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EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

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EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

Rather than a question, it is meant to be an advise for those who travel to Funchal via Lisbon first time, as we did a couple of days ago.

In case of strong wind from North certain airplanes are not allowed/able to land in Madeira. Among them EasyJet flights. So if one is unlucky to travel on a day with this kind of wind (I guess it is called microburst), the flight will be cancelled or the airplane will turn back to Lisbon after an unseccessful trial. It happens sometimes with EasyJet flights (last time happened on 24 Dec 2012) but seemingly not with TAP flights, the latter ones CAN land in almost any weather condition. If it depends on the pilots training or the plane itself, I don't know, but as a matter of fact, it is a risk of the cheap flight. Of course, it is nice that EsayJet does not take a risk on our safety, but it is annoying that while TAP passengers can travel to Madeira, EasyJet passengers stay in Lisbon until the bad winds disappear...

Another annoying fact is that at the check-in process at Lisbon Airport Terminal 2, average tourists are queuing long-long minutes, while a couple of local "clever" passengers (who know well the airport's every corner) take advantage of the right hand side niche between the wall and the queue and go directly to be the first ones in the queue. A bit stronger control of the queues would solve this problem, mostly as the space between the wall and waiting people is maintained for the entrance of the police.

EasyJet check-in staff nevertheless work very fastly and efficiently and are really friendly, too. Just as the cabin crew on EasyJet flights, they are also nice.

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1. Re: EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

Yes, I have to say, of all the airlines I've flown to Madeira with from London, I think TAP are by far the best.....apart from when they go on strike!!

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2. Re: EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

I am just getting ready to book flights from Lisbon to Madeira for late April, early May for our first trip to the Island. We will be staying for 6 days. It seems that after all of the fees for EasyJet, TAP is only slightly more expensive. After reading the above posts I think we would be better to fly with TAP. Is there anything else we should know or that I am missing as we make our plans?

Also I saw another post indicating that TAP might have some promotions for around 40 euros each way. Is anywone aware of this and if so how does one go about accessing the promotions?

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3. Re: EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

Also once we arrive will be better off renting a car for getting around the island, or are there public transportation options and taxis that will do just as well?

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4. Re: EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

Taxis are plentiful in Madeira .Public transportation is excellent and there are many island tours to the north west ,east ,south and central .We never bother hiring a car .Let someone else do the driving and enjoy the amazing views that Madeira offers .Enjoy .

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5. Re: EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

I fly tAP whenever I can, they are very good and luggage and food is included in the cost. There are promotions from time to time, it may be possible to register withthem for emails, this is the link


It is possible to hire a car but the driver needs to be very confident and also misses the spectacular views as 110% concentration is needed. You can hire a taxi and a driver for half or full days and he/she will tailor the time to suit you, cost for full day is around €120. There are some very good bus services around the Island with various companies but they are primarily for getting to the City and goes all around the outlying villages so are very long and you may not get a lot of time in your chosen destination. There are two hop-on bus companies or you can take a mini bus tour to the popular destinations.





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6. Re: EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

I guess everyone has different experiences, but i think it's worth mentioning that i've twice been travelling to Funchal from London via TAP and been diverted to Lisbon for an overnight stay due to bad weather in Funchal, despite the fact that on one occasion, a flight from Porto was allowed to land in Funchal. (I know this happened as my mother was on the flight from Porto) On both occasions i found the customer service from TAP to be terrible. No apologies and curt answers.

A friend of mine who is a pilot has suggested that it could be down to the individual pilot's license and if a certain part of it has expired or they haven't had a recent training/update, then they are not allowed to land in bad weather conditions. This does seem to explain why some flights do land, and others don't despite being the same airline. Obviously the airlines wont tell you this as the faut will be theirs.

I've always found the service on Easy Jet far better than TAP. It's a shame that BA no longer fly to Funchal.

P.S - Have you heard the joke - TAP - Take Another Plane - joke told to me by many Portuguese!

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7. Re: EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

You may have got a point there, mazza02, but I personally think that there at least three TAPs: The long haul company getting accolades and prizes ( the best airline flying to Sourh America 2012),the one with acceptable European services and last and least,the one in charge of the awful domestic flights!

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8. Re: EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

That sometimes happen in Madeira, but also happens in Lisbon. January, 19th had a huge storm in Lisbon. Sudden cross winds forced many planes, TAP included, to go around and land in Spain. I actualy was comning from Rome on an EasyJet flight in the afternoon when the worst of the wind storm had gone and the pilot told me before taking off that the wind was now head wind, not cross wind. Head wind is good for flying. Yet when the plane started to descend we all felt a strong turbulence and the plane kept waving over the city of Lisbon until it touched the runway. Claps to the pilot as usual and everything went ok.

Allas, here on the ocean side of Europe it's more likely to be windy than in central Europe.

With cross wind, larger planes can stand that better than smaller ones. Yet if the plane risks gliding to the sides, the pilot has to abort the landing. No way of keeping the landing process! The plane has to come down in one piece, not in many pieces!!! TAP planes also do that if necessary. They also have done that in Madeira. Just check the you tube.

If that happens to be shear wind, that's even more dangerous than cross wind and both small and large aircraft has to go away from the shear wind zone imediately. Safety comes ahead of punctuality. Shear wind is a very dangerous wind for aircraft, which in the past caused many crashes all over the world (never in Lisbon), when there were no instruments to detect it.

Pilots, planes and airports have the necessary preparation and instruments to detect those enemy winds on time, so I am not worried about that... yet it causes delays... better late than never I think...

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9. Re: EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

And don't forget the Municipal buses in Funchal offer 1. 3 and 7 day go any where tickets which although restricted to "Greater" Funchal are well worth it.

Taxis on the ranks are very good and metered but be care if someone offers to get a cab for you. We got caught early one evening in Camara da Lobos when we were charged 25 Euros for a ride back to Funchal Casino. A journey time of about 10 minutes.

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10. Re: EasyJet flights from Lisbon to Funchal (Madeira)

Not quite sure what post No 9 has to do with this Easyjet subject! Maybe the person posting should re-post under the correct subject.

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