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Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

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Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

Hello all...

My name is Jackie (from the US). My boyfriend and I are both 19 years old, and we were going to go on a cruise to canada in august (8-13th or something to that agenda) which was about 600 bucks a piece, but I started thinking about Amsterdam. I actually found a few cheap hotels that would only end up costing us about $800 dollars altogether, rather than $600 a piece for the cruise.

I was just planning the trip for me and him, not only cause it would be nice to take a vacation with just the two of us, but because I always get stuck as the "travel planner" whenever our friends come on vacations with us [which is very stressful and annoying].

My friend has a cousin who has been to Amsterdam before, and my friend said that it's safer to travel there in a group [probably because of the rumors of the Red Light Distrct and whatnot]. I was wondering if anyone thinks that this has any truth to it?

I understand that the red light district isn't as safe at night as it is in the day, but I wasn't planning to go there at night anyway.

I plan to go there during the day just to check out shopping and the cafe's....and from what I've read about the different districts, they all sound beatiful and completely safe to me. Someone please let me know what they think about this, because I don't want to go in a group if I don't have to, this was supposed to be a trip for just my boyfriend and I.

Please write back or email me:

ozzchickmorrison@aol.com as soon as you can!



nova scotia
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1. Re: Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

hi jackie, i just got back from amsterdam three days ago bellieve it or not. and it is by far the most interesting city i've been to , to say the least, "coffee shops" and all. i would suggest going to amsterdam and the netherlands, and renting a car maybe, im from canada and i mean , nice country and all , but wow europe just blew me away, go to amsterdam , it will be well worth it , it's fun to just watch the different people walk by :P

Peak District...
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2. Re: Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

I went with my wife for 4 days and never felt threatened.

Most of our touring was by day including walks across the Vondel Park but there was always someone around on a bike. At night we went out to eat in various places some busy some quiet and walked half a mile from the tram stop to our hotel in the dark quiet streets in the suburbs with no hint of trouble. My wife wanted to see the red light district so we went there too (by day). A colleague has gone through it at night and said no obvious problem.

Obviously there must be some risk but I would assess it as no higher than other cities.

Just do the regular stuff, keep valuables under control, try to dress in character with the city, not difficult as there's lots of styles and HAVE A GOOD TIME.

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3. Re: Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

You needn't be worried. Amsterdam is quite a safe place! Just don't do anything stupid, things you wouldn't do anywhere. Just watch your wallet and don't go all alone in the middle of the night in a narrow dark alley, etcetera! If you use your common sense, there is nothing to worry about.

Have fun!

Aberdeen Scotland
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4. Re: Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

You will love Amsterdam if you go!

It is one of my favourite cites in europe, the people are lovely.

I don't think you need to go in a group, we went there last year with another two couples and had a great time. The year before I went with my 70 year old mum and we went to the red light district at night!! (Curiousity over came us).We felt perfectly safe. Let us know what you decide to do.

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5. Re: Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

My boyfriend and I went two years ago and are leaving in 4 days to go again. Amsterdam is completely safe if you use common sense and always be aware of your surroundings, as with anywhere. The Red Light District is safe to walk through at night with a companion. Tourists are everywhere at all times of the day. I cant say that for one moment I did not feel safe, even in the Red Light District at night. Go and you will be amazed!

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6. Re: Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

We went to Amsterdam a couple of months ago and are going back again in June.

You need to take the same precautions as you would do whenever you went anywhere in terms of securing your valuables but we actually felt quite safe in Amsterdam as compared to other European cities.

We wandered around the Red Light District at night as a couple and didn't feel at all threatened - I'd say at least 70% of the people there were either other couples, or groups of young guys or girls there for bucks parties and more interested in having a beer and a smoke and going to a s e x show than in making any trouble.

The streets were narrow, and there was often a lot of people in them. When we went, we weren't intimidated as such, but I guess I was a little shocked initially by just how explicit the Red Light District was - and I guess that if you are not prepared for that, then it is more that which could feel a little intimidating rather than because of any worries over crime.

But, remember you're going of your own volition to an area of the city where s e x and prostitution is people's business, so you can expect to get asked at least once if it's something you wish to engage in, or if you'd like to go see a show. However, everyone who asked us was very polite and professional and took 'thank you but no' as our answer first time. And in fact, once I'd got over my initial shock, I relaxed a bit and got into the spirit of the place and had a really good time, as I'm sure you will!! :-)

If you're at all worried about the Red Light District, my advice would be to go in the day, have a look round, stop for a coffee and go look in a few shops, even if only for a giggle, get your bearings - and then go back later to see the whole place literally come alive! I'd recommend this, just for the experience, as many of the prostitutes aren't in their booths in the day and you can't see the red lights as well. We even found a nice Mexican restaurant there where we had a good meal.

Incidentally, you can get inexpensive guided walking tours of the Red Light District at night, if you think you'd like to go but still aren't sure about wandering around on your own. Just go to the main tourist info site for Amsterdam and you can book one through there.

Falkirk, United...
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7. Re: Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

What everyone saying is spot on.

Go and you will really enjoy Amsterdam.

I went with my wife for her 40 th birthday and walked everywhere day and night and even Red Light District is safe but if you begin to feel uncomfortable it is only 5 mins to get on the main streets.

Only once someone came up and asked if we wanted any "stuff" i just said no thanks and kept on walking, no hassle really.

Go with your boyfriend and have a great romantic time in this beautiful city.

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8. Re: Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

You have nothing whatsoever to worry about , .... enjoy !

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9. Re: Concerned about safety in Amsterdam

You have nothing to worry about. I recently went with some of my friends and we were out late everynight going to clubs and never had any problems. Even the red light district was not that bad at night. It seemed like it was mostly tourists like us there. As long as you take the precautions you would in any large city you will be fine. Have fun.