scooters and Atv's

B) By the NEW PORT - (Tourlos Area aprox. 1,8 km from town) where the ship docks at the port . Here one needs over 30 minutes in order for the buses to transfer you to town where you may locate a rental company. There is only 1 company close to this port and they take advantage of this by selling at higher rates than other companies in town.

Here it is more wise to make a pre-booking (for all months) and to have a car /scooter reserved prior to your arrival. Once you disembark the ship you will locate the representative of the car rental company holding a sign with your name and your hired vehicle awaiting directly outside the "doorstep" of your ship.

Why pre book your vehicle when on a cruise?

1) Time consuming - As you have already done your price comparison, chosen your vehicle, read terms & conditions regarding insurances etc . A representative of the company with the vehicle awaits for you as you disembark

2) Special rate offers - especially for the busy months you can get really good deals on early bookings made online.

3) Less risk - when booking online rental companies are obliged to send you all the terms & conditions regarding payment, insurance policies etc. This way you can read and examine the terms beforehand avoiding to having to read the contract again upon arrival. (try reading the small letters behind the contract that you sign when receiving the vehicle, you will need a magnifying lens and half an hour to make sense of it)


Dear Traveler46453 in regards to your remarks regarding Kosmos car rental company. I have personally recommended them to many friends and guests of mine in the past and till now having never received any negative feedback.

It is only fair for me to reply on their behalf pointing out that some of the things you wrote are inaccurate and as a result leaving other readers to get the impression that this company almost doesnt exist and is only present to charge cancellation fees. I would like to believe its not deliberate from your side but due to lack of knowledge of the island and the limited time you had, resulting in you to jump to conclusions.

You wrote "We walked all over and asked some local businesses where they were located -- go figure, no one ever heard of them and they did not provide us with an address".

a) The company has a location (not in the town of Mykonos) and it is a physical location...

The majority of hotels, businesses and in general 80 % of Mykonos have as an address only the area they located in and a PO Box.

Most streets or roads on the island have no name, with an exception only in the town of Mykonos which is 1 out of 10 residential or resort areas on the island where hotels , car rental companies etc are also situated.

b) It is impossible that you inquired from numerous local businesses if they knew Kosmos and replied that they had never heard of them !!

For your information there are so many vehicles from Kosmos on the streets everyday rented out that anyone staying in Mykonos after a few days becomes familiar with the brand name from the stickers on the cars. Kosmos is one of the oldest and most reliable car companies on the island with a fleet equivalent to that of multinational companies.

c) When making your reservation were you not provided with the terms and conditions that apply? Was the cancellation policy not received in writing upon confirmation of your reservation or visible via their site when you proceeded with the reservation?

d) Instead of trying to locate the offices had they not informed you that someone will be waiting for you at the port with a sign to pick you up. They always provide you with telephone numbers in case for some reason you dont locate their staff at the port. A simple phone call from anywhere in town would have solved your problem (if you asked anyone from any place in town they would have allowed you to call them as local calls have no cost)

Maybe my opinion doesnt count however if you search the net and tripadvisor further you will find more positive reviews regarding this company than negative ones. Expressing our experience and opinion is one thing and writing inaccurate information is another.

In general the majority of Car & Scooter rental companies in Mykonos that provide online reservation services are reliable. For those that visit the island for a day only with limited time it is wise that you make your reservation early prior to your arrival.

a) Always examine cancellation policies, insurance coverage and payment terms before proceeding with your reservation.

b) If on a cruise check where the ship will dock at which port in Mykonos and clarify how you will identify the person that will be there to deliver the vehicle.

c) Make note of the companies phone number incase you need to contact them

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3. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

Informative post...

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4. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

I have had some email exchanges with this company this week while attempting to plan my rental in Mykonos, and they have been very efficient and detailed in their replies to me. Also provided me with all the fine print re: insurance coverage. They feel like a professional company (so far).

Edited: 7:46 am, May 07, 2013
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5. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

I would like to mention my experience with Kosmos on Crete. My friend and I spent two weeks on Crete for a service vacation, along with another couple. We rented a car online from Kosmos as there was an office with cars very close to our hotel. When we picked up the car, the gas tank was on empty and the manager told me the car made a strange noise when first started but said it would go away. Not only did the car make a strange noise but it also refused to start twice when we stopped for sightseeing. We told the manager the car was not good and that we only used it once in three days due to it's unreliability. The manager did not seem to care.

The other couple rented a Kosmos car as well and had more serious problems. Their car would not start unless they jump started it. When they attempted to contact the company in a town listed on the Kosmos service map, they learned there was no office there. When they contacted the manager by phone, they were told they had caused the problem without the manager even seeing the car. They eventually traded to a different car but the manager refused to compensate them fairly for their troubles and delays.

At least in Crete, this company has proven untrustworthy.

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6. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

I too would never use this company again and am SO disappointed that we did. We were on a cruise ship which had a half day stop in mykonos arriving around 7am and leaving around 2pm. We sent 2 or 3 emails stating exactly what time we were arriving and departing as they say they meet you at the ship - they just kept saying "refer to our terms and conditions". We read through everything and saw NOTHING that said "so long as it's not before 9am"! We should have just got off the ship and looked for a rental place there. Instead we thought we would book ahead and be safe. We even said in our last email "based" on them meeting us at that time, we would book. We waited from 7am until 8.15am then gave up, we texted and called, no luck. so after wasting precious time we catch a water taxi to the little town of Mykonos and just walk around it ourselves. At 9am they sent us an SMS just saying "are you at the port"! We could not believe it! Are you serious!!!! Tell people whether or not you can meet them or not, it's not that hard. This was the only company that let us down in this way. We were looking forward to riding around Mykonos on at ATV, it never happened.

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7. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

I have used KOSMOS at the mainland. Their representative was waiting in Pireus upon ferry arrival. He called me when the ferry was about to dock, and told me where he was parked, and the colour of his jacket (bright red). We arranged a return of the car to the Athens Airport. I arrived an hour earlier than agreed, made a call to their office, and within 10 minutes they came to collect the car. I was by all means satisfied, and will recommend KOSMOS to anybody asking.

The delivery with an almost empty fuel tank is normal practice by most (if not all) Greek car renters. I have got a 1/4 full tank at the most.

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8. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

Kosmos Rental Car left my family strained at the Athen's airport clueless to what was going on! We arrived late call them and was told my car was given to someone else and my online contract was invalid. The new $ total was close to double from the online contract and low and behold it was the same vehicle that I had previously book waiting for us.

They are very unprofessional and this whole problem could of been avoided if they had refered to the flight number, or maybe, they set things up this way. Regardless never again. Hope this helps other families visiting Greece from getting ripped off.

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9. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

I do not recommend this company , do not deliver the car to the contracted time only care to collect and return the car if they are fast .

Very unprofessional.

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10. Re: Kosmos Car Rental - Mykonos Greece

Dear Victor V,

Thank you for your feedback regarding our company even though it seems quite odd that your only post ever is regarding our company and you are not even describing why you were not satisfied and your experience. It would seem as if you created your account solely to bad mouth us. It makes us wonder if it is a sincere customer experience or someone who has never even rented a car from our company.

Nevertheless, if indeed you had an unpleasant experience with us, we would be more than delighted to discuss it with you. Our email address is: info@kosmos-carrental.com

Kind Regards,

Panagiotis Angelis

Customer Service