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Car rental at Athens airport

Riga, Latvia
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Car rental at Athens airport

Just back from Athens. If you are thinking of renting a car at Athens Airport, stay away from GreenMotion. It's a mess. The problem with it even not that it doesn't have an office at the airport - the problem is that it cannot organise transfer to its office some 20-25 min away from the airport. After we had spent four days in Athens, we had a scheduled car collection from GreenMotion's "airport" office, specific date and time. As we were supposed to, we spotted a GreenMotion staff member at a certain exit (which GreenMotion keeps calling a "gate" - confusing, but never mind) in arrivals, who couldn't explain anything about further logistics (how, when, how soon or how long) - and not only because the poor guy did know a word in English, but mostly because he and the company had obviously not expected us to come pick up the car. For some reason he made us follow him from arrivals to departures, to car parking, and back until we returned to the terminal only to keep waiting with no information. We finally arrived at GreenMotion's office after 1.5 h of waiting and wandering inside the terminal. The reception officer did speak English, but instead of offering apologies, she rebuked me for not sending them an email to confirm that I really wanted to pick up the car at the hour I indicated in the original booking. "I am giving you a special responsibility-waver rate and a very big, brand new car", she said. The rate turned out to be the usual one and the car was exactly the economy type I had booked (of course not "very big") and it was not new. Since I bought the waver, I suggested I leave the car at the airport departures for GreenMotion to collect it once the rental is over. And remembering our unfortunate experience, I sent several emails to GreenMotion ahead of the return date. No surprise, I received a reply that neither bothered to confirm car collection at the airport terminal, nor explained any details of their preferred way of receiving back the car. Intuitively, and in order to avoid a very likely mess at the terminal, we figured out that returning the car to the office very well ahead of the schedule should work out best with this company. We were right. But only for ourselves, because the only staff member at GreenMotion's office, after having had me to sign several papers in Greek, locked the office and drove us on the same car to the airport terminal. So whoever arrived at GreenMotion's office after us, they only came to bounce against a locked door. Not recommended.

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1. Re: Car rental at Athens airport

Another victim of Green Motion in Athens Airport!!!!!! We have no words to describe the VERY VERY VERY bad organization of the company.......believe me.......it is NOT convenient to rent a car by Green Motion and be care in particular to the lady, working in the reception, who is not able at all to have educated contacts with people who was so unlucky to rent a car by her company.

Moffat Beach...
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2. Re: Car rental at Athens airport

Athens-cars has always been very good and efficient from the airport for us.

Paris, France
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3. Re: Car rental at Athens airport

That company is a joke. We callled a day before in order to be sure the pick up will be efficient. We've been told to go to Koropi and to call them from there, that someone will pick 10 mn after. We callled when we arrived, and we had to wait 30 mn. When the guy arrived, I was boiling and I told him that we've been waiting 30 mn with no information at all. We've been calling many t imes and ended up on voice mail or with someone answering us to be patient and wait (we spent a lot of money on internaional calls)My boyfriend was at the other exit - there are 2 exits at Koropi station - and we went to pick him up. on the way, the guy went crazy and became very agressive. He told me 3 times to "fu*k*ing shut up and to go back to my fu*k*ing country if I was not happy". He stopped the car and threatened at me, and I was afraid he will physically hurt me. We picked up my boyfiriend, I was Under a shock and decided to explain everything at the supervisor at the office. Apparently, they were not surprised by the guy behaving like this. As a compensation, they gave us a diesel car and a free return-car at the airport (I suspect it is always free, anyway...). We said we want to be sure not to be in contact with that crazy guy again, and they said that of course we wont .

The woman told us to call the day before we return the car to organise the return. We callled on Saturday and said we will return the car on Sunday at 15h at the airport. She said to call back the day fater at 12h to confirm. Stupid, but ok, we callled in our way back to Athens at 12 h(another international calll) and confirmed...we will return the car at 15h. Arriving at 14h50, I saw the same crazy guy from Green motion picking up someone at the airport at 15h, and I was relieved that he was picking that person, because then another employee will come to take the key of our car. We called again at 15h10 and the woman told us to wait and that someone was coming. It was pure lie. The same crazy guy came back at 15h30, after dropping his client at the car rental office (15mn away from the airportt). So, we had to wait 30 mn (flying 1h30 after, very stressful), we had to deal with the same brainless person, we were left in the warmth of Athens without no explanation and we spent a lot on international calls. The best is maybe yet to come, as we didnt get ANY PAPER from the guy, so we dont have any papers proving that we retruned the car in good conditions and on time - but we took many pictures of the car before we returned it, as we have absolutely no trust in these people. So, in one word, if you want to be treated like shi*, insulted, threatened, if you want to lose your time, your money and your energy : go for it, book at Green Motion. Unfortunately, they work with Autoescape, so if you book via Autoescape and chose "city center", then you will end up with this team of amators 50 mn away from Athens city center by train + you will need to rely on them for the tranfer, but they are unefficient and unable to organise. Now, we hope they are at least honests, because they still have the print of our credit card.

Rethymnon, Greece
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4. Re: Car rental at Athens airport

The worst car rental company in Greece!!!They charge you what ever they like,they sell airport rental and they drug you in KOROPI.DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

Basel, Switzerland
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5. Re: Car rental at Athens airport

Words to describe the Green Motion experience: incompetence, lack of professionalism, rude, inconsiderate, dirty, small time crooks, despicable. Could not agree more with what has been noted above. My husband and I just rented a car last week from Green Motion Athens Airport. Worse experience we ever had coming from two people that are used to travel around and have lived in 5 different countries. But my husband being Greek gave them a good piece of his mind in their mother tongue. DO NOT, EVER RENT A CAR FROM THIS COMPANY.

London, United...
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6. Re: Car rental at Athens airport

Green Motion is notorious for exactly the reasons post 5 gives, and not only in Greece.

Here is an interesting article describing the experiences of Green Motion renters in the UK and Latvia.


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7. Re: Car rental at Athens airport

We've rented 3 cars there this New Year 31.12.2016-7.01.2017 and we really enjoyed their service. The price was pretty cheap, I was a bit nervous about negative feedback which I'd read here. We arrived a bit earlier than our scheduled transfer, so we call them and they met us soon after our call. We didn't have any difficulties speaking English to them. Their office is nice and clean. Two of our cars were almost new (~4000 km by odometer) and in ideal condition, the 3rd was older but also good. More over they didn't have the cars which we asked, so the provided us more expensive bigger cars for the same price.

P.S: I don't know, may be something has been changed since the previous negative feedback, but we enjoyed renting using Green Motion in ATH airport, we will definitely use it again next time and we could recommend it to everyone.

New York City, New...
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8. Re: Car rental at Athens airport

I had a very positive experience with Green Motion and wanted to share, as these posts had me very worried! Last weekend, I rented a car through a third-party site (Holiday Autos) and chose Green Motion, because it was the least expensive option offered. I was already in Athens and traveled to the airport to pick up the car. An agent was waiting for me with a list of people to arrive that day. The driver was immediately at our side (less than 60 seconds wait) to take me to their off-site location. It is indeed perhaps 10-15 minute drive away. As we drove, the driver showed me how to get back to the freeway I needed to take to get to my destination. I was immediately seen by an agent at the office, and the car was ready to go as expected. For the car return, I showed up earlier than planned. Everything went smoothly with the return, and someone was ready to immediately take me back to the airport. However, since I was planning to go back into Athens, he dropped me off at a Metro stop instead, which saved me time and money because I didn't have to pay full price from the airport (10 Euros versus 1.80). All of the staff with whom I interacted were competent and kind. I would go back!! I was happy with my experience.

Also, I rented a car from Alamo at the Athens airport in 2016 and had to wait over an hour just to meet the agent, so, overall, Green Motion was a time savings. (Alamo was otherwise a fine experience.)

Athens, Greece
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9. Re: Car rental at Athens airport

If you google "green motion scam" you'll find some very enlighting posts and articles. They were even on the Guardian!:




Canton of Zurich...
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10. Re: Car rental at Athens airport

For the sake of balance, we used Green Motion in the UK last December, and chose them again for Athens in May. My partner is Greek and was very happy with the service we received. He's actually gutted that they've sold out of the car type we want for out next trip in July, so we'll be using another company.

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