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coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..

Bucharest, Romania
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coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..

my 10 years dream came true this year!!! I'm coming to Lisboa!! I am crazy about Portugal for a very long time, especially after I read Jose Saramago (which is the reason why I would like to study portuguese languese..), after I discovered Madredeus and saw the absolutely gorgeous movie of Win Wenders, "Lisbon Story"...

Now we'll go to Barcelona, Madrid and finally, Lisboa. We will be there between the 8th of June and the 13th of June (if I'll be able to find a train that can leave Lisbon on the 13th and be in Barcelona before midday on the 14th when our plane leaves)

After searching for a place to stay, I found what appeared to me as heaven: Pension Ninho das Aguias, on Costa do Castelo 74. We booked by phone a room with a view, for 45EUR/night.

Can somebody tell me, is it a good choice? Do you know this pension? Is the location ok, is it safe? I have a lot of other question, like if buying a Lisboa Card is a good thing to do? How much would you have to pay for food (in a small restaurant and in a supermarket)?

About the things to see I found plenty of info on the net, maybe too much info, my head is crowded and foggy already, but the most important for me would be where should I go to see the "portuguese atmosphere"? Old streets, quietness, you know what I mean..

I'm coming with my husband and we would very much like to find a church and marry there!!! we only had the civil ceremony here. Can you help me with any advise on this matter, as well?

I think these are the most important issues. I would very much appreciate any help!

Thanks a lot!!

Luana Ines

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1. Re: coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..

We stayed at Ninho das Aguias in 1998 and thought it was just OK. The location is good - near the castle with lovely views over the centre of town. We walked past it on our recent visit and it looked as if it had been smartened up (at least on the outside) since we were there. Our room (in 1998) was clean but nothing flash. We thought there might be problematic plumbing given the management's request not to flush any paper (including used) down the lavatory. We had a room near the garden/balcony area and found it quite noisy at night when other guests had a drink and chat outside. The management was neither helpful nor particularly communicative or available (I note several of the guidebooks refer to poor management too). I would not stay there again.

On this visit we stayed at Pensao Londres, in the Bairro Alto, which is an elevated area on the other side of the centre. We had a great view over the centre (Baixa) and across to the castle. It's more expensive than Ninho but I recommend it. http://www.pensaolondres.com.pt/

What I would definately say is that you should NOT stay in the Baixa. At the time of year you will be there it will be very busy (and warm) and you might find it a relief to be out of the melee of the centre at night. The elevated areas offer quaint streets with cafes and restaurants, romantic views and cooling breezes.

Can't help you on the church front, but why don't you email the Lisbon tourist people. Or post on this website a more prominent message: "Wanted - Lisbon church for small wedding". Maybe these will help you.

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2. Re: coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..

I would recommend the Pensao Londres too. There is also Borges which is not far in the Chiado district for a few Euros more and it offers comfortable, clean rooms in a nice area opposite one church and a few doors away from another. You can find info on the internet. But there are many churches in Lisbon so I would go around and check them out. I am sure that the tourist office in Restuardores can help you. But do go to Sintra (approx 30 mins train away) for a truly majical experience and go to the Hotel Palacio de Seteais for afternoon tea. They also do weddings there. I am sure you will love it.

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3. Re: coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..

I've been in Lisbon in Sep '04 and I decide to be there again and please tell me the pension location that you explained.

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4. Re: coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..


This is link for the website for the Londres. It's in the Bairro Alto, which is an old part of Lisbon full of narrow hilly streets with cafes, bars, restaurants and (these days) boutiques. It's elevated and sits above the Baixa (centre). From the pension we could look down to the Baixa and across to the hill where the Castelo is. The Londres is on the corner of Dom Pedro and Rua de Rosa.

If you walk down the street (Rua Dom Pedro V) you come to a funicular which has two little trams that traverse a small but steep street down to Restaurdores in the centre.

I don't know how much more I can explain the location ... Suggest you look at a map of Lisbon.

Bucharest, Romania
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5. Re: coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..

Thanks a lot for your advise. I will search for churches, as you advised but I'm afraid not to be told that there's a waiting list. Since we are only staying 5 days there I thought it would be safer to arrange something from here..

Anyway, regarding the pension: since I already spoke with them, I will take your post with me and, if we won't be happy with the conditions, we will move to the one you advised me to. Otherwise, the price is pretty important to us, since we will have a two week trip and costs add each day...

Can somebody help me with the train schedulle? I looked in the internet, but couldn't find something appropriate.

Now I started to study Portuguese language, since this is one of my old dreams (I long to be able to read Saramago and Pessoa in original!!) The problem is that I cannot find some audio program to help me with pronounciation... Does anybody have something like this???

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6. Re: coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..

Dear Luana,

re this from you [I'm coming with my husband and we would very much like to find a church and marry there!!! we only had the civil ceremony here. Can you help me with any advise on this matter, as well?]

here is advice based on american-embassy.pt/consdocs/ACS_Marriage_in…

ALL the best


1. Portugal is NOT a place to conduct a quick marriage. U.S. citizens wishing to marry in Portugal may do so only in accordance with Portuguese law.

2. Baptismal certificates are required only if the marriage is to be performed in a Roman Catholic Church. Civil marriages are performed and registered at Civil Registries (Conservatorias do Registo Civil). There are eleven in Lisbon. You must use the Civil Registry which services the area in which you reside.

In order to be granted permission to marry in Portugal you must meet the following requirements of the Portuguese Civil Registry Code:

1. Residence - One party to the marriage must be in Portugal for a minimum of thirty days before notice of the intended marriage can be given. A temporary resident or visitor must present his or her passport.

2. Birth Certificate - You will need a certified copy of your birth certificate issued within the last six months. If the marriage is to take place in the Azores, a certified copy of your birth certificate, issued within the last three months, is required.

3. Certificate of "No Impediment" (Certificado de Capacidade Matrimonial).

4. Consular Certificate ��� The Portuguese authorities also require a consular certificate for marriage purposes. ..... regarding previous marriages.

5. It is your responsibility to produce the relevant documents, such as a divorce decree or death certificate, to prove that any previous marriage has been legally terminated. Those documents, like the birth certificate, must be certified and issued within the last six months .

6. Please note that any of the above documents originally issued in any language other than Portuguese must be translated into Portuguese and authenticated by a Portuguese notary public.

7. Before leaving Portugal, you should have your Portuguese documents certified at the Procuradoria Geral da Republica, Rua Escola Politecnica, No. 140, Lisboa. This will facilitate acceptance of proof of your marriage in Portugal once you leave the country.

Bucharest, Romania
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7. Re: coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..

Thank you for your kind reply, but we already are legally married!! We only want to have a church marriage. I guess all these scary formalities concern civil ceremony. As for church, I suppose that our marriage certificate, translated in portuguese, should be enough.. Don't you think so?

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8. Re: coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..

As the Church ceremony officially counts as Marriage, it might present a problem for the church.

Please ensure - that the "bigamy" provision does not apply - if you try to "remarry" the same fella (what's wrong with ya (;-) - just kidding).

I know...it's funny .... but some laws in many parts of this world are just that!

One option is to approach it as a RENEWAL of your wows of marriage in the church

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9. Re: coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..


If you love Portuguese culture, you'll love Lisboa.

I'm from Porto so I can't really advise you on places to stay or areas to stay away from.

But responding to your question about trains, I really doubt that you can leave on the 13th and get to Barcelona in the 14th at noon. Check the site: www.cp.pt

Have a nice trip, (and wedding!!)

Lisbon, Portugal
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10. Re: coming to lisbon, maybe you can advise me on some issues..

First of all I think you chose the best time to travel to Lisbon: June, my birthday.;-) June's a great month to visit Lisbon.

Pensao Ninho das Aguias has a very good reputation as a trendy, kind of alternative cheap place. It seems to have lovely views and is a sort of symbol of alternative Lisbon. Not that it is a design or high trend place, just for its simplicity and you know, things that get in a hype. I would associate Madredeus/Wim Wenders and Pensao Ninho das Aguias, it does make sence all together.

I don't know about the Lisboa card it depends on what you want to do, better see the advantages and wether it suites what you're doing. It is accepted and rather used by tourists (only). Since I'm form Lisbon, I never used it, of course.

Restaurants will cost you around 20/25 euros per person, a medium quality restaurant. Could be a lot less or a lot more, depending. I'd advice to you: Bica do Sapato, Papacorda (in the Bairro Alto), Casa do Leao (in the castle).

For lower budget, still good quality there's Isaura (Av. de Paris), Primavera (also in the BA)... lots of places, actually.

Supermarket... try visiting elcorteingles.pt/supermercado/frameset.asp

As for the church I'd say choose the church you like and then phone the priest to know how you can have him marry you. It will mostly be a simbolic ceremony so I don't see there will be a difficulty there, providing you find the right priest, that is: one who speaks english.... :-)

Here's a site to the church where I baptized my son:


It's near my house but you'll find the chruch is not a very typical portuguese old church since it was built in the 40's. The priests are quite open and modern, though.

Here's a linkk to a page that has a lot of links to Lisbon churches websites (P: paroquias).

Good luck!