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Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

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Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

Hello fellow travelers

I am re posting/re asking the question since most answers probably are out-dated.

Is it cheaper for me and friends to travel from Amsterdam to Berlin via train instead of via a plane ride?

Are the trains safe?

What are the current rates if we did such?

Any websites and suggestion are most welcome and thank you in advance.

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1. Re: Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

Visit Bahn.de to find your answers. If language is a barrier visit seat61.com. They have all about train travel worldwide.

Rates vary based on dates so there isn't one answer. You need to find for your own dates.

Trains are Safe from what? What worried you?

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2. Re: Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

Fare 3 months ahead approx.€39

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3. Re: Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

Yes. Trains are safe. Coming from the netherlands i'd always prefer taking the train instead of a plane. Did You consider driving?

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4. Re: Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

>>> I am re posting/re asking the question since most answers probably are out-dated. <<<

You can change the search setting from the default "relevance" to "date".

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5. Re: Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

>>Coming from the netherlands i'd always prefer taking the train instead of a plane.<<

Have both flown and taken the train this route myself.

Amsterdan <=> Berlin I will always prefer the train, now. Less queuing time, fewer security delays. From city center to city center. Much more scenic and comfortable.

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6. Re: Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

I agree with post #5. I have been to Berlin 6 times, by train (day train and night train, but I don't think the night train exists anymore), by plane and by car. By train is by far my favorite method, then car, then flying (if 'forced').

Flying may *appear* much quicker, but from door to door maybe it saves an hour only, and is so much more hassle (multiple means of transport), plus the annoying security checks and waiting times. In a train you can simply sit down in a seat with enough leg space and relax, chat, look at the views, read a book, play a card game together, go to the restaurant wagon, walk the aisles a bit.... So much more relaxed and you arrive in the middle of Berlin.

You do need to watch your valuables of course (as anywhere in the world).

When flying you'll spend most of your time getting somewhere, or waiting (but not with enough time to play a card game for example), or organizing your belongings through security (taking belt and shoes off etc etc) or lugging them from one means of transport to the next, or sitting in a really cramped plane seat in re-used air, and not seeing views really.

When comparing prices of trains versus flying, don't forget the extra cost for a train to Schiphol airport, and a bus or taxi from any of Berlin's airports into the city. Plus any extra costs if you fly with more than hand luggage: checked luggage might wel cost €30 extra!

On a train you can basically bring as much as you can manage, at no extra charge.

Indeed, check www.seat61.com for train info (use the third drop-down menu).

For flights, see what www.skyscanner.com comes up with, but then visit each individual airline's website, and do read up on those extra costs for checked luggage (and admin / booking fees etc).

By car is also an option if you intend to go back to Amsterdam as well, and if two of you can alternate the driving. But look for a free parking spot, the city probably has free or cheap P+R parking lots at the edges from where you can take public transport into the city. Or if you want to park in the city proper you will need a special environment sticker, as is needed for a lot of German cities, so ask the car rental agency if the car has that. german-way.com/travel-and-tourism/…

Many roads in Germany have no speed limit, so be careful when changing lanes! That dot in your rearview mirror might be a car doing 180km/h or even over 200km/h, and might be upon you in a split second. It does help get from A to B fast, so long as there are no road works and traffic jams... but as you can see in Google Maps, there are a few roadworks, and traffic jams can happen any time.

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7. Re: Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

www.bahn.de/en sells Amsterdam to Berlin train tickets from just €39 upwards.

City centre to city centre with no baggage fees, booking fees or extra costs to reach airports.

You'll see how the Dutch countryside and houses are subtly different from the German.

And if you look to your right as the train crosses the River Ijssel approaching Deventer you'll see a film star...

The white arched steel road bridge across the river upstream beyond the big church tower played the part of Arnhem Bridge in the 1976 film 'A Bridge Too Far.' - There, some journey trivia for you! ;0)

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8. Re: Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

I have done this trip by car, train and plane. The train is about 6 hours, the plane is door to door in about 4-5 hours so you would have to check current prices as well to see what would be best for you.

Advise which to take would also depend on your exact departure and arrival addresses in Amsterdam and Berlin.

Note that the train is and older IC train unless you decide to change in Hannover to an ICE train.

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9. Re: Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

I think Castro_maverick decided to take a hike....

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10. Re: Train ride from Amsterdam to Berlin

The train would be my preference for this journey. City centre to city centre, and no hassle with security, no hanging around the airport, it's really one journey segment in place of three or four. You'll always have to get from your accommodation tot ehr ailway station or airport, unless you;re right next door to one of them, and the same applies at the destination.

I'd happily pay more for the comfort of a train too, but it doesn't have to be more expensive than flying, especially once you've factored in booking fees, luggage charges, and the possible additional costs of getting to and from the airport.

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